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  2. 2. 88% Khaled Sleiman (Iphone 4S)97% Hisham Eido (Iphone 4S)11% Flower Maho (Mini Ipad)1% Mike Mattar (Ipod 4th Generation)
  3. 3. 96% Roland Harika (Iphone 4S)32% Joe Kosseify ( Ipod 4th)2% Omar Fayed(Iphone 4s )2% Manal Nabouh (Mini Ipad)
  4. 4. 56% Naji Ghadaf (Mini Ipad ) 16% Mohamad Saker (Iphone 4s )0% Manal Hawi(Ipod 4th Generation)0% Ayda Nabouh (Voucher)100 Michel Harika (Voucher)%
  5. 5. 58% Ayman Sleiman(mini ipad)50% Josiane Hanna (mini ipad )