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Session 2 Breakout Group Discussion List


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Session 2 Breakout Group Discussion List

  1. 1. Mila Raquid Arroyo, ANU Mai Thi Hong Bo, WB Lotus Room, Mezzanine Floor Breakout Group 4 “ Acting as a platform for knowledge exchange within the region and with the rest of the world and support the growing role of East Asia and Pacific Institions” Somrudee Nicro, TEI Timothy Brown, WB Peony Room, 8 th Floor Breakout Group 3 “ Strengthening support to global public goods and regional cooperation” Marjorie Andrew, INA/CIMC Elisabeth Mealey, WB Magnolia Room Extension, 2 nd Floor Breakout Group “ Supporting the developmental underpinnings for peace, renewed growth and poverty reduction in the poorest and most fragile states and sub-national regions” Wang Shicai, CANGO Leonora Gonzales, WB Magnolia Room, 2 nd Floor Breakout Group 1 “ Partnering with middle income and emerging middle income countries to sustain and share gains in growth and prosperity” Breakout Group Discussions