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Animal-AI Olympics 2019 Second Tokyo Meetup Opening


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Opening talk by Atsushi Ishii, Couger CEO, at the second local meetup for the Animal-AI Olympics in Tokyo held by WBAI & Cooger Co. on October 4, 2019

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Animal-AI Olympics 2019 Second Tokyo Meetup Opening

  1. 1. × Welcome to “Animal-AI Olympics” meetup #2 4 Oct 2019
  2. 2. Atsushi Ishii CEO of Couger 8 C A AB A8 C A C , AB B C " C 0 , 8A 8A A C - B 21 1A .AC 8AC AB B AB" A A BCA AAB C A A A A8 AB 8AC JA 0A A BCA , C AC A A AB A8 A 0A A 8AC - B A C " , C C BCA CC I AB A8 A A K ,H 0H A , B C 1 8AC 2 C I About Me
  3. 3. Background of “Connectome Meetup”? All cutting-edge technologies should work as nervous system in human brain
  4. 4. •  Potential of AI •  Reliability of AI Background of “Connectome Meetup”?
  5. 5. AI Purpose: Automating something Machine Learning Purpose: Calculating answers by statistics Deep Learning Other AI Game AI Purpose: Create the game world Character AI Purpose: Let the user feel that the character is alive Meta AI Purpose: Balance the game world Machine Learning AI and Game AI
  6. 6. Source: Explainable AI(XAI)
  7. 7. Source: Explainable AI(XAI)
  8. 8. Mirror World with AI x AR Source:
  9. 9. History of Connectome Meetup 9 12 3 6 9 #1 Connectom AI Meetup STARTED! #2 Meetup: Meta Learning #3 Meetup: GAN #5 Meetup: Let’s code GAN! 2018 2019 #6 Meetup: #7 Meetup: OpenCog AI Developer Event Community Member 266 #8 Meetup: AI x Game >>Dr. Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET, Hanson Robotics and OpenCog) #4 Meetup: Small Data
  10. 10. TODAY’S PROGRAM 19:25 Keynote speech Dr. Matthew Crosby (Imperial College London Leverhulme CFI Postdoctoral Researcher, Organising Committee of AAO) 19:45 Mid-term reporting & Award ceremony 20:05 AAO participation issues Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School) 20:25 Points of aiming the WBA award Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of the WBAI) 20:40 Panel discussion Masayoshi Nakamura (Preferred Networks Inc. engineer) Naoto Yoshida (GROOVE X Research Engineer) Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School) Jun Yamada (University College London) Akira Hashimoto (Tsukuba University) Moderator: Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of the WBAI) 21:10 Q & A 21:25 Time for recruiting additional members 21:30 Party