Staffordshire Surge vs Lincolnshire Bobers


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Gameday Magazine for the Staffordshire Surge American football team.

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Staffordshire Surge vs Lincolnshire Bobers

  1. 1. Staffordshire Surge vs Lincolnshire Bombers GameDay 7 Welcome to our first ever gameday magazine for the Staffordshire Surge American Football Team. What we aim to do with this publication is to bring you a look inside the Staffordshire Surge team with interviews with the players and supporters, bring you game reports from previous games and to expand the Surge Family. We hope you enjoy this publication but more importantly if you are at the game we hope you enjoy your day with us and that you will be back on the 28th of July for our game against the Manchester Titans.
  2. 2. Notes from the Editor By Shaun Rogers Hello and welcome to our first gameday magazine that we are going to produce for the Staffordshire Surge. I got into the game of American Football about 4 years ago and I now love the game, when I found out we had a team playing in our area I went along and watched a game and now I have game day’s marked down on my calendar, both home and away games. So if you like this publication please pass it on to any of your friends that enjoy the game of American Football and bring them down for a game one Sunday afternoon, I promise you won’t regret it. I hope you enjoy reading our gameday magazine and that we have perhaps made you more aware of the Surge and have helped you get the bug to return for our next home game and hopefully return for more games next season. Notes from the Coach By John Farmiloe Welcome to our fourth home game of the season when today we will be playing the Lincoln Bombers. The club have made great strides so far this season with many new players who are getting better every game. We have been competing against good teams as the standard of our league continues to improve and today we will be aiming to beat the Bombers for our second win of the season. The Surge have beaten the Bombers twice in their previous three fixtures. Last year the Bombers were one of the surprises of the season as they won four games, including beating the Surge at home. One of the reasons for their improved form was the play of their quarterback Martin Day, whose size and strong arm will prove a challenge for the Surge defence today. We hope you enjoy today’s game and come and support us at our next home game on 28th July. Head Coach John Farmiloe
  3. 3. Game Report Manchester Titans 38 vs 12 Staffordshire Surge Sunday 9th June 2013 Match Report Courtesy of Manchester Titans Website. After the first back to back losses since 2011, the Manchester Titans, sponsored by Manchester Printers, looked to get back on track with a home game against the Staffordshire Surge. The Titans won the toss and elected to receive on a warm & sunny afternoon at Salford City Stadium. Manchester relied upon the running of RB Nick Copley to go 60 yards in 5 plays to open the scoring through Copley’s 2 yard TD run. The extra point attempt was missed leaving the score 6-0. Staffordshire’s offense then received the ball and through the passing of veteran QB Richard Large starting driving down the field until on 3rd & 15, #26 Ryan Newton knocked down a pass which forced a punt. The Titans went 3 & out on their next possession but on the Surge’s ensuing drive, #63 Andy Burridge forced a fumble that #98 Erivaldo Guimaraes recovered on Staffordshire’s 11 yard line. 2 plays later, Copley had his 2nd touchdown of the game. The XP was again missed making the score 12-0. Things went from bad to worse for Staffs on the following kickoff as #28 Matt Brown forced a fumble which #36 Jonathan Gago recovered. Manchester went 35 yards in 4 plays for Copley to get his hat-trick from 21 yards out. Ric Pennington kicked the XP and the Titans had a 19-0 lead at the end of the 1st Quarter. Manchester’s defence forced another Surge punt and the Titans offence was rolling again with WR Danny Caballero catching his 3rd pass of the 1st half to move the ball to the Surge 15 yard line. From there QB Alan Mead hit WR Matt Borthwick with a TD pass with Pennington adding the extra point. 26-0 to Manchester. Staffordshire answered with a good 11 play drive that ultimately fell short when 4th & 12 pass fell incomplete on the Titans 30 yard line. From there, Copley ran 12 yards, Caballero caught a 20 yard pass and after a false start penalty pushed them back 5 yards, Copley ran for another 22 to the Staffs 11 yard line. RB Ross Profit came in for Copley and scored on the next play. The XP failed leaving the score 32-0.
  4. 4. Large had the Surge driving again though and with under a minute to go had got into Manchester territory when #9 John Oxley stepped in front of a pass and sprinted down the sideline ending for the endzone where he was just push out of bounds inside the Staffordshire 10 yard line. Mead immediately looked for TE Jon Homer but the deflected pass was intercepted in the endzone and the Surge ran out the clock to end the 1st half. Staffordshire switched QBs at half-time with the more mobile Moses Ogundeji taking over. He drove his team the length of the field before he kept the ball for a 16 yard TD run. The extra point was no good making the scoreline 32-6. On the Titans next possession, Profit came up short on a 4th & 1 and Manchester turned the ball over on downs. Again Ogundeji drove the Surge offence on a 9 play drive before Ryan Newton picked him off. However with Mead misfiring, the Titans offence went 3 & out as did Staffs on their next possession. On Manchester’s ensuing possession, the Surge pass rush finally got to Mead and sacked him, forcing a fumble. They drove down the short field to score their 2nd TD at the end of the 3rd quarter to make the score 32-12. 3 straight incomplete passes forced another Titans punt but a big sack by Guimaraes on 3rd & 14 forced the Surge to punt. However, 3 plays only resulted in 9 yards for Manchester so they brought on Pennington to punt on 4th & 1, but Staffordshire committed a Roughing the Punter penalty giving the Titans a first down and they took full advantage. Copley scampered 32 yards before Mead found rookie WR James Newnes behind the Surge defence for a 21 yard TD. The XP was no good but the Titans had a 38-12 lead with very little time left in the game. On the final play, #90 Mike Ripley put a big hit on the Surge WR to end the game.
  5. 5. Match Action Shots vs Manchester Titans Pictures courtesy of Gary Longstaff.
  6. 6. New to the Game.. Surge are here to Help !!Surge are here to Help !!Surge are here to Help !!Surge are here to Help !! We don’t want you sitting there on the sidelines today thinking what is going on, why do they keep stopping play ?, why are they all kneeling down ?, how many points do they get for that kick ?, why are they cheering him running into the large area at the end ? Yes these are all comments I have overheard in my time watching the Surge so lets hope we can help you out. In this issue we are going to look at how the Surge will line up on the pitch and the basics of the game. Positions Offence QB - Quarterback RB - Running Back HB - Half Back FB - Full Back TE - Tight End WR - Wide Receiver OL - Offensive Linesman C - Centre Defence DL - Defensive Lineman LB - Line Backer DB - Defensive Back
  7. 7. Scoring Touchdown (six points) A touchdown is scored when a team crosses the opposition's goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone. Field goal (three points) These are usually attempted on fourth down if the kicker is close enough to the end zone to kick the ball through the posts better known as the uprights. Extra point (one or two points) A point is earned by kicking the ball through the uprights after a touchdown (similar to a rugby conversion). Two points are earned by taking the ball into the end zone again. Safety (two points) Awarded to the defensive team when a member of the offensive team is tackled with the ball in his own end zone. Essentials 11 players from each team on field. There are Four 15min quarters. Three time-outs per half for each team. 12min half-time (Just enough time to get a beer from the bar!) Downs Downs are the most fundamental, and confusing, part of the American Football rulebook. The attacking team, or offence, needs to move the ball forward in chunks of at least 10 yards, which is why the pitch has yardage markings. They have four chances, or downs, to gain those 10 yards, when the ball has advanced that far another first down is earned, with four more chances to go a further 10 yards. If the offensive team fails to move 10 yards within four downs, possession is surrendered, although the ball is usually kicked as a Field goal attempt or is Punted by the offence down the field to the defending team on fourth down. While most scoring comes from near the defending team's end zone, a touchdown can be scored from anywhere on the field, and on any down. But if in further doubt please come and ask one of us we are here to help you enjoy the game afterall.
  8. 8. Staffs Surge Fixtures & Results 2013 Season Division 2 Central • 21/04 vs Shropshire Revolution - L 12 - 26 • 28/04 @ Crewe Railroaders - W 44 - 48 • 11/05 vs Crewe Railroaders - L 26 - 28 • 26/05 vs Leicester Falcons - L 6 - 27 • 09/06 @ Manchester Titans - L 38 - 12 • 16/06 @ Merseyside Nighthawks - L 22 - 8 • 14/07 vs Lincolnshire Bombers • 28/07 vs Manchester Titans • 18/08 @ Chester Romans • 25/08 @ Shropshire Revolution team wins losses ties pct for against Merseyside Nighthawks 6 0 0 1.000 271 44 Chester Romans 4 1 0 0.800 171 82 Manchester Titans 4 2 0 0.667 212 86 Shropshire Revolution 3 2 0 0.600 117 119 Leicester Falcons 3 2 0 0.600 87 135 Crewe Railroaders 1 4 0 0.200 135 205 Staffordshire Surge 1 5 0 0.167 112 185 Lincolnshire Bombers 0 6 0 0.000 28 277 Table correct as of 2/7/2013
  9. 9. Surge Player Interview Welcome to the first of our getting to know your Staffs Surge players every issue we will be asking one of the Squad to answer a few short questions. First up is #69 Nathan Owen Q&A Name : Nathan Owen Position : RG / DL How many years playing American Football: 4 What got you into the game: When I was about 15 a friend told me about the game, and told me to watch it on channel 5 on a Sunday night, so I did, and the rest is history. How did you hear about the Surge: I came to training session years ago when I was about 16, so I knew about them from back then, so when I joined this season I just knew about them I guess. Best game you have played in for the Surge: Crewe away, it was only my second game for the surge and the first we lost against the Rev, so I was unsure really about the league and about the standard of play, but everyone played well in that game and it was special to break the losing streak I guess. Worst game you have played in for the Surge: Against Leicester probably, they had some big lads on their lines, so I personally had a tough game - but nothing really clicked for us so it was annoying Who is your NFL team: San Diego Chargers Who is your College Team: Ohio State Buckeyes If you are not playing American football what else do you do: playing flag with friends, practicing or playing madden, I play a bit of football and tennis as well, and I have a massive love for music. Who do you compare yourself to in American Football: I’ve always wanted to play tight end and I’m amazed by Antonio Gates, so I’ll say him... What advice would you give a Rookie joining the Surge: Just do it, this year especially we’ve had a lot of newcomers to the sport that have joined us, speaking to a few of them not one of them regret it, but also, if you don’t have one - pick up a copy of madden (it’s the best way to learn the sport).
  10. 10. Game Report Merseyside Nighthawks 22 vs 8 Staffordshire Surge Sunday 16th June 2013 Match Report Courtesy of Merseyside Nighthawks website. Staffordshire won the toss and deferred, giving the Nighthawks offence the ball to start the game. After a short kick off and return, QB Chris Lingard, with his first start for the Nighthawks, moved the ball well to begin the game, and a series of run plays, including 2 powerful runs from RB Kamara before a 3 and out gave Staffordshire the ball on their own 10 yard line. From the very next play from scrimmage, DL Tendai Trafford forced the Surge player to give up the ball, but couldn’t capitalise and the Surge recovered the ball. A 3 and out again gave the Nighthawks the ball, who then immediately went 3 and out. The Surge put together a decent looking drive, consisting of 11 plays before having to give the ball back to the Nighthawks. The 1st quarter expired and the tight game remained at 0-0. The Hawks, starting on their own 23 yard line, came out in the 2nd quarter and began to press the Surge. After a series of run plays, mainly using Kamara and Lingard’s pace, the Nighthawks pounded the ball in from 7 yards. Kamara lowered his shoulders and ran into the end zone untouched to give the Hawks the lead. Melling’s XP was blocked and the score remained at 6-0. The remainder of the 2nd quarter would lead to a couple of exchanges in the ball, with both teams punting after 3 and outs. Staffordshire were putting together a very nice looking drive, but stalled at the Nighthawks 7 yard line as time expired. Half time came quickly and the Hawks were in the lead, but by no means looking out of sight just yet. The Surge came out in the 3rd quarter looking to put some points on Merseyside, but after a quick 3 and out, combined with a few penalties, Staffordshire gave the ball back to Merseyside and the Hawks quickly capitalised. After a number of runs, mainly by RB Carl Rugen Jr and a couple of pass plays, LB Melling came out to kick the field goal to put the Hawks up by 2 scores, 9-0. The Staffordshire Surge came out and tried to move the ball quickly, which resulted in a near immediate turnover. Joe Leyland stepped in for the pick and returned it to the Surge 42 yard line. After a quick gain of 12 on the 1st play by WR Joe Black, QB Chris Lingard showed he was more than capable of filling in the Nighthawks by showing his speed and agility to run the ball into the corner for another Nighthawks TD. Melling added the XP and the score was 16-0, with the Hawks D looking good again. After another quick set of exchanged punts, Melling came on and added another field goal, this one from 35 yards, to move the Hawks up to 19-0. However, on the very next series, the Hawks defence would stutter, allowing the Staffordshire QB to run up the sidelines for a 75 yard TD. Coach Pennington was understandably dismayed and, after the Surge added a 2 point conversion, the Nighthawks suddenly looked shaky at 19-8. This would look even more precarious on the very next play, as RB Andrew Smith fumbled the ball on the Nighthawks 40 yard line. Smith’s blushes were to be saved
  11. 11. by the defence, as the Hawks stood strong and a sack by rookie LB Mark Cross would see the ball turned over on downs, at the Surge 43. The Nighthawks proceeded to run the clock down and added a further Melling field goal just before time expired, this time from 34 yards. The clock expired on the very next play and the Nighthawks moved to 5-0 with a tough 22-8 victory. Offensively, QB Chris Lingard showed that he could match what the Nighthawks other QB, Adrian Hodgers, could do on the ground, scooting for 181 yards on the day on just 11 carries. Both RBs Kamara and Rugen Jr ground out some tough yards on 17 carries between them with WRs Barker and Black with 5 catches between them. Defensively, the stand outs were captain LB Mark Houghton adding 6 tackles and a sack to his stats for the year and DL Trafford continuing where he left off in the last game with 5 individual tackles. LB Melling also added 2 sacks for a loss of a total of 18 yards. MVPs for the game were DL Greg Williams and QB Chris Lingard.
  12. 12. Todays opponents at Surge Field are the (0-6) Lincolnshire Bombers, Wayupna takes a look at there Season so far and speaks with a few of there players. Last time out the Bombers were beaten by the Nighthawks 52-0 in a game which will no doubt have made them even hungrier for a W in today’s game against the Surge. So far this season the ‘W’ has been hard to find for the Bombers if not for the want of trying mind, but they seem to have a good young side which with more time and patience will prosper over the next few coming seasons. Lincolnshire Bombers 2013 Fixtures & Results • 14/04 @ Shropshire Revolution - L 40 - 22 • 21/04 @ Manchester Titans - L 54 - 0 • 28/04 vs Chester Romans - L 0 - 40 • 26/05 vs Merseyside Nighthawks - L 0 - 65 • 15/06 vs Leicester Falcons - L 6 - 26 • 30/06 vs Merseyside Nighthawks - L 0 - 52 • 14/07 @ Staffordshire Surge • 10/08 @ Chester Romans • 25/08 vs Crewe Railroaders • 01/09 @ Leicester Falcons
  13. 13. Lincolnshire Bombers 2013 RosterLincolnshire Bombers 2013 RosterLincolnshire Bombers 2013 RosterLincolnshire Bombers 2013 Roster # Name Position Scott Ashton OL Adam Bailey OL Chris Blood TE Oliver Burgess DB Iain Bushell QB Adam Collins DL Mark Crean-Allen RB Ryan Croft DL Andy Davies DL Martin Day QB Craig Devonport WR Adam Dinsdale -- Rob Farr DB Chris Fowler OL Jack Genney RB Ed Greenfield DB Warwick Grosvenor LB Leon Hardy LB Scott Harrington LB Michael Henderson DB Adam Hennessy WR Dan Herrick DB Keiran Hutchinson OL Tom Hutchinson DB Neil Jefferson DL Kenton Jones OL Jack Longstaff DB Tony Marflitt OL Ed McGreal OL Deivydas Merkelis WR Peter Mosley DB Mark Noteman OL Tom Pick OL Matt Redfearn OL Lee Rodgers RB Ben Smith -- Robert Ward DL Lloyd Watson WR Ross Wheatley OL Ben Willis RB James Young -- Roster taken from the Lincolnshire Bombers Website.
  14. 14. Lincolnshire Bombers players, RB Jack Genney, QB Martin Day, Center Edd McGreal, DB Tom Hutchinson & LB Deivydas Merkelsi give us there views on the season and what they hope the future holds for Lincolnshire Bombers beyond this season in an Away team Q & A. Name : Jack Genney Position : Slotback/Running back Squad No : #4 How many years playing American Football : Rookie year What got you into the game : Personal desire Best game you have played in for the Bombers : vs Leicester Falcons 2 weeks ago. Although we lost showed a tremendous amount of heart to play the full game at 100% intensity with less then 25 players. Who is your NFL team : Oakland Raiders Who is your College Team : Oregon Ducks Who would you compare yourself to in American Football : Darren Sproles How do you feel the teams season has gone : we've took some heavy defeats, which is never good, but we learn from each loss and we always stride to come back stronger, no matter the score line or the team were playing the bomber show 100% commitment throughout and that for me is the best part of this season. It's brotherhood. What do you hope to see change for next season : increased number of players with in our squad. Best place you have played : Manchester What player should we keep an eye out for : Tom Hutchinson #14. A great defensive leader. Fantastic technique and never shows lack of effort. Name: Martin Day Position: QB No: #2 Years playing: 3 What got you into the game: Was a fan of the NFL, then started playing when I went to university Best game: 2011-12 last game of the season at DC presidents! I threw 4 TD's and rushed for 1. Loved playing at such a quality venue NFL team: Atlanta Falcons College team: Clemson Tigers Who would you compare yourself to in American football: Ben roethlisberger, solely in terms of his size, absolutely no comparison to his ability Season so far: this seasons results haven't reflected what we had aimed for in the offseason.
  15. 15. However with a number of ongoing changes and a vastly rookie team, there have been a number of positives in terms of perseverance and continued effort. Next season: Continue to grow, rebuild and recruit. Best place: DC Presidents ground, great atmosphere, facilities and pitch Player to keep an eye out for: Liam Stephenson LB, very inexperienced yet has been a stand out in recent games Name : Edd McGreal Position : Offensive Line – Center Squad No : 66 How many years playing American Football : Competing in my 6th season What got you into the game : Have watched NFL and played the Madden games for a number of years, then when I got to University in Lincoln I thought I couldn’t possibly pass on the chance of having a go at such an amazing an exhilarating sport. As it turns out, it was even better than I could have imagined and I haven’t looked back since. Plus, I have a natural talent for it. Best game you have played in for the Bombers : My favourite match for the Bombers has been without doubt DC Presidents away 2012 season. Everything about the match was second to none. The Presidents have an incredible set up, and when walking out the tunnel to roaring music into the stadium, with commentators on the tannoy gave an amazing gameday experience, which I have failed to witness since. And being the last game of the season meant that the boys were in high spirits and everyone gave their all out on the field with no one holding anything back, and taking home the W was an added bonus too. Who is your NFL team : Baltimore Ravens Who is your College Team : I’m not an avid follower of College ball, however, the story of Tom Wort did draw me towards the Oklahoma Sooners and I enjoyed following their progress. So I would say the Sooners. Who would you compare yourself to in American Football : Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) – Obviously not in playing styles, however, I feel we both have a similar personality. I am very much a joker, and struggle to take things too seriously most of the time. You will often find me joking around and having a laugh during training. I am very much the same on gameday. How many other footballers do you know that will happily have S Club 7 blasting through the speakers in the changing room? However, once it comes to kickoff this is well and truly put to one side, and the game head is put on. How do you feel the teams season has gone : Unfortunately, this season hasn’t been the best results wise thus far. After a good season for the Bomber last year, it has been a bitter pill to swallow. However, when you look at the facts, we have had a fairly high turnover of players between the off-season, meaning we have a large rookie dominance within the team whom currently lack experience. This does however, lead to a more promising season next year, with a larger number of players that have gained experience hopefully leading to a winning season. What do you hope to see change for next season : The W’s. Next season I hope to see more wins across the board. I know a lot of players care more for having fun, which is obviously important. But, we play a competitive sport anyone who believes that winning isn’t the most important part of playing football is in my mind very naive, I play to win!
  16. 16. Best place you have played : My favourite ground has to be DC Presidents. Like I’ve previously said they have a fantastic set up and it would be a dream to play there week in week out. It almost made me feel like I was a true NFL star. So, up until I get signed up by the Patriots, DC will remain my favourite place to play. What player should we keep an eye out for : Liam Stephenson – Liam is a rookie linebacker, and has only been playing American footballer for a matter of weeks. However, watching him you would not think it. Liam has had a very important and difficult role, after losing two middle linebackers to injury, he has had some very big shoes to step into, but he has done a very good job of it. Look out for forced fumbles, interceptions and plenty of tackles. Name : Tom Hutchinson Position : Defensive Back Squad No : 14 How many years playing American Football : 5 What got you into the game : Randomly watching NFL games late at night during Sixth Form Best game you have played in for the Bombers : vs Crewe Railroaders at Staffordshire last year. Playing both O and D and scoring 4 touchdowns. Who is your NFL team :Dallas Cowboys Who is your College Team : Stanford Cardinals Who would you compare yourself to in American Football : Charles Tillman How do you feel the teams season has gone : The team has had a tumultuous season behind the scenes which has led to our results but currently has a core of die hard players that I can see having a bright future. What do you hope to see change for next season : Improvements in recruitment that translate into wins Best place you have played : DC Presidents ground What player should we keep an eye out for : Jack Genney- Electric if he gets the slightest amount of space.
  17. 17. Name : Deivydas Merkelis Position : Outside Linebacker Squad No : #44 How many years playing American Football : 2nd year What got you into the game : I was on a driving lesson and happen to drive past Lincolnshire Bombers training grounds while the team was having a practice. Best game you have played in for the Bombers : First game against Crewe Railroaders last year. With the score being a little closer than we would of liked just before half time, I picked the QB with a pick six from their 35 yard line. Who is your NFL team : Baltimore Ravens Who is your College Team : Oregon Ducks Who would you compare yourself to in American Football : Clay Matthews. This guy is the reason why I play the position I do and the love behind the art of rushing and blitzing the QB. How do you feel the teams season has gone : So far, our team has performed well. It is disappointing that things aren't clicking together as of yet but this is just the motivation we need to get better. What do you hope to see change for next season : I hope that in the near future we will be successful at recruiting a few more faces and increase the squad size to stay more competitive. Best place you have played : DC Presidents Home ground What player should we keep an eye out for : #4 Jack Genny. True team player, brings great effort every game. Is a solid player at his position even though he's still a Rookie.
  18. 18. Getting Involved with the Surge and the game of American Football If you wish to join our American Football team as a player or coach well we are always looking for new recruits. Simply contact us via our website or on our social network pages on both Facebook and Twitter, and we can provide you with details on how to get involved. We are also looking for new supporters to join our fan base, have you ever watched the NFL on TV and thought it was good, well there is nothing like getting to a Surge game on gameday, we need more fans to support the team and also to help out on gameday’s if you feel you have something to offer the Surge then we welcome you to join us. To find out more about the game of American Football in the UK visit
  19. 19. Surge Player Interview Next on the clock for the player interview is #2 LB Stuart Beech. Name : Stuart Beech Position : player/coach D/C How many years playing American Football: I have been playing on / off since 1987 and have played in about 20 seasons for 4 teams. What got you into the game: it was massive back in the 80's when it was first show on C4 . We played it in the play ground at school ,then I started up with the Crewe youth team (Crewe's missiles , cool name). How did you hear about the Surge: I was looking for a team to play for when the team I was player for (south Cheshire refugees ) folded after the 1993 season. Stoke spitfires had folded the year before but wanted to start playing again. So the 2 teams joined forces 1994 and that was the start of the surge. Best game you have played in for the Surge: best game - colwyn bay ,away 1994 . May not have been the best game I've played,but I is the most memorable. Worst game you have played in for the Surge: worst game - Lincolnshire bombers ,home 2012. We went in to the game thinking we where going to hammer them but ended up getting our butts kick all over the place. The hole team played awful that day from start to finish. I was Embarrassed to have played and coached in that game and was by far the lowest point in all the years I've played. Who is your NFL team: Oakland Raiders!!! Who is your College Team: don't really follow any college team, I prefer to follow players instead. I.e this season I'm looking forward to watching player like -teddy bridgewater , Johnny 'football ' manzel and Javon clowney. If you are not playing American football what else do you do: soccer ,gym and go out for the odd drink or 2 Who do you compare yourself to in American Football: thats a hard one to answer , maybe Wayne Chrabet. What advice would you give a Rookie joining the Surge: if you want to be a good player at this or any other sport. You have to put the effort in off the pitch ,in your own time just as much as you do when your on the field
  20. 20. 2013 Playing Roster2013 Playing Roster2013 Playing Roster2013 Playing Roster #1- Jordan Rice TE #2- Stuart Beech Coach/LB #3- Dan Hook RB #4- Rickardo Telfer LB #7- Steve Ward QB/TE #8- Anthony Charles WR #15- Ryan Ried RB #16- Richard Large QB #18- Ashley Barnish DB #19- Moses Ogundeli QB/WR #22- Stephen Bradshaw DL #23- Taffat Jama DB #24- Ryan Adams DB/K/P #25- Jason Pearce DL #26- Lee Wainwright RB #29- Matt M'Cree DB #30- Mark Finney Coach/LB #32- Glyn Simpson DB #39- Ben Johnson DB #40- Jake Beever DB #41- Lawrence Thomason LB #42- Lewis Wilkie DB #44- Kerion Greensmith RB #51- Chad Smith LB #52- Mike Cook LB #55- Paul Gratton OL #56- Ben Carpenter OL
  21. 21. #58- Nathan George DL #60- Dale Jones DL #61- Nick Ansell OL #63- Mark Walter OL/Coach #64- Philip Rodger OL #67- Neil Moore OL #69- Nathan Owen OL/DL #70- Joe Walters OL #72- Matthew Doughty OL #75- Gerrard Grimshaw OL #77- Philip Wright DL #79- Sam Bradley OL #80- Carl Martin TE #81- Rob Quimby WR #82- Lewis Bayley TE #83- John Horobin WR #85- Giles Thurgood WR #86- Dan James WR #87- Quentin Andre TE #88- Alex Beaumont Dark TE #96- Shaun Allen DL #97- Ben Melbon DL #98- Andrew Roberts DL Steven Higgins DB David Minshall WR Sam Podmore WR Ashley Phlilips WR Rory Sanderson DL Philip Slater OL Conor Smith DB John Wood DB Stephen Hindmarsh - Offensive Co-ordinator John Farmiloe - Head Coach
  22. 22. Two of the Surge players give us the low down on there team mates. Nathan Owen gives us his verdict on his Team mates. Who is the Slowest on the Roster: Well no doubt it’s us guards, so me or Joe Walters probably... Who is the quickest on the Roster: Moses or Ryan Who is the longest in the changing rooms: Phil Rodger Who is the biggest moaner: Sam Bradley... Who is the most Clever in the squad: There’s actually quite a few sharp boys on the squad so I wouldn’t want to single anyone out... Stuart Beech gives us his verdict on his Team mates. Who is the Slowest on the Roster: Paul Gratton (morph) #55 Who is the quickest on the Roster: Easy , Moses #19 or me (15years ago) Who is the longest in the changing rooms: Phil Rodgers #64 ,takes him ages to put all that tape on and off Who is the biggest moaner : John Farmiloe Who can drink the most on the roster : very easy - Richard Large #16 Who is the last to get a round in : Can't think of any one who has ducked out of a round with me Who is the Cleverest in the squad : Either mark Finney #30 or Matt McCree #29 . At a push I would say Mark ,as Matt has done a better job of hiding his Intelligence .
  23. 23. Up Next At Surge Field Sunday 28/07/2013 VS Staffs Surge vs Manchester Titans Sunday 28th July 14:30pm KO If you wish to contact us for any reason please email us on you can also tweet us @staffssurge or find us on Facebook. Look out for our next Gameday magazine and if you would like something adding please contact us. Edited by : Shaun “wayupna” Rogers