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Setting up IGoogle

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Going Google I Google

  1. 1. Going Google - IGoogle Wayne Burrell
  2. 2. What is IGoogle? IGoogle is a customizable homepage. When you start the Internet on your computer, the first page you see is called the default homepage. This maybe set to a different page for different computers that you use at work or home.
  3. 3. What is IGoogle? IGoogle let's you set the homepage to IGoogle and you have use gadgets to put the information that you need on your homepage. This could include your calendar, your bookmarks (links to sites), your email messages, Google Docs or Google Talk and many more.
  4. 4. Example of a Customised IGoogle Homepage
  5. 5. Sign Up for a Google Account • Go to: http://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount • Enter your current email address, and choose a password. • Once you've finished registering, you'll receive a verification email. • Click the link in that email to complete the verification process.
  6. 6. Make IGoogle Your Homepage In IE: • Click the Tools Menu • Click Internet Options • General Tab • For the homepage option box, enter www.google.com/ig • OK In Firefox: • Tools Menu • Options • Main Tab • For the homepage option box, enter www.google.com/ig • OK
  7. 7. Add a Gadget (1) Here's how to add a gadget to your page: • Click Add stuff in the top-right corner of iGoogle.
  8. 8. Add a Gadget (2) • Search by category or search by name (search for ‘easy cool calendar)
  9. 9. Add a Gadget (3) • Once you find a gadget you'd like to add, click Add it now button.
  10. 10. Add a Gadget (4) • Click the Back to iGoogle home link at the upper left side of the page to see your personalized page.
  11. 11. Add a Gadget (5) • Your gadget is displayed on your Igoogle Page You can use this calendar by clicking on the date where you want to add an event and you will be prompted for information
  12. 12. Deleting a gadget • Click the down arrow icon at the top right of the gadget you want to delete and select Delete this Gadget
  13. 13. Deciding on the gadgets you want & Uses for education You can help your students set up their own Igoogle page with the tools on it that you want them to use: Some interesting tools are: VozMe – A text to speech tool that allows you to copy/ paste any text into a box, with one click of a button, the computer will read the text.
  14. 14. Deciding on the gadgets you want & Uses for education Bookmarks – Set up bookmarks for your students to use, the one’s that you want them to access. Email – Have a brief list of their email messages on their startup page. Calendar – Have a calendar with class events Google Docs – Create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.