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R E M A X K O M E N Prezo

  1. 1. Personalized Gift Collection for THE CURE Double Bottom Line Business For Non-Profit Fund-Raising
  2. 2. Who is Barrington Gifts of Distinction? Designer and manufacturer of retail-quality, distinctive gifts in categories such as leather bags, leather accessories, writing instruments, and custom designed gifts. Luxury brand carried in over 500 high-end retailers such as Bloomingdales, Scully & Scully, Stanley Korshak, Gumps, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Sak’s 5th Ave. and many more. Factory-Direct business gifts provider to PGA TOUR, Shell Oil, Dell, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Celebrity Cruiseline, Merrill Lynch, Regent Cruise Line,, Ritz Carlton, Kindred Health Care, Sprint, AT&T, Citi, Gaylord Resorts, Exxon Mobile, Aflac, Roche, Sun Microsystems, SAP, Motorola, US Dept. of Defense, Charles Schwab, Yahoo, NEC, Big 12 and Atlantic Coast Conferences, University of Texas, University of North Carolina, The First Tee, United Cerebral Palsy, Visiting Nurses Association and many more. Web Site: and (use “1008” access code) Contact: Wes Boyd - Director of Marketing/Sales: 214-929-6263;
  3. 3. Above average wages Day camp for kids Healthcare coverage “Going Beyond Social Responsibility” Savings program Materinity leave Community investment Adult education Factory Operations in Xiamen, China Conflict resolution Marriage counseling Cross-training in skills
  4. 4. “Going Beyond Social Responsibility” Taking Care of Orphans With Special Needs Education and Physical Therapy via Employee Participation and Company Profits
  5. 5. “Going Beyond Social Responsibility” - Doing Well By Doing Good Benefits to Barrington AND Its Clients... 1) Superior Manufacturing Quality and Control vs. Outsourcing/Contract Manufacturing 2) Lower Prices (No Distributor or Reseller Margin Included) 3) Production/Shipping Lead Time Decreases by up to 50% 4) Lower Minimum Order Quantities for Custom-Made Gifts (as few as 50 units) 5) Superior Innovation in Product Design 6) Increased Motivation for Dallas Office to Provide Best-In-Class Service “We would be doing this for the business benefit alone - it is the best way for us to gain greater competitive advantages in our industry. Having the opportunity to bless our employees and their impoverished community at the same time makes this a most exciting and blessed venture” -- Wes Boyd (Director of Marketing and Sales)
  6. 6. Double Bottom Line Sales Barrington would like to offer REMAX employees a FACTORY- DIRECT value proposition in the high-end personalized gifts category that RAISES INCREMENTAL MONEY FOR THE SUSAN G. KOMEN for the Cure! * SGKC earns 30% of every SALE as an incremental fund-raising tool. - Compare to typical “10% of the proceeds go to...” which means only 10% of net PROFIT - Barrington writes a monthly check to SGKC as e-store transactions are made via credit card. * Barrington assigns a unique access code to REMAX to share with employees, allowing each recipient to obtain factory-direct prices that are 50% off the listed retail prices. * Barrington manages all aspects of program operation and risk for REMAX! - REMAX has no inventory or fulfillment responsibility. - Barrington transacts online orders via credit card payment, decorates gifts, and ships from its Dallas, TX headquarters in 7-10 days turnaround (expedited shipping available). - Barrington offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee vs. product damage and defects during shipment.
  7. 7. The REMAX Gift Collection for The Cure Barrington Direct and the Susan G. Komen Foundation have partnered to offer REMAX employees personalized premium gifts at factory direct prices...50% off retail pricing. Barrington will donate 30% of all sales to the Komen Foundation in support of its many wonderful initiatives to find a cure for breast cancer . Simply enter “REMAXGIFTS” in the Access Code Box below to begin shopping. REMAX employees will be able to purchase Barrington gifts with the REMAX logo applied and/or with personalization.
  8. 8. 50% off retail
  9. 9. Convenient E-Gift Certificates
  10. 10. Barrington Gifts Available for Purchase Example “live” E-store Go to Enter “UPSGIFTS” in the Access Code Box. Click on “Gift Collection” to browse gift selections.
  11. 11. Example of Gift Branding and Personalization
  12. 12. Double Bottom Line Sales Key Consumer/Donor Insights 1) Shoppers look for discounts during economic contractions and expansions. - 50% off retail prices is perceived as a strong value proposition. - They understand that “factory-direct” means no middle-man mark up & lower prices. 2) Being able to benefit an important charity/cause in addition to obtaining a meaningful discount justifies the purchase of a “luxury” item. - “Donation” must be perceived as meaningful enough to genuinely help charity. - 30% of GROSS SALES donation is significantly more meaningful than typical 10% of the proceeds to go to the charity (“proceeds” = net profit after taxes).
  13. 13. Double Bottom Line Sales Corporate Gifts BtoB Sales Opportunity If REMAX purchases bulk gifts (i.e. 50 units or more) directly from Barrington, Barrington will offer REMAX below wholesale prices and will donate 10% of all SALES dollars to SGKC. * Corporate sales typically range from $250 ($25 donation to SGKC) to $500,000 ($50,000 donation to SGKC)! * Allows companies to accomplish two beneficial objectives... - Obtain unique, custom/personalized executive gifts for important meetings/events. - Obtain goodwill internally & externally through contribution to SGKC.