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Specifications of brain-inspired AGI development for everyone


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If the AGI to be realized first is Brain-inspired, dissemination of the specification for that will raise the level of the overall developers and lower the possibility of AGI being monopolized.

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Specifications of brain-inspired AGI development for everyone

  1. 1. Hiroshi YAMAKAWA Specifications of brain-inspired AGI development for everyone Beneficial AGI 2019 Non-profit organization for Promoting Developments of Brain-inspired AGI
  2. 2. We promote development of Brain-inspired AGI Beneficial AGI 2019 Atsushi Kanbayashi Kentaro Goto Ren Sakaki Supports R&D teams Promote R&D Project AGI (Australia) 2 Partne rship
  3. 3. Hiroshi Yamakawa, Dr. of Engineer BA: Particle physics, MD: Condensed matter physics, Ph. D: Reinforcement Learning, AI&Neuroscience researcher • Chairperson of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, npo. (since 2015) • Director of Dwango AI laboratory • Member of The Human-centered AI Social Principles Meeting of Japanese cabinet office – Released Social principles, Dec.,2018. • Member of The Conference toward AI Network Society of Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications – Released “AI R&D Principles”, July 2017. • Member of Ethical committee of JSAI – Released “JSAI Ethical Guidelines”, Feb. 2017. (JSAI = The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence) • Committee member of IEEE AGI Chapter of Ethically Aligned Design v3 Beneficial AGI 20193
  4. 4. Whole Brain Architecture approach Beneficial AGI 2019 ‘to create a human-like AGI by learning from the architecture of the entire brain’ To reach AGI, we start from mimicking high-level architectures of the brain, and gradually introduce details as needed Re- cognition Executive Reward Utility Evaluation State Transition Perception Action Intelligent Agent Intention Goal State Utility State State Reward Generation Environment Hippo- campus BG Neocortex Amygdala AI (1) Develop machine learning modules for parts of the brain (2) Integrate the modules to create cogni ve architecture Basal Ganglia Neocortex Amygdala Hippocampus Brain 4
  5. 5. Basic idea of WBAI (2017) Vision: Create a world in which AI exists in harmony with humanity. Values: • Study: Deepen and spread our expertise. • Imagine: Broaden our views through public dialogue. • Build: Create AGI through open collaboration. Mission: Promote the open development of Whole Brain Architecture Beneficial AGI 20195
  6. 6. Democratic WBA development make AGI beneficial Thinking/behaving like a human being – E.g. Asilomar AI Principles 10) Value Alignment: Shared by everyone, not specific organizations – Eg., Asilomar AI Principles 23) Common Good: Beneficial AGI 2019 Promoting an open collaborative development on the brain architecture Building an human-like intelligence, guided by neuroscientific knowledge 6 Can be the basis of trust building
  7. 7. Architecture design Architecture: a graph (= modules + connections) in brain. (connectome) Core of Specifications are “Functional circuit” 7 Functional Circuit design Implementation Task solving isolate two processes requiring neuroscientific knowledge and implementation skill Architect determine a functional circuit by using neuroscientific knowledge. Developers concentrate implementation based on a functional circuit Functional circuit: a subgraph within the architecture and hypothesis of computational functions. Beneficial AGI 2019 Functional Circuit module connection Subgraph with functions
  8. 8. Open Platform • Specifications • Development methodology • Software platforms • Knowledge • Advices Expanding collaborative AGI development Architects Determine a functional circuits as specifications based on neuroscientific knowledge. Neuroscientists interested in functional models AI/ML Experts Building Brain-inspired AGI Future Humanity AI exists in harmony with humanity. Open specifications will promote democratic AGI dev. Non-profit organization FeedbackBenefits Beneficial AGI 2019 brain-inspired For acceleration, more support and/or collaboration is necessary. 8
  9. 9. Thanks for your attention. If the AGI to be realized first is Brain-inspired, dissemination of the specification for that will raise the level of the overall developers and lower the possibility of AGI being monopolized.