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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Internal Marketing Tips for theProgressive Dermatology Practice Presented By Wendy Brown, WB Consulting Date (Tuesday, June 25, 2012)  1
  2. 2. Wendy BrownWendy Brown - Founder & Owner of WB ConsultingWendy is a sought-after expert on a range of issues specific to the specialties of dermatologyand plastic surgery - her specialty is marketing processes and provider recruitment . Over hercareer, Ms. Brown has honed her expertise at developing marketing plan models to achieveimproved and integrated practice processes resulting in enhanced patient outcomes andsubstantial increased revenues. From her experience as an entrepreneur and principal of aplastic surgery and dermatology consulting firm to being the former CEO of a largedermatology practice, she understands the nuances of successful business developmentwithin the specialties. Her broad based operational experience in dermatology give her thetools to help her clients rise to the next level. Her strength in developing strong collegialphysician relationships is by partnering in business ventures, including practice assessments,EHR implementations with Nextech, Athena Healthcare, and Viteria products ,marketingstrategies, dermatology / plastic surgery recruitment and contract negotiations. She is quotedfrequently in major media outlets as well as in a range of cosmetic surgery and dermatologypublications.Additionally, Wendy is currently working on an exciting project with an international knowncosmetic filler company serving as a professional advisor on marketing campaigns . She is anational speaker and published dermatology management adviser. 2
  3. 3. For our full presentation please email us at 3