Sales psychology


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Jason Bell has put together another great presentation! Thanks for the great info Jason.

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Sales psychology

  1. 1. Sales Psychology 101 “How to build instant rapport, trust through effective communication”
  2. 2. Sales Psychology 101• Pacing• Personalities• Sales Hacks• Client Acquisition Cycle
  3. 3. 1000 Ft. View“Regardless of your method of approach, communication is inevitable”
  4. 4. Sales Psychology 101 “We have to understand & realize there are reasons why people do what they do, say what they say andreact in the manner they do. Once you learn this, you can influence people in many different ways”
  5. 5. What is Pacing“90% of sales is first getting people to like you &respect you. People resonate with those that are ‘like’ them”
  6. 6. Pace TypesFAST PACE Slower Pace
  7. 7. Body Language
  8. 8. Vocal Tones
  9. 9. Personality Types“First step is to discover who you are &which personality mix you possess. How you’re wired will help you understand yourself and others”
  10. 10. Personality Types Choleric Dominant Power Sanguine Influencing Recognition Melancholy Cautious Perfection Phlegmatic Supportive Harmony
  11. 11. Choleric• Direct• determined• demanding• decisive• strong willed
  12. 12. Choleric Weaknesses • Not emotional • does not cooperate with others well
  13. 13. Sanguine• Inspiring • charming• interactive • involved• impressive • Party time!• involved • spontaneous• charming • Outgoing• impulsive
  14. 14. Sanguine Weaknesses • Impulsive • inconsistent • lout • cant keep secrets • wears emotions on sleeves • not good finishers
  15. 15. Phlegmatic• steady• secure • nice• stable • good listeners• self sacrificing • no confrontation• polite• trust worthy
  16. 16. Phlegmatic Weaknesses• Push overs• stubborn• do not like saying not • no risk takers• easily taken advantage of• lazy
  17. 17. Melancholy• careful • consistent• calculated • analytical• punctual • want to make sure they GOT IT to• perfectionist prevent messing• intellectual up• organized • logic vs emotion
  18. 18. Melancholy Weaknesses• unsociable• complex• know it all• easily discouraged• too detailed
  19. 19. Personality Tip“Remember people do things for themselves, we are inherently selfish people”
  20. 20. 5 Quick Sales TIps “First impression is all about relatability.Your goal is to get them to your way of thinking asquick as possible. But first them get them to like you”
  21. 21. #1 Smile
  22. 22. #2 Eye Contact“Direct Eye contact is a form of confidence, effective listening, and interest”
  23. 23. #3 Firm Hand Shake
  24. 24. #4 Good Poster
  25. 25. #5 Open Stance
  26. 26. “Here is a stack ofbusiness cards. Pass these out”
  27. 27. Wrapping it up“Remember, the more you can quickly relate and connect with people, the quicker you can land clients & make more money”
  28. 28. Homework ***For the next week, start to be more aware ofthe people you interact with and make a conscious effort to identify their personality style***