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P1 aesha d


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P1 aesha d

  1. 1. Aesha’s Awesome Mayan Trading Company Aesha D. Period 1 World Cultures Oct. 24, 2011
  2. 2. The Balam Protector StatueThe Balam protector statue will protect yourcorn from insects and people who try to steal. Itwill keep a good look out and it will never takean eye off of your corn and the people who gonear it. You will have a good Milpa for a year.
  3. 3. The Helpful Tzolkin CalendarThe Helpful Tzolkin Calendar will keep you on trackof the day so good that you can keep it for 52 yearsand it will still keep track of the right day. It’s only11 seconds off. Think about our calendars which arelike 1 whole day off (maybe). The beginning of eachyear you’ll wake up saying I don’t have to changemy calendar this year!
  4. 4. The Jaguar Sun God Candle The best thing about the Jaguar Sun god lamp is that nomatter how long you keep it on the flame never runs out. The Jaguar Sun god that is on it always keeps the light bright so when you keep it on and forget to blow it out, it wouldn’tmatter. Also the jaguar god that is on it controls the flame so itwon’t catch anything on fire! The intricate designs would look beautiful in anyone’s room and everyone is wanting to have that feeling where you don’t have to make the flame anymore. So buy the Jaguar Sun God Candle!
  5. 5. Cenote Water BucketThe Cenote Water Bucket will help you gather water from your cenote much easier. When you gather water fromthe cenote taste even fresher. The wood is made from thebest tree in the area. It is meant to be hooked onto with arope and then dropped into the cenote. After that you dipthe bucket into the water. Then you bring the bucket back up and drink the fresh water.
  6. 6. Hunahpu Green Jade Necklace Buy the Hunahpu Green Jade Necklace. It is a beautiful necklace that has a string with a pendant which has Hunahpu on it. It is called the Hunahpu necklace because Hunahpu isone of the Hero Twins and he is also represented as Ahau andthe kings usually wear lots of green jade. It also has green jade beads on it. Kings all around the world wear this necklace to show power. So buy the Hunahpu Green Jade Necklace now and make yourself look like an Ahau
  7. 7. Ix Chel Paint SetThe Ix Chel paint set is full of beautiful paints. These beautiful paints from nuts, berries, plants and more. It is called the Ix Chel paint set because the set includes the colors of the rainbow. You should buy the Ix Chel paint set because it will make your life a whole lot more colorful.
  8. 8. Pok-a-Tok Soft Rubber Ball Have you ever felt that the Pok-a-Tok balls have been a little too hard. Well now you don’t have to have to come home with bruises because now there is a Pok-a-Tok Soft Rubber ball. It comes soft so when you hit it with your hand your hand won’t hurt. It’s also the best for practicing so you canbeat those savages! So buy the Pok-a-Tok soft rubber ball and come home with hands that feel wonderful.
  9. 9. Pom GumMake your jaws strong with Pom Gum. Pom Gum is made up of pom which is the resin from the Copal tree. Pom is also used in the ball for Pok-a-tok the ball game. It makes your jaws strong because it isalso used for rubber which is a strong item. So buyPom Gum now and have the strongest teeth in your village.
  10. 10. Beautiful Quetzal Headdress This beautiful quetzal headdress is a lovely ornament to wear to ceremonies. It will make you look like you are a noble. The quetzal feathers are very colorful. They come all different colors. This was a sacred bird and it was usually used forheaddresses. Buy this beautiful ornament right now and look lovely all the time
  11. 11. Uayeb Luck CharmFeeling bored in your house during the Uayeb? Well How about you use the Uayeb Luck Charm. If yougo outside with this on during the 5 unlucky days of the year, the lords of the dead won’t grab you outside. So buy the Uayeb Luck Charm right now and stay safe.