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Star Wars, SEO Mistakes, And Why Nothing Is Ever Your Fault


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Remember when the death star got took down by one little design flaw? Tiny little mistakes can take down your website as well. This talk looks at how you can take precautions and keep an eye on all the things that can absolutely tank a website and the revenue it generates.

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Star Wars, SEO Mistakes, And Why Nothing Is Ever Your Fault

  1. 1. HELLO!
  2. 2. Lots Of New Faces
  3. 3. Rule 1 Of Presenting: Nobody Gives A Shit About You
  4. 4. So. FuckThe Rules
  5. 5. Name: Ian Lockwood
  6. 6. Name: Ian Lockwood Workplace:Google
  7. 7. Name: Ian Lockwood Workplace:Google YearsActive In SEO: 47
  8. 8. Specialisms:Trout Fishing
  9. 9. Specialisms:Trout Fishing Hobbies: Being A Bit Of Dick
  10. 10. Specialisms:Trout Fishing Hobbies: Being A Bit Of Dick Born:1954
  11. 11. Misteaks And Axeidents
  12. 12. Misteaks (MainlyMisteaks)
  13. 13. Oops
  14. 14. 1977
  15. 15. 1977
  16. 16. Stars Wars, SEO Mistakes, AndWhy Nothing Is Ever Your Fault
  17. 17. Rule2 In Presenting: Never Leave Your Title SlideUntil Slide Number 19
  18. 18. Rule3 In Presenting: Never Tenuously LinkPop Culture References Into EverythingYou Do
  19. 19. Right. Misteaks.Mistakes
  20. 20. 4 Kinds
  21. 21. Stupid
  22. 22. Stupid Plaindumbshit.Stickinga bananain your ear.
  23. 23. Simple
  24. 24. Simple Avoidablebut by the decisionsyou madebecame inevitable.So thismightbe somethinglikethe electricitygoingoff at a part cos you didn't put 50p in the meter
  25. 25. Involved
  26. 26. Involved Are understood but you would need to put effort into to prevent. So this could be choosing to eat shitty food for your lunch everyday - oryour business going bust because you couldn't be arsed to learn some basic accounting.
  27. 27. Complex
  28. 28. Complex These are ones that have complicated cause and are difficult to avoid. No matter what you do. This is where you have to make tough decisions they mayhave some bad results.
  29. 29. In SEO?
  30. 30. Stupid?
  31. 31. Simple?
  32. 32. Involved?
  33. 33. Complex?
  34. 34. You Can Work On These When It Is You That Makes The Mistakes
  35. 35. There Is One MoreMistake
  36. 36. And That’s What I Really Want To Talk About
  38. 38. Everybody Apart FromUs Is Shit At Their Jobs, Right?
  39. 39. Keep An Eye On AllThe Things
  40. 40. Alerts
  41. 41. Sistrix
  42. 42. Sistrix
  43. 43. SEMrush
  44. 44. SEMrush
  45. 45. Google Analytics
  46. 46. Alerts Are So Old Hat
  47. 47. Monitoring
  48. 48. Little Warden
  49. 49. Little Warden
  50. 50. Little Warden
  51. 51. Little Warden
  52. 52. SEOradar
  53. 53. Its Not A Test If You BreakSomeone Else’s Shit
  54. 54. Its Not A Test If You BreakSomeone Else’s Shit
  55. 55. Its Not A Test If You BreakSomeone Else’s Shit
  56. 56. Its Not A Test If You BreakSomeone Else’s Shit
  57. 57. SEOradar
  58. 58. SEOradar
  59. 59. SEOradar
  60. 60. TechnicallyDennis Is The Canonical VersionOf Me
  61. 61. TechnicallyDennis Is The Canonical VersionOf Me
  62. 62. TechnicallyDennis Is The Canonical VersionOf Me
  63. 63. ContentKing
  64. 64. ContentKing
  65. 65. ContentKing
  66. 66. Botify
  67. 67. Botify
  68. 68. Botify
  69. 69. Botify
  70. 70. Alerts andMonitoring Are Different
  71. 71. Use Both, But Alerts Sparingly
  72. 72. Every Site Can Be Have Its SEO Ruined By Little Mistakes
  73. 73. You Can’t MakePeople Not Fuck Up
  74. 74. But You Can Be On The SceneQuickly When They Do
  75. 75. Fix It. Avoid Disaster
  76. 76. Move On
  77. 77. Don’t Blame
  78. 78. Happy Website, Happy Google, Happy People
  79. 79. Thanks! Raoowrr (ThankYou)