Custom Gifts eStore & Gift Cards Overview


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Custom Gifts eStore & Gift Cards Overview

  1. 1. Custom Gifts eStore & Gift Cards “Shopping Spree”Barrington offers its business clients a turnkey custom and personalized gift solution that...• Allows an organization’s employees, clients and constituents to purchase the same luxury gifts Barrington sells through high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Gump’s and Bromberg’s at BELOW-retail discounted prices.• Requires NO inventory or implementation responsibilities for Barrington’s clients. Barrington manages ALL elements of the custom gifts eStore service from secure online credit card transaction to order fulfillment through customer service.• Provides Barrington’s reseller clients (hotels/resorts, golf/country clubs, retailers) the opportunity to earn incremental revenues, and non-profits/charities can develop new fund-raising streams...all with no program execution hassle.• There are NO minimum quantity order requirements for shoppers...anyone can purchase just one gift customized with a logo or personalized with initials or full name, and personalization of all gifts is FREE! Delivery from Barrington’s Dallas fulfillment facility is guaranteed within 7-10 days.• For ONLY 24 units, shoppers can order gifts with Barrington’s famous custom branded fabric lining and custom branded gift boxes. Manufacturing and delivery is guaranteed within 21-28 days.• Barrington offers an unconditional guarantee against product defects and damage.
  2. 2. • Barrington provides monthly custom branded marketing emails (featuring new product introductions, promotions and news) that can be forwarded to each client’s database of constituent email addresses to generate awareness and interest in shopping at their custom gifts eStore.• Barrington offers a custom gift cards "shopping spree" as a simple-to-execute gift solution, utilizing the client’s custom gifts eStore, to reward employees, delight meeting/event/tournament participants, thank supporters and meet other gift giving needs.Three categories of Custom Gifts eStores...1) Corporate/Company Employee eStore - WHOLESALE-DIRECT prices 50% below retail SEE BELOW for example of Corporate Employee eStore benefiting the company’s primary Charity
  3. 3. 2) Reseller eStore - BELOW retail prices set by the reseller to lock in margin... 30% off retail prices -- delivers 29% margin on all sales 25% off retail prices -- delivers 33% margin on all sales 20% off retail prices -- delivers 38% margin on all sales Type 1: Golf/Country/City Club - Type 2: Hotel/Resort/Casino -
  4. 4. Type 3: E-commerce Retailer/Other Reseller Partner - Non-Profit/Charity eStore - 40% off retail prices...Barrington donates 20% of all sales dollars tothe non-profit/charity (compare to “part of the proceeds goes to” promotions which in reality = asmall % of NET profit)...much smaller than Barrington’s 20% of GROSS sales! Type 1: 501(c)3 Non-Profit/Charity -
  5. 5. Type 2: Event Benefitting a 501(c)3 Non-Profit - Type 3: Corporate eStore Benefitting a Non-Profit -
  6. 6. Custom Branded Marketing Provided By Barrington Type 1: Monthly Emails to Forward to Client’s Constituents Type 2: On-Premise POP Materials“Take One” Post Cards POP Display Custom Gift Samples POP Display
  7. 7. Cost of a Custom Gifts eStore:Each Custom Gifts eStore has a one-time $250 charge to develop and launch online.The $250 price includes… • Development of custom web site graphics and backend programming + web site hosting • High-resolution vectorization of logo and creation of debossing dies and laser engraving set up • 1 logo option offered to shoppers for decorating gifts • 1 color combo version of custom fabric lining and custom branded gift boxesFor additional logos to be added as decorating options, each logo costs $150, which also includes setup charges for the new artwork.For additional custom fabric lining and custom branded gift box options to choose from, each costs$30 for custom graphics development and inclusion into the E-store.Barrington clients may pay by credit card through the online sign-up web site, or Barrington can sendan invoice with standard net 30 payment terms.Lead Times:It usually takes two to three weeks to develop and launch a Custom Gifts eStore.It usually takes another one to two weeks to provide the Grand Opening email and in-store POPmaterials.
  8. 8. Custom Branded Gift Cards “Shopping Spree”Barrington provides its custom eStore clients a simple to execute gift solution for numerous giftgiving occasions in conjunction with its custom gifts eStore...• Golf tournament tee prize• Employee award or recognition• Supporter/Donor thank you• Customer/Volunteer appreciation• National Sales meeting gift...and many more!Barrington’s custom gift card “shopping spree” provides the following benefits...1. Recipients receive greater gift selection to choose from (and they are trained to use eStore).2. Requires no storage of event gifts and simple to distribute to recipients.3. Provides additional revenue for resellers and non-profits, as gift card recipients spend up to 40% more than the funded amount of the gift card on average.4. Short lead time to program, print and deliver custom gift cards is only one week.5. There are no minimum gift card order requirments.6. Each gift card can be personalized with the recipient’s name!Reseller and Non-profit Clients realize a lower NET cost for each card by the amount of themargin they earn (or amount of donation from Barrington) for all sales!!! $10 20% of all sales dollars are donated by Barrington to Big Brothers Big Sisters to help children reach their potential.