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AI; Should You? A Cautionary SEO Tale

  1. And Some Other Stuff Mr Wayne Barker 11th October 2022 AI – Should You?
  2. You’ve all heard the hype
  3. It’s what here to talk about today
  4. Magpies
  5. What do we know about magpies?
  6. We’re meant to salute them to avoid sorrow, and say “Good morning Mr Magpie, how’s your wife and kids today?
  7. They collect stuff. Lots of stuff. Lot’s of shiny stuff.
  8. Humans do this too
  9. Which leads me to
  10. Shiny object syndrome
  11. Humans. Shiny things. Has always been worryingly common in digital marketing
  12. And cutting corners
  13. And it goes a little bit like this
  14. AI
  15. ChatGPT
  16. Bing
  17. Bard
  18. Machines guessing based on a lot of patterns
  19. Machines guessing based on a lot of patterns
  20. Test it on things you know about
  21. Is it good for SEO?
  22. Bit up for debate at the moment
  23. It works until it doesn’t
  24. Grumpy Wayne…
  25. Sitewide
  26. Deja Vu
  27. But what CAN WE use it for?
  28. Excel formulas are quite good
  29. STARTING outlines for blog posts
  30. REGEX for digging around in GSC
  31. User stories for dev tickets
  32. Your personal keyword research ASSISTANT
  34. Generating Meta Descriptions in Bulk
  36. Generating Alt Tags in Bulk
  38. There are gonna be loads of these popping up
  39. Please, please, please, pinch of salt
  40. There are some tools that have been on the market for a while
  41. And understand what you’re doing…
  42. But beware…
  43. Enough examples
  44. When you make it easy on your mind your ideas are powerful
  45. Remember this?
  46. Bit lazy, wasn’t it?
  47. Needs human input
  48. Everything I’ve mentioned today does
  49. AI is just a tool, its your assistant
  50. Remember the magpies?
  51. Thank you 01332 493766