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Current pagan studies conferencef flyer 2012


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Current pagan studies conferencef flyer 2012

  1. 1. February 4 - 5, 2012 10th and Dartmouth Ave. Claremont University, Claremont, CA 91711The Eighth Conference on Current PaganStudies seeks to provide an interface betweenthe community and the academy, a place toshare ideas, knowledge, and dreams. This yearthe conference focuses on issues and interplaybetween Identity and Community. The cost ofthe conference includes refreshments and lunchon both days. Claremont Consortium Students: $25 Students: $45 Others: $55 Help us Green the Conference by bringing your own plate and cup: • Bring your own cup – reduce fee by $2.50 • Bring your own plate – reduce fee by $2.50 Key Note Speakers: • Bring both – reduce fee by $5.00 Z Budapest And Hyperion Register Now! or call (714) 472-5772