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P7. mattk

  1. 1. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao Well thankfully it seems that things are going well for the Cultural Revolution. Wall Info Photos Boxes Write something… Share View photos of Mao Send Mao a message Chairman Mao Finally I am so glad that people are starting to acknowledge my power and reputation as a communist leader! Poke message March , 1934 Chairman Mao I really enjoyed swimming in the Yangtze river. It was a great, Information revolutionary experience. I know many others enjoyed the experience with me! Maybe you can one day to join me in these revolutionary acts! Birthday: December 26, 1893 July 20, 1966 Political Affiliation: Maoism Chairman Mao Im tired of all of these fourolds, I have declared the Cultural Revolution! I will rule with communism! Hometown: Hunan Province, 1966 China Chairman Mao People are starting to recognize and believe in my great leading skills, and recognize me as a great Communist Leader. October 23, 1953 Friends Chairman Mao Im tired of our everyday lives with Capitalism! I support communism! 1923Jiang Qing Liu Shaoqi Lin Biao Chairman Mao insert the status here January 1,Deng Richard NixonXiaoping
  2. 2. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao- I have noticed that the society has gotten a little shaky lately… but I am confident that I can fix that! Wall Info Photos Boxes Write something… ShareView photos of MaoSend Mao a message Jiang Ji-Li to Chairman Mao 1966Poke message Six Fingers to Chairman Mao I feel great being part of the Communist Party! It feels good helping out the Cultural Revolution and communism. Long live: Chairman Mao! 1966 Jia Hong-Yu to Chairman Mao insert comment here 1967
  3. 3. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao- Liu Shaoqi is betraying the Cultural Revolution? Unbelievable! Wall Info Photos Boxes Basic Information Birthday: December 26, 1893 Hometown: Hunan Province, China Political Views: MaoistView photos of MaoSend Mao a messagePoke message Personal Information Profession: Chairman of ChinaInformation Interests/Influences: SwimmingBirthday: December 26, 1893 Enemies: Chian Kai-shek, The Nationalists, Counterrevolutionaries,Political: Maoist Favorite Quote: Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush theHometown: Hunan Province, enemy.China Favorite Quote from Friends: One word from Chairman Mao is worth ten thousand from others. His every statement is truth. We must carry out those we that understand as well as those we dont Contact Information Address: 123, Revolutionary Street. Phone Number: 641-179-0012 Email: Mao_Dezong@destroycapitalism.com
  4. 4. facebook Wall Photos Flair Boxes Chairman Mao Logout Chairman Mao Now I hope China now realizes the greatness of the wonderful, communism! Wall Info Photos Boxes Photos of Mao 4-6 Photos It looks like the workers At Tiannanmen Square, The opening ceremony of are throwing a parade in Educational systems had all the China National Shanghai, yay! December been replaced with politics and parades. Games. In the Summer of 1966. October 1966. 1975 . Beijing. GuangZhou Teacher training college. I am very happy that people are turning my quotes This is a group only meant for Women, into music! April 1971. marching to honor Chairman Mao’s birthday. Like others they are holding the red book. December 1966.