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On top of things!


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In order to promote academic excellence, A high school Principal finally gets on top of things. Literally!

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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On top of things!

  1. 1. On top of things ! Being a Principal isn’t all glamour and glory!
  2. 2. The cameras stopped working in front of the school, but I think I found a solution!
  3. 3. The solution!
  4. 4. Yes sir! I’m on top things. I can assure you…
  5. 5. Get out of here with that camera!
  6. 6. He missed the question on purpose?
  7. 7. Wireless Internet. Great Cell Service. And no interruptions. I may actually move my office!
  8. 8. Mr. Satcher, thanks for promoting academic excellence at our school !
  9. 9. Presentation by William Bishop (Bill) 4-27-2007 Copyright: Creative Commons 2.5 Some rights reserved