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20150316 wbpf training short presentation ver18_for slide_share


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20150316 wbpf training short presentation ver18_for slide_share

  1. 1. Do you have staff development issues? COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1  Work independent without manager’s indication?  Have proper work behavior with integrity?  Have commitment for working result?  Be persistence of achievement?  Be punctual for deadline & appointment?  Ensure quality without micro supervision?  Interact with colleagues spontaneously?  “Not” make excuse for mistake and fault? Can your staff…  Not able to work standalone without specific indication.  Few commitment for working result.  Few persistence of achievement.  Usually be late and not meet deadline.  Cannot ensure quality without supervision  Not share critical information in team  Start excuse and blame to others Do you have challenges such as
  2. 2. What is “WBPF (World-class Business Professional Fundamental)”? Case 1: 2 Case1 (Logistician): Manager asks you to purchase water pump at outsourcing farms. 1. Clarify with manager about purpose, my responsibility scope, his expectation and deadline Expectation is to make research list including specification and price for decision-making by manager. 2. Make a research plan (tasks, milestone, effort, cost) before starting. Review timing, review points and deliverables image with manager. As colleague and friend have some experience, interview them first. Find expertise of water. 3. Ask and review “research plan” with manager to verify his expectation. Manager can specify his idea by informing detail information. (avoid misunderstanding in this timing.) He advises to ask his friend (expertise) and other colleagues. 4. Start research following original plan. Interview to expertise, visit from small agent to large agent, review specification. 5. Handle issues (usually not following original plan) Water pump is not adaptable in these requirements. 6. Re-plan and create alternative solution Shallow borehole might be cheaper and reasonable in their farm. Check agents quickly and get roughly price and period. 7. Propose it to manager and discuss changing plan. Manager accepts / denies or asks more information to make a decision. COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. WBPF Factor Professional Fundamental a. Mindset & Behavior Ownership, Independence Self-sustained Development Co-working / Others Involvement b. Critical Employable Skills communication (order handling, reporting) work planning job arrangement, task management a) Mindset & behavior b) Critical Employable Skills
  3. 3. WBPF (World-class Business Professional Fundamental) serves COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3 Interactive & Tailored Staff Training & Consultation for Organization in Uganda (company, NGO, government, international institute, etc..) * Duration, timing and other inquiries on matters other than the above are also welcome. 1.WBPF Fundamental (9weeks) i. Pre-consulting session (personal) ii. 7-weeks class sessions (3hours/week) iii.Post-evaluation session (personal) 2. Talent Management Consulting Provide talent management and HR development consultation as request. 3. Follow-up sessions (2-3months) a.Personal coaching (1hour every 2weeks), or b.Group sessions (1-2hours every 2weeks.) Our ServiceTarget Labor / blue‐collar worker Top & Senior Management a) Middle Management b) Associate & Junior staff 8-12 staffs in a class a.Associate level white-collar worker b.Middle manager class *More senior manager and junior staffs are also most welcome. Self work management (not for team & project management)
  4. 4. How we achieve…. COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4 Major issues on Training 1) Not able to grow practical professional. Staff is satisfied to earn only knowledge 3) Get back to former behavior after a while... 2) Good staff quits a company even if provide useful training with cost and effort… Top-tier Performer has professional fundamental mindset and behavior. The only way to master them is appropriate working style with repeated practice. We understand "attachment" to the working team for employee retention. After action change, it requires continuous practices and appropriate follow-up. WBPF Advantage • Most training is to earn knowledge and specific skills. • WBPF takes 9weeks to transform mindset and behavior. • DISCOVER approach instead of lecture to enhance thinking ability. Trainer will not “teach” answer. • Practical Opportunities (case study, team exercise, role play) in Class and Working office WBPF mandates i) personal coaching sessions among manager and staff. It raise ownership mindset and loyalty. ii) to do on the job practice by collaborating with manager. WBPF provides i) follow-up sessions (group or personal) to staff and, ii) talent development consultation to manger. Findings
  5. 5. Major Benefit of earning WBPF personnel COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 5 “Business Professional working on Standalone with Ownership mindset” 1. Build Professional Team After Training, challenges as previously noted will be solved, and you can earn “professional team”. “ Change from labor worker to business partner! Now, he improves his team performance with wider perspective.” by CEO in a manufacturer 2. Prevent Loss of Talent Staff It prevent the loss of talent staff to raise organizational loyalty by building up ownership mindset in an appropriate way. “ It is the first time to listen deeply working motivation and career goal from my staffs. I am now able to communicate easily based on common goal. “ by sales manager in trading company “Because our staffs review and feedback each other, I don’t need to point out detail instruction individually. We have earned spontaneous learning environments in my team.” by marketing director in manufacturer 3. Build “Common” Working Philosophy Team training generates “common” working philosophy. It cultivates learning environment by encouraging each other.
  6. 6. Fundamental Course Training Curriculum (Standard) 6 It will be held every week 3hours (e.g. 2pm-5pm) for 9 weeks. (7 classes + pre- & post- consulting sessions) Day Fundamental (9 weeks)- standard Pre • Personal Pre-consultation among Manager, Attendant and Trainer 1 • Introduction (Business Professional) • Self-sustained Development 2 • Biz Communication (1) – Listening for Order Handling 3 • Biz Professional Mindset 4 • Work Management (1)- Work Planning 5 • Work Management (2)- Work Arrangement/Progress 6 • Biz Communication (2)- Reporting, Issue Rising 7 • Integrated Exercise / Finalization Post • Personal consulting (Wrap-up) (Feedback, Evaluation, Discussion for sustainable development) * We will tailor the duration, timing and topics according to a request. +Social Gathering +Social Gathering COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  7. 7. WBPF Training 7 Interactive & Tailored Staff Training & Consultation for Organizations in Uganda (company, NGO, government, international institute, etc..) COPYRIGHT © WBPF ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trainer’s Profile Jun Ito : Japanese Strategy & HR Consultant  Top-tier global business consultant 9years experience in global business consulting firm (Accenture)  20+ countries business experience in Japan, US, EU, Asia, Africa (Nairobi, rural village, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda..) Company NAME WBPF Consultants. LTD ADDRESS Balikudembbe Rd. Naguru, Kampala, Uganda FOUNDER /CEO Jun Ito Founded 2014 Web Clients