Suspence stories


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Suspence stories

  1. 1. The hole in the floor By AmyAs a girl slept she had the most wonderful dream. It wasabout her flying through the clouds and finding a wonderfulisland made of chocolate ice cream. It carried on for hours onend. She was woken at three o’clock in the morning by abang in the kitchen .She got out of bed and tiptoeddownstairs, making sure not to wake her family.When the girl got downstairs no one was there and dawnwas breaking. She walked forwards and circled the table.CRASH! She fell down a large hole in the floor .A group ofwhat she thought were people came towards her. “HELP ME,PLEASE.” She shouted. They came closer and closer but theywere not people. They were white and see through. Theyquickly and swiftly surrounded her.The girl started to run. She ran straight threw one of them. Ashiver ran down her spine. She raced on her heart thumpingin fear. She could not get out. She was starting to get hungry.She wished it was a dream but it was no dream. After a fewdays running she fell to the floor gasping for air .She was sohungry and thirsty her eyes slowly started to close.
  2. 2. Emily and her dead grandma By HonorAlone one dark winter’s night, Emily was sleeping cosy underher bed covers, when she heard a banging on the door. Shegot out of bed and shivered to the door. Emily opened thedoor and stepped onto the front porch, looking around. Butnothing was there…Emily strolled around her little cottage to see if anything wasthere. She got back to her old ragged door and she wascertain nothing was there. Suddenly she heard a noise. Shethought it was a ghost but she knew ghosts didn’t exist.BANG!!! The door slammed behind her. Emily turned aroundand started thumping on the door. “Let me in, let me in!” butit was no good. Finally she had an idea. She went around herhouse and looked through the window, but the curtains wereshut. Then she heard the same noise that she had alreadyheard. Now she was positive it was a ghost.She sat down on the dirty porch. When dawn was justbreaking the door slowly creaked open. She cheered, “YES!”She walked in and suddenly, she saw her dead great
  3. 3. grandma. What was she doing there? As quiet as a mouseshe said, “hello.” But her great grandma just stared at her.Emily sat down while her grandma was still staring. Emilysaid, “Please leave.” Her grandma exclaimed in a ghostlyvoice, “NO.” Emily felt uncomfortable. Her grandma said,“come with me!” Emily shouted, “NO!” THE END
  4. 4. An iceberg in space By Isaac“Finished!” yelled Kevin triumphantly, as he soldered the last twowires together. Eddie gasped sarcastically. They were on a space-station and Kevin had just finished building a spacecraft of Eddie’sdesign. It looked a bit like a satellite, but could seat a man inside it. Itwas fitted with a laser that cooled down anything it came intocontact with. In this case, the Earth’s atmosphere.“Wow, that’s really amazing!” scoffed Eddie. Then, adopting a moreserious manner he frowned at his colleague sternly. “Are you sureyou sure you have done everything right? Because if you haven’t, wecould turn the Earth into an ice cube.” The plan was to send theshuttle into an orbit of the Earth and fire the laser at the planet tocool the atmosphere which had been heated so much by globalwarming.“Oh, stop worrying, everything will be fine,” replied Kevin. “Whatcould go wrong?” But he said this mainly to himself, as he wasbeginning to have doubts himself.The G-force of the take-off nearly made Simon throw up this foulbreakfast of space food. He clutched his stomach and groaned. Hewas in the shuttle Kevin had made which had just been launched.Even all that training hadn’t made him used to the take-offs. Thesmall spacecraft accelerated towards Earth.Simon’s radio blared loudly as its owner listened carefully.
  5. 5. The vampire house By JessOne afternoon in a small house by a river, four foster sisterscarried their suitcases upstairs. “Race you there!” Angelcalled, breaking into a run. She won the race, obviously. Theoldest girls, Angel, who was 15, and Amelia, who was 14,claimed the largest room in the house. 13-year-old Alice andtwelve year old Aelita, the two more sensible sisters,reluctantly managed to fit all their belongings in the tiny boxroom.They settled into their rooms. Even though it was small,Aelita fit in quite well, as she was only twelve. Alice was smallfor a thirteen year old so she just about fit. Angel squeezed into the room and smirked at them. “I don’t know how you’llsurvive living in this room,” she told them, flipping her hairand laughing. “But anyway, I heard there’s a haunted houseon the hill…”Aelita stopped and the CDs dropped out of her hands, andsprawled out on the floor. Alice knocked some books off hershelf, but none of them cared. A haunted house?Alice broke the silence by saying, “Ghosts aren’t real, Angel. Ithought you knew that.”Aelita let out a sigh of relief.“No, it’s in the newspaper, look.” Angel waved thenewspaper in front of their faces. Five 17-year-olds enterhouse on hill and have never been seen again. They gasped inshock. “M-Maybe…” Alice stuttered, but nothing sprang to
  6. 6. mind. There was no other way. They lived downhill from ahaunted house.“Doesn’t mean there are ghosts,” Aelita said. “It could besomething else. Maybe they got trapped in the basement.”Angel shook her head. “Let’s go. Get your jacket,” she toldthem both.Aelita frowned. “Why are we going if they were never seenagain?”Angel smiled mysteriously and left the room. Aelita sighedand put on her jacket. Alice did the same. They left out thefront door after informing Amy, their foster mother, thatthey were going to the park.When the girls left the house, Amy’s eyes flashed red and shedisappeared.They trudged up the hill and saw the sinister house, whichthey had never been near. Cobwebs covered the front door,but Alice didn’t mind cobwebs and wiped them all away.Angel knocked on the door one, two, three times. The doorslowly creaked open, revealing a long dull corridor.“Come on!” Amelia said, now taking lead.Alice saw a portrait, and tears filled her eyes. Aelita realized itlooked exactly like her mum, who died before Alice was putin a children’s home.Aelita comforted Alice and they carried on. They heardfootsteps, thudding gently upstairs.
  7. 7. “Maybe it’s those people who got lost in here!” Angelexclaimed. “We could win pots of money!”There was a sinister laugh, and the creaking of a floorboard.“They’re trying to scare us!” Amelia added.There was a box, stuffed to the brim with jewels and goldcoins. They looked around. “Look! A real diamond, and realgold! An emerald!” Angel and Amelia were chanting, enjoyingsearching the box.“Let’s go,” Alice suggested.“No! Look, here, you can have the sapphire if you want.Aelita, you have this…um, this garnet.” Angel took thediamond and Amelia took the gold. They both took anemerald each.“Rubies!” Angel said.After they had finished with the box, the footsteps grewlouder, and louder, and louder…A long claw reached out and then suddenly disappeared intothin air.Aelita and Alice screamed. “Chill!” Angel said. “Probably justsome of the effects in this place. Obviously, they’re trying toscare us. The laugh, the claw, and they tempted us with thejewels.”The girls went upstairs. There was a large room, and the doorwas locked.“Anyway, I was just thinking, as they’re in the house rightnow, we could just stop joking around with them and justtempt them in here.” It was the voice of Amy!
  8. 8. “Slow and steady, Amy. Now, transform!” A deafening growlfilled the eerie palace.“Perfect!” the voice said again. “Now, let’s open the door.”The door swung open. The girls, who were hidden, duckeddown even more.“I can sense them, here, hiding!” the voice said again. “Comeon…”Angel jumped out, followed by Amelia. The other twoclimbed out of the darkness as well.When the man jumped forward, he dragged his sharp nailsalong each of them. Then Amy grabbed Alice and locked herin the room.The girls screamed and ran, down the stairs, to the frontdoor.“Quick, the window!” Aelita yelled, still feeling really worriedabout Alice.They each punched the window very hard, and it smashedopen. They clambered out one by one, and bolted down thehill, occasionally falling over and rolling down even further.Finally they got home. They rang the police, and told themthat their foster mother had left and they needed a new one.They were assigned to different foster homes. But they knewthat they would never go near a haunted house again! The End
  9. 9. Lights OutBy Sam W“Three cheers for the Astronauts!” As they entered the very top of the rocket,the brave pioneers, John, Adam and Robinson waved back to their familiesbelow. As the engine ignited, they set of on their perhaps one way mission.After twenty years of training this day had finally come! The G-Force from thetake-off made them a bit giddy but that was the last thing on their mind. Theysmiled at each other then gazed out of the window. It was spectacular. Theyhad two months’ worth of flight before they reached the stranded satellite butthey never got bored. It was the best two months of their lives and their last.Finally, when they reached satellite it was nothing like they expected it to be. Areport from Houston came in: “Houston to copper Head 11 copy, there is anunidentified object west of your pursuit , do not make contact I repeat do notmake contact.” Adam reported back: “Copper Head 11 copy can`t get apositive ID on the abound so I’m gonna send Robinson out for aninvestigation”. Robinson climbed out of the craft and approached the orbattached to the satellite. He touched it. A surge of electricity shot through himhe was dead in an instant. Adam shut the door as fast as he could. He hadn’ttrained for this but being a clever man he had a good idea of what to do. He called for John who came straight to the co pilot seat. Then they sealed thewindows so they couldn’t see out. There was a banging out side the oxygentank split and communication went down. John thought the workers weren’tstranded they were dead and this how they died.The banging out side out side suddenly stopped. Now they were in a brokenspace ship millions of miles away from Earth, with only enough oxygen for oneperson to get home. The once enthusiastic men now had no hope at all.
  10. 10. Megan and the cottage of darkness By Kate onslowEvery day Megan took her dog, who was a blackLabrador named Lilly, for a walk. Lilly and Megan lovedwalking together. Megan always walked in a fieldcalled flower field. Flower field had sunflowers,buttercups and every flower you could think of! Butthen suddenly one afternoon out of nowhere a gloomyshadow appeared in the middle of the colourful field…Finally as the shadow started to get clearer, Megancould see it was an old cottage. The cottage hadbrown, mouldy walls and a black and yellow stripeddoor. On that door it said KEEP OUT! Megan looked atit for a while then suddenly CREAK! The door stared toopen. Lilly ran in. “Lilly, NO”! But it was too late!She muttered to herself, “I have to go in, I just haveto.” After a long decision she crept in as quite as amouse.
  11. 11. It was pitch black, she tried shouting “Lilly,” but shecould not hear a reply. After 15 minutes of looking shethought to herself, “It is too late, I have to go back andgive up.”But she couldn’t find her way back because it was pitchblack. She was lost! When she trying to find her wayback the walls were starting to crave in. It was so tightthat she could hardly breathe. Then she foundsomething on the wall it read REDRUM WON!
  12. 12. Nameless By Ruth“Seth! You have mail!” Seth bounded down the stairsand snatched up the letter.“It’s from Fred.” He muttered, recognising his friend’suntidy writing. “Dear Seth,” He read. “Please come tomy party at the old theatre. 1.00, Friday 13th.”The next day, a slightly anxious Seth walked to the olddisused theatre. I’m not scared. Who believes inghosts? He reassured himself over and over again, butSeth still shuddered at the thought of going inside thatspooky place. The door was painted yellow withballoons on the knocker, even so, Seth’s spine pickledwith fear as he opened the door…Expecting a bright hallway, Seth jumped back in fearwhen he found himself at the end of a long, dark,shadowy corridor. He tried to back out, but the door
  13. 13. had silently shut itself. He hit his head on the hardwood, and collapsed onto the dusty floor.A sudden scream roused his consciousness. “RUN,BOY! RUN! NAMLESS IS COMING! RUN!” A tall girl wasrunning towards him, her matted blonde hair flying.She was wearing a torn, tattered, blue hoodie andblack trousers. She pulled him through a door intoanother long hall. A rusty key lay on the floor. “Takethe key, and lock me in.” The girl instructed, pointing toa barred door. Seth followed her confusing orders,then carried on running. He heard noises behind him.First, a sinister scuttling followed his feet, a hissingslithered across the stone floor, then a huge beating ofwings echoed down the endless tunnel. Huge talonssnatched him up into the air. Suddenly, heremembered. He remembered the newspaperheadlines: Children missing! Nameless capturesinnocent children! Of course! Nameless was thefamous shape shifter! “Help!” He cried. But nothingcame but a hoarse rasp, “This one looks a weakling.Chuck him in the cage! He may not be strong, but he’llmake a good meal.” Human hands carried him back tothe cage where the girl was. Seth was thrown inside.The key clicked in the lock.
  14. 14. “Hello boy. I’m Sapphire. You are?” Said the girl. Sethblushed. “Err…Seth.”“Nameless is pretty creepy, huh?” Sapphire chatted.She seemed perfectly happy in this spidery prison. “Soyou got caught. Unlucky you. You’ll be first on his menuwith that!” She prodded Seth’s rather large belly.Echoing footsteps silenced them. “Nameless is hungry.Yes very hungry. One midget won’t be enough today,Grit-face. Get the tall one and the fat one, fast.” Hissednameless. An ugly man with a stitched up eye openedthe door of the cage. Seth’s heart pounded as so calledGrit-face lead them through winding corridors to alarge blood-stained hall. Grit-face chained Seth by hiswrists to the high ceiling, and left him dangling there.He then began to prepare the meal. Sapphire screamedin agony as her blue eyes were gouged out of theirsockets. “Oh shut up, will you!?” He growled, and cuther tongue out. Seth adverted his eyes from the goryscene to a stone table. A piece of paper was lying ontop. He strained against his chains, and if he lookedcarefully enough, he could just make out To Keith in hisown handwriting. “Oh no.”
  15. 15. Rising of the darkness By JakeDom and Zoe , who were brother and sister , were playing football by a river.Dom was just about to score when Zoe stole the ball of him and scored in hisnet. He ran over to the ball and wacked it as hard as he could with all his anger.It went right of the grass and onto the river path. “Go and get it then.” SaidZoe.“ All right then.” Groaned Dom. As he was walking down to the river path henoticed a sign saying WARNING SLIPPERY EDGE.Zoe started to walk to walk to Dom to see why he’d stopped. As she got closershe saw the sign and said “ I would not get the ball if I were you it’s prettyclose to the edge.”“But that’s my new ball.” Said Dom.“Come on I’ll be fine.”“ But Dom you can’t swim and how will I save you?”Dom started to walk towards the ball getting closer and closer to the ball. Butas he reached out he slipped on some wet moss and SPLASH!!! He fell in.Luckily there was some rope on the side of the wall so he grabbed it but it wasvery slippery. He could just about hang on. Zoe started to shout for help butnobody was there. All she could see was an old crooked house she startedrunning towards it. She knocked on the door but there was no answer. She saton the door step crying. Meanwhile, Dom could feel the currents on his legsand his hands start to slip.The door started to creak open and Zoe stopped crying. She ran into the oldhouse hoping someone would be there. But there was nothing. She started tofeel a tingling sensation down her spine. She was seeing things too. All of asudden she started to feel hands clutching her red cheeks tighter and tighter.The last thing Dom heard was a scream and it was such a frightening screamthat his body went limp and he let go of the rope.
  16. 16. Trapped By RossJohn was walking home and suddenly he heard hisname .After a few minutes John crept towards theabandon hotel. He tiptoed inside .There was a creak;something was there!What could it be? Blinking in shock it was gone. As hequietly went up the dusty stairs, something smashedbehind. As quick as a flash he looked behind him. Therewas a cat on a stand with a smashed vase beneath it.So he carried on walking and met a corridor. It felt likethe walls were hugging him .At the end of the corridorhe saw something on the wall It said “REDRUM WON!”.As soon as he said it a door opened behind him . Afterhe walked in the dark room the door slammed behindhim. What could he do? Something charged at him!He woke up in a dark room which looked like adungeon. It said on the wall “TRAPPED FOREVER”.
  17. 17. Rover Red Rum by Jamie MSplash. The ball hit the water but before it could be washedout Rover quick as a flash pulled it back to Jamie. “Well doneboy,” saidJamie. Rover wagged his tail in delight. “See if you can getthis boy.” Jamie then hurled the ball over some slimy rocks.Rover couldn’t get it because it was too far out so hefollowed it not his is off the ball. Suddenly he banged into acastle. He saw the ball carry on its journey through the gatesand Rover dashed into the castle crash the door SLAMMEDshut.Jamie came breathless shouting when he caught his breathback “rover here boy “he said softly. Then he had a shock! Hesaw a sign saying red rum. He heard a deafeningHowl. What could it be? He thought. So RoverCarefully not to trigger anything he heard a voice but tried tocontrol himself and carry on .Rover walked through anothernarrow path and the hard, cold and wooden floor and madea very creepy sound. But suddenly he saw the tennis ball rollahead he thought the tennis ball was trying to lead himsomewhere.So he left the tennis is ball. Then he heard a dripping sound“drip” ”drip” ”drip”. He saw a skeleton and took it out, as
  18. 18. quick as lightening. The he saw a door and peered throughthe key hole and opened the door luckily there was nothingbehind the doorThen he came to another door and opened and there wasJamie and the skeleton queenSo Rover barked and Jamie shouted. There was a pause andthe queen hit Jamie and then Rover bit the queen’s neck andshe fell to peace’s and the Rover bit Jamie free and they gotout the castle and went back to their game of fetch but thistime further away from the castle . The end Notice:Rover then went on to win dog ofthe year. Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed it (: By Jamie. M
  19. 19. Scar face lairBy GraceKnock, knock. Knock, knock. Max shiveredunder his duvet. The knocking came again,this time louder. Knock, knock. Knock,knock. He swore he saw the curtains rustleand move. Silently, he reached a pale handto his light. Flick. The room lit up, a beaconin the dark. He breathed a sigh of relief.Suddenly, he saw a small orb on his windowsill. What was it? Slowly and carefully, hewalked over to the small sphere, its shinysurface reflecting off the lamplight like adiamond. He reached a trembling hand toit, his fingers gently colliding with thesmooth surface.Thud. Max could feel cold ground under hisaching body. Silence. Silence had inked itsdeath over everything. He was in a corridor,but where? Then he saw a small gap in thewall. Squeezing through the gap, the blackenveloped him. At the end of thisclaustrophobic journey, he entered a tinyhall. It was filled with colourful lights.
  20. 20. Hypnotised, Max stared, transfixed. As hestared at the lights, every single lantern inthe room lit up.Momentarily distracted, he stumbledbackwards just as a dark shadow emergedfrom the shadows. It was a woman. Bearinga flaming torch, she swiped at Max’s head.Max ducked and screamed in horror as along flame licked out and set his hair alight.He raced out of the room into the corridorand up a staircase. Seeing a window andpelting towards it, he realised he wastrapped. He tried to reach the door but hewas too late. The figure had reached thedoor and was edging towards him. It pulledback the hood that had hid its face so welland revealed pus filled blisters; chunks offlesh missing from its nose, and the stenchof rotting meat, filling the already-putridair. The scarred faced monster corneredhim by the stained window. There was alarge red mark on it that looked a bit like…but he didn’t want to think about that.
  21. 21. He realised that was what would happen tohim if he didn’t escape now. The monsterwas almost upon him but he still had sometime. Searching the gloomy room for aweapon, he spotted an abandoned curtainchord on one of the tattered blinds.Reaching out, he grabbed it and held it in adefensive line, aiming for the monstersneck. The monster, confident of victory,drew close, until Max could feel its breathon his cheek. Suddenly, he pulled the chordtight around the neck of the monster, but itswatted it away like a fly.“You’re trapped.” rattled the monster.Max knew that too but he also knew thatthere was another way out. To embracedeath as an old friend. Live afterlife inharmony with the world. Taking his finalbreath, he said,“There’s always a way out.” and plummetedthrough the window, a smile on his bleedingand scarred face…The knocking had gained another victim.
  22. 22. DARK SHADOWS… by Teri“Demi,” called her teacher. Demi got up and slowly slumped over to herteacher, her tie swinging. “So, why haven’t you been paying attention thisclass? You’re 13 years old, in year 9! You really need to concentrate this year!Sit next to Hermione tomorrow, that way if you talk, it’ll be about maths, notfootball!”A very loud bell stopped the conversation.“Right children, HOMETIME! Don’t forget your homework!” Then she turnedback to Demi. Demi could not hear properly because of the noise outside in thecloakroom. She just about made out the words “Be…you…in…peril.” but Demidid not think anything of it.When Demi got out of the classroom, she found out that her friends werewaiting for her.“Come on Demi. Do you want to play dares in the park?” her friend Ruthasked. Grace and Amy both said “YES! Come on…” at the same time. Ruth thenmumbled “Ok…” but it was to take her mind of what she had just heard. Ruthheard everything that their teacher had said but Ruth thought it wasimpossible. Was it important or impossible? Surely not…Demi pulled her heavy ruck-sack down from her locker by its strap. Sherummaged around in it and two minutes later she pulled out her phone. Shechecked the time, it was half past three. Her mum would have expected herhome by then. She text her mum saying: Mum, can I please go to the park with Ruth, Grace and Amy?She clicked send and hoped for the best. Another two minutes later, shenoticed a message. Was it from her mother? It didn’t sound like it. It said:
  23. 23. Remember what you have just heard! Stick to it. Otherwise, the consequences could be fatal! But yes…Demi did a quick beckoning look to her friends. They came over and read it.Demi thought Ruth looked scared the most but none of the others looked thatworried.Demi and the others walked to the park, Ruth glancing backwards every nowand then. They found a soft spot on the grass and sat down.About 1 hour later, Amy dared Demi to go into the cave across the road. Theyall got out their school torches and walked over to the cave. They walked on and Amy spotted blackness ahead through the glass gap in theiron door. Ruth went back so she was safe.They went through the door andbefore they could shut it, it had slammed. They walked on, wondering if therewas a way out. Behind them they heard footsteps running towards them,belonging to a dark shadowy figure. The footsteps outside faded away but thenthey heard a voice saying, “Did you not read what the text said?” Grace andAmy looked round for the voice but did not find where it came from.A pearly white figure came into view and Demi gasped in horror for what wasin front of her was a ghost belonging to her mother. 15 years later…Demi was still trapped in one room with the stench of 2 rotting bodies, thebodies belonged to Grace and Amy who had died almost instantly when theyhad seen Demi’s ghostly mother. Demi had no-one for company apart from hermother once a month.
  24. 24. The eyes of the night By Adam“Hey pass it to me, pass it to me!” screamed Sam. Jake wasdetermined to score, so with a fierce shot, the ball blastedlike a bullet past the keeper.“I’ll get the b…?” Sam stopped mid-sentence as he realizedwhere the ball had landed.The ball had landed in a small dark garden. It was covered bya sinister shadow being cast by a large wooden buildingsomewhat like a haunted house. They climbed over the fenceto get the ball.“Let’s look inside!” suggested Jake as he picked up the ball.“I’m not so sure we should be wandering around randompeople’s houses,” answered a worried Sam.“Chicken,” replied Jake. He knocked on the door. There wasno reply. Just as they were about to give up the door openedwith a slight creak…Cautiously, they crept inside. The door slammed shut behindthem with a BANG which echoed through the air. Suddenly,there was silence. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bothboys looked up. The noise was coming from upstairs. Quiet asmice, they tip-toed upstairs. The floorboards creaking withevery step. Once they reached the top it was pitch black.
  25. 25. Without warning, there was a flash of light. Two red eyesglowed brightly in the darkness. They glared at Jake and Sam.Suddenly it started to move. Getting bigger and bigger andcloser and closer. And then, they strangely vanished into thinair. The boys were confused. In the distance, Sam could makeout writing. He nudged Jake to get his attention.They both stared at it. It was written in thick, blood red ink. Itread REDRUM WON. ”What’s that supposed to mean” askeda puzzled Jake. They continued onwards. As they werewalking though the blackness they could hear faint footsteps.It gradually got louder.
  26. 26. THE GIRL IN A DOLL By Shona“Honor, I dare you to act like a monkey.” Shona laughed and thenHonor was acting like a monkey. “Oohh ohh ahh ahhh oohh ohh ahhahh,” said Honor. “Okay, now my turn. I dare you to um…… run asfast as a cheetah in to that old crooked toy shop and stay in there for1 minute and run back as fast as you can but it has to be the one withthe doll’s house in it.” And then Shona replied, “No it is too hot andsunny to be inside.” And then Honor shouted, “Come on, don’t besuch a chicken!” So then Shona mumbled, “Even though the doll’shouse is creepy I’ll do it!”“Yes! Because I was just about to double dare you.”Shona crept closer and closer to the door…was she sure she wasmaking the right decision? 10 seconds later…BOOM!!! She was inand the door slammed shut! All of a sudden a devil popped up.“Hello,” it said. “Let me guess, you’re a devil?” questioned Shona.“AHHHHH!!!”“Why are you waving a big wand at me?” asked Shona.The devil replied, “I will now turn you into …a…um…a pizza? Nah.What about a book? Nah. Aha. How about a diddy doll… Yes, you willbe turned into a diddy doll.”The devil said, “Abracadabra turn a girl into a doll.” Shona’s lastwords were, “HELP ME HONOR!!!” But it was too late. Shona hadbeen turned into a small doll.
  27. 27. The old part of town. By Daisy and IzzyLottie was just walking down a small empty street inthe old a part of town. She was looking after hertoddler brother Tommy. “Come on Tommy teasnearly ready’’She looked behind her. He was nowhere in sight shefelt sick with worry. Where could he be?Suddenly she heard a bell sound. It was a from anold rundown gift shop. As she approached the shopdoor she peered at the sign. The lettering had fadedas the shop got older and older. Dust blinded heras it shot out the door.As the dust settled she heard crying. She lookedaround the room. She saw a poster. Lottie read itout loud she said “red rum won’’She didn’t know what it meant but she had heard ofit before. The cupboard started to wobble it fell onher. She managed to escape but the end of herdress got caught. She heard footsteps. She looked
  28. 28. up. A strange shadow ran across the area to thestaff only room. The crying got louder.She tugged and tugged at her dress. Eventually itcame free. Lottie ran to the staff room. She tried toopen the door but it was locked. She kicked thedoor and turned around. Then the door openedslowly. In the darkness she saw her brother sittingon a small red chair at the large room. He had armsfolded and a pouty look on his face. Lottie rantowards him and went to hug him. But when the tipof her pale finger touched Tommy It scolded her.She took her hand away and gave it a good shake.His skin started to melt like butter on toast. It wasdripping off the chair onto the cold floor woodenfloor. As quick as a flash she dashed out of theshop back home.“Mum Mum” exclaimed Lottie “what is it” said mumTommy went missing and and and” “what do youmean he’s at the table having tea”. She looked at thetable. Tommy was there. He had a pouty look on hisface. From that day on she dared to go near thatpart of town again.
  29. 29. The old toy shop By Matthew“Fetch!” shouted Jimmy. Joey zoomed off but for somereason, left the stick. Jimmy started to worry where Joey wasso he ran up and saw a big pile of sticks. Next to them Jimmysaw dog tracks heading to the road…“No!” shouted Jimmy. Joey on the other side of the road butalmost got hit by a truck, Joey ran into an old toy shopbecause he could see a dog toy. Jimmy went in and saw Joeyplaying with the dog toy. Everything in the shop was old anddusty except for a small brown wooden horse. There was asign above saying Redrum won. “What should I do?”wondered Jimmy, “should I take the horse or leave it?”Jimmy decided to take the horse but then suddenly he couldhear something moving behind him. Firstly he just ignored it,but then he looked around and when he looked back the toyswhere moving closer, closer and closer and before he knewit, he was on the floor and the last thing that he saw was thesign that said: Redrum won but it now said: NOWMURDER!!!!
  30. 30. The woods…by Dom“Remember Jake don’t walk Buster in the woods,” said mymum.“Why not?” I answered back.“Bec-“I didn’t stay to hear the answer. I had already started to walkonwards. As I saw the opening of the woods I shivered in thesnow. I noticed a sign that I couldn’t really read because itwas faded but I could recognise some letters and they spelt:MONDRE SCEME DOM’L CROSS! What did that mean? As Itrudged on, still trying to work out what the sign meant, Ididn’t notice how far I had gone. Suddenly I saw somethingpop up from behind a tree and vanish again.I heard some footsteps behind me and looked over myshoulder. I could see a tall slender man with black eyes, astitched up mouth and blood stained dungarees. My heartwas thumping and my brow was wet. I ran with Buster and atthat moment the sign made sense. It meant MURDER SCENEDON’T CROSS!I saw Buster run full pelt into the dark part of the woods so Ifollowed thinking that I could lose this maniac that waschasing me. I ran down a hill thinking that he would lose sight
  31. 31. of me, I jumped into a bush and then hid behind a giant oaktree. The murderer slowed down to a walking pace and Icould see the sunlight reflect off his cleanly shaven head.He sped up again when he heard a dog bark. That must havebeen Buster. When I had lost sight of him my breath cameback. I felt tired and giddy but I just shuffled my way back. Ithen realised I had gone even further into the woods insteadof going out of them.I saw a shadow creeping up behind me so I ran for my lifeagain and I dived into what seemed to be a fox hole but I wassoon proved wrong. It was a muddy tunnel and as I crawledforward the tunnel widened and the stench of rotten fleshgrew stronger. I saw Buster DEAD!I wept and wept. The tunnel seemed to squeeze me like abear. Shadows took me from behind and I squeezed my eyesshut. I got dragged away into the darkness all because I didn’tlisten…
  32. 32. Tom and the terror! By AidanOne winter’s night Tom woke to wind rushing round his room. The cold windformed into a ghostly figure. Tom shrank back as the ghost screamed.” Do notenter the house on the hill. Do not release it!” Then all went quiet and hefaded back to sleep. Tom woke from his sleep. That was a strange dream hethought. He whispered to himself. Or was it real?That morning as he went for a walk he walked past the house on the hill. Hethought he saw someone in the house on the hill so he started the trudge tothe house. As he walked to the door it swung open. That was strange hethought to himself.Just as he stepped inside the door slammed shut and a suit of armour fell overblocking his exit, so he carried on. He crept into a huge hall and a bar of steelfell down in the door ways.As he pulled with all his might on the bars the ghost appeared.” It’s all overTom run all you like you will never escape it!!” The ghost boomed. Tom ran asfast as he could.The floor behind him was being ripped down.” JOIN US JOIN US!!!” The ghostscreamed. The floor beneath him suddenly fell in and he fell in to a fiery abyssnever to be seen again. But even to this day they say you can sometimes hear asudden snap and the terrified screams of poor old Tom.
  33. 33. Fred By George Harrison“Fred dead?” The dark alley was filled with posters looming over like hauntingshadows. Newspapers with pictures of the droned boy littered the cobbledpavement. Dark windows followed the man up the alley. He was not convincedhis son was dead.5 minutes later he was standing on the edge of lake. The black water lappedagainst the cold banks. SPLASH! He was in .the cold water suddenly embracedhim. He could hold his breath for minutes. Was it long enough? He dived down.The bottom of the lake was sandy and he could hardly see. Where was the body?OWCH! He stubbed his toe on something. Peering through the murk he could seea trapdoor. He opened it and went inside…The water level in the room dropped after the trapdoor had shut. He lookedaround him. The room wasn’t acutely a room it was a long corridor with dull greybars on the right hand side. “This is where my son is,” he said aloud.There was something in one of the cells. Cautiously he crept forward. Slowly,slowly the truth was uncovered. Rotten flesh was hanging off bones. Suddenly afigure appeared. “My son,” Fred’s dad cried.“Redrum,” he replied“What,”“Redrum,” he said againThe water level rose. He ran to the trapdoor but the water was rising too quickly.Now he realised what redrum meant. It spelt backwardsHe died a miserable death.
  34. 34. Trapped in black By Rebecca“Lara will you bring the clean washing into the cottage please?” Lara’s mother shouted.“Ok mum” Lara answered.After bringing the washing in, Lara peered through the kitchen window and watched thedelicate trees, that had big bushy leaves, sway from side to side in the gentle summer’sbreeze. But then she spotted a black moon…The sun was glazing through the window. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it became pitchblack.“What’s going on?” Lara whispered.“I don’t know” exclaimed Lara’s mum.Lara stumbled to the draw and grabbed a torch.“What are you doing?” Lara’s mum asked.“I am gonna find out what’s going on” Lara declared.She flicked the torched on and slowly tip toed outside.As Lara carefully tip toed through the forest, she remembered the black moon. “What didthat mean?” she thought.There was silence. Then a voice. Lara turned back but nothing was there. As quite as amouse Lara moved on. A few minutes later, Lara felt that something or someone wasfollowing her. She felt as though the trees were ganging up on her…Suddenly, Lara saw a distant figure following her. She ran like the wind jumping over all theobstacles but the figure was faster! It kept getting closer and closer and closer. Till suddenlyit was nearly on Lara’s back. Lara lost her focus and tripped over a log. She landed in a deephole that was covered up by leaves. In the 10 foot hole was a sign that had a black moonand it red … TRAPPED!Finally she knew what it meant but was left there to die there and never seen again.