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Vouch (http://vouchapp.com ) Demo Day Pitch by Wayne Sutton ( http://socialwayne.com ) during NewME Accelerator ( http://newmeaccelerator.com ) in Silicon Valley

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  • Hello I’m Wayne Sutton, cofounder and CEO of Vouch!\nI’m an Entrepreneur/geek, Vouch is my 5th startup, 2nd pivot since starting NewMe Accelerator in June.\nAnd I understand how people, communicate and build communities online \n\nVouch is the unified platform that bridges online recommendations from people and business to the real world. Vouch will be the standard for recommendations.\n
  • but Why Vouch?\nJuly 4th Cookout - We had a guy, locally that was showing up everywhere and people were asking who was this guy?\nAugust Capital - meet a lot amazing people, who say they’re “startup famous”\nGoogle Ventures BBQ - People looking at me, wondering who am I and what I’m doing here, I needed David to Vouch for me.\n\nPeople need a simple way to recommend and verify who they are online and offline - they need Vouch!\n\n
  • Now let’s take that online!\n\nYou say, there are tools for that.\nLet’s take a look at a few.\nTwitter (followers, gamed and out of control\nVerified.. what does that mean only for media/celebrities and little old me\nLinkedin has recommendations but that entire system is not used enough and how many of you really like to leave a recommendation?\nKlout measures social media influence.. .. you have a klout score but can you really measure influence (i’m near Oprah level)\nFoursquare is using location check-in and tips to provide checkin / nearby recommendations but thats’ not what everyday web user does\nGoogle plus .. love it - but I don’t drop people in circles\nFacebook like.. provide recommendation data with the like but you can only do it once\n\nENTER VOUCH\n
  • The vouch platform will take all the scatter noise online that gets lost in the cloud and streamline it in a nice simple database\n\nHow?\nTo much noise in status updates with little value \nConversations that have recommendation value are lost\n\nOnce we launch the platform, we’ll educate users on the value of posting vouches in which they will be stored in the database and receive vouch scores, rewards and more \n\nchange/disrupt the status update\n
  • So what’s the value in Vouch?\n\nValidating relationships\nsee friends/social graph recommendations\npeople discovery by topic and location\n\n
  • The Vouch Platform is currently being built iWe’re storing data starting with\n
  • How Vouch plans to grow\nCurrently around 15 vouches a month\nOnce we soft launch\nexpect to grow to\n1000\n5000\n10000\n\n
  • The Future of Vouch is provide the Vouch API to integrate with other social networks and mobile apps\n\nRelationships Database\n+\nRecommendation Engine\nWith Agencies and large brands\n\nLaunch Vouch Mobile iPhone and Android Apps\n\n
  • How vouch plans to make $ \nAnalytics\nPartnerships\nAdvertising\nRecommendation\n
  • That’s the vision of vouch.\n\n
  • Vouch Demo Day Deck

    1. 1. The standard forrecommendations. Wayne Sutton, cofounder wayne@vouchapp.com 919-816-2230
    2. 2. Why
    3. 3. Why
    4. 4. How I #vouch for @mkapor #Awesome #investor #mentor via @vouchapp
    5. 5. Value
    6. 6. Status
    7. 7. Growth 5000 3750 2500 1250 0 August September November December
    8. 8. Future Relationships Database API + Recommendation EngineVouch Score 70
    9. 9. Profits Analytics Partnerships Advertising Recommendation
    10. 10. Wayne Sutton wayne@vouchapp.com 919-816-2230VouchApp.com angel.co/waynesutton