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Cyber Theft Solutions

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Cyber Theft Solutions

  1. 1. Cyber Theft Solutions Prevention Investigation Mitigation Communication New Alliance Offers Comprehensive Cyber Theft Prevention, Detection and Response Services Cyber Theft Solutions Will Help Organizations Respond to Growing Incidence of Information Theft, Expected Federal Mandates Alliance's Services Include Cyber and Physical Security; Breach Prevention, Detection and Investigation; Crisis Communications LOS ANGELES, March 10 -- Three leading service providers with proven track records in their respective fields have joined forces to create Cyber Theft Solutions (CTS), offering comprehensive cyber theft prevention, detection and response mitigation services to organizations that store identity-sensitive information. CTS will serve major corporations, mid-sized businesses, nonprofit groups, educational institutions and government entities with a fully integrated dashboard of cyber risk assessment, breach detection, physical asset protection, incident investigation, risk mitigation and communications services. In addition, CTS will help its clients comply with anticipated Federal mandates expected to dictate how organizations protect identity-specific information, as well as how they must respond to a breach should one occur. The landmark alliance links: Andrews International Inc. , one of the nation's largest providers of security and risk analysis and mitigation services; Procysive Corp. , a cyber security and compliance consulting firm possessing proprietary cyber intrusion detection systems; and The Harrell Group, a strategic communications firm with expertise in issues management and crisis communications. CTS will have the capability to: • Perform a thorough assessment of its clients' current physical and cyber security policies; • Evaluate compliance with existing security measures; • Identify physical and cyber vulnerabilities; • Employ proprietary intrusion detection and prevention systems; • Scan deep Web and social networking sites to identify threats to physical, data and personal security; • Investigate breach attempts and incidents; and • Plan and implement proactive and responsive communications programs. "To our knowledge, this alliance represents the first offering of a comprehensive array of services to help organizations navigate the increasingly perilous waters of cyber crime," said William Besse, vice president of consulting and investigations at Andrews International Inc. "Criminals intent on stealing information are rapidly adapting to current cyber protection strategies, and we believe that the approach we're taking with CTS will better help organizations deal with cyber crime." "Even the most security-conscious organizations are challenged to defend against today's increasingly aggressive cyber attacks," President of Procysive Michael Moran said. "By enlisting CTS' counsel, an organization can gain immediate access to best-of-class and proprietary services to identify and mitigate internet-based and other information security risks." CTS will partner with each client to determine the services of greatest value in helping ensure that its stored information, business transactions and/or physical assets are secure from cyber criminals, and that it is fully prepared 16775 Addison Road, Suite 102, Addison, Texas 75001 214.254.3978 •
  2. 2. to confidently respond, should a breach occur. CTS will also help ensure that the client fully complies with emerging governmental requirements. "Organizations that store sensitive data about employees, customers, clients or others may soon find themselves scrambling to respond to new federal laws," said Jackson Harrell, Ph.D., of The Harrell Group. "As the incidence and severity of cyber crime continues to increase and stringent new government mandates take shape, organizations will benefit from working with experienced cyber security, breach detection and communication professionals." By partnering with Cyber Theft Solutions, organizations can be confident that they adhere to all relevant government- mandated requirements, that they have definitive security measures are in place, that their systems and the internet are being constantly monitored for threats or breaches, and that they have a comprehensive plan for breach response should one occur. About Andrews International Inc. Andrews International, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is a full-service provider of security and risk mitigation services with operations throughout the United States and internationally. As the largest full-service privately held American-owned security firm in the U.S., Andrews International employs more than 10,500 security personnel, providing uniformed security, consulting and investigative services, personal protection, special event security, specialized training, and disaster emergency response services. The Company is owned by executive and management team members with investment backing from Audax Group. Please visit the Andrews International Web site at About Procysive Corporation Procysive Corp. ("Procysive") is an information security firm located in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Procysive specializes in security management, consulting and compliance. Its proprietary software solutions, CIPACS™ (Cyber Intelligence Analysis and Containment Service) and Secure Wave™, are used by government entities and Fortune 500 companies to protect against data loss through proactive deep Web monitoring, compression and encryption solutions. With more than 60 years of experience in the information technology and security industry, Procysive's managing partners have consulted with or directed compliance operations for many Fortune 100 corporations, government divisions and private organizations. For information, please visit About The Harrell Group Founded in 1998, The Harrell Group is a privately owned strategic communications firm based in Dallas, TX dedicated to providing customers with professional public relations and crisis management services. With public relations experience since 1978, The Harrell Group has the know-how to provide a full range of public relations and public affairs program planning and implementation. The Harrell Group is part of the Public Relations Global Network, a worldwide network of independent public relations firms with offices in 40 locations across the globe. For more information, please visit, or contact Jackson Harrell, Ph.D., at CONTACT: Randall Oxford 214.535.5372 Cyber Theft Solutions