Philz Coffee Social Media Strategy (Final Project)


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This is the slide deck for our group's final presentation for Michael Brito's Social Business Course.

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Philz Coffee Social Media Strategy (Final Project)

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy
  2. 2. Our mission is to increase brand awareness, enhance the brand experience, andamplify the share of voice ofPhilz Coffee in the Bay Area
  3. 3. Goals & Objectives
  4. 4. to increase the volume of share of voice 25% by the end of the fiscal year
  5. 5. To increase brand awareness by 65% by the end of the quarter.
  6. 6. To unify the Philz Coffee brand presence by the end of the quarter
  7. 7. Strategies
  8. 8. Utilize employees to amplify brand experience
  9. 9. Utilize community engagement platforms to increase brand awareness
  10. 10. Apply the Hub-and-Spoke organizational model to the PhilzCoffee brand
  11. 11. Engage with influencers and advocates to promote the brand
  12. 12. Tactics
  13. 13. employees will participate in social media by adding music to thePhilz Coffee Spotify playlist
  14. 14. Utilze platforms such as Fancorps and Instagram to encourage communityinvolvement and amiplify the brand experience
  15. 15. Designate a social media team under a social media policy
  16. 16. Find and engage with online influencers and the communites they operate in by using social listening software
  17. 17. Create social media policies toaddress employee behavior when engaging online
  18. 18. Train employees on how to blog,use Twitter, and be conversationalwhen interacting in the community
  19. 19. Practice basic communitymanagement to monitor content and facilitate conversations
  20. 20. Social Media Response Process Assess Assess IS THE S OC IAL M EDIA Venting Customer P OST P OS ITIVE OR Collaborative Customer Uses social media to make Uses social media platforms to complain. B ALANCE D? suggestions using @mention. A response might not be necessary. In • Add to list for future product many cases they are seeking attention launches and promotions. from their network. No Yes Evaluate Passive Customer Customer AdvocateIn need of customer support, but isnt Talks about a product actively seeking a response Uses #fail hashtag Evaluate even if he or she is ignored. • Recognize advocates • Invite to private• Contact customer directly to fix problem. communities •Ask for specific feedback. C USTO MER T YPE Used-to-Be Customer {&{ Future Customer New or current customers Respond Uses social media to express angry review of company or product. seeking advice from social networks. • Proactively reach out and offer • Engage customer directly by letting complimentary promotion. Respond them know of new products/promos DO YOU R ESPOND ?
  21. 21. Sample Content Its hump Wednesday. What Philz blend gets you through the day? #philzadayGet an iced mint mijito while itsstill hot out at your favorite Philzlocation. INSTAGRAM LINK In case you missed open mic last night, watch our exclusive video of all of the performances!
  22. 22. 18% Barefoot 45% Blue BottleShare of Voice on News, Blogs, Philz 37% and Twitter Forums,
  23. 23. Summary
  24. 24. @jprastrullo @jmaltura M e e t@cybermegan @squinte6 t h e@jaymebiancasy@waytoche@hannbears T e a m
  25. 25. Social Media Strategy
  26. 26. Social Media Strategy