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Gurvinder summan media presentation (1)

  1. 1. Superhero Movies (Secondary Research) By: Gurvinder Summan
  2. 2. What is my secondary research?• This part of the task involves viewing statistics which have been supplied by the following website: superhero.htm• This presents a list of movies since 1978 and numerically orders them in terms of success.
  3. 3. Top 5 superhero Movies• The picture above shows the five most successful films to date; these statistics involve superhero genre films since 1978 and how much they made in the box office.
  4. 4. No.5 Iron man
  5. 5. Iron Man• The fifth best selling superhero film of all time is Iron man.• Reasons as to why this film was so successful was because of the big name actors in the film, the film stars Robert Downey Jr who is a big name actor and has starred in many blockbuster films.• Similar to the dark knight, iron man managed to retain some sort of reality in the character, this would make the film more appealing and puts it into a more niche market compared to other super hero movies such as Spiderman.
  6. 6. Iron man (Continued)• In terms of development, the writer for Iron man tried to make a unique story line which didn’t get too repetitive and “dull” it turned out to be a huge success in the box office• I think that this film will appeal to all audiences from children to adults, the character is diverse and the story is action packed which is required for any successful movie• Iron man is a marvel production, marvel is one of if not the largest superhero movie producers, they originate from comic books and have progressed to work with film companies, in iron mans’ case it was produced by “Paramount Pictures” which allowed them to have a large budget.
  7. 7. Iron man (continued)• In every good superhero film you need a villain, the producers had a tough time picking the villain, but it was eventually revealed that the villain was “obdiah stane”• This added binary opposition in the film which is fundamental in any super hero film.
  8. 8. Spiderman 3
  9. 9. Spiderman 3• Spiderman 3 is the last of the trilogy and comes in at number 4 in the all time list of superhero movies, the Spiderman trilogy was an extremely successful franchise, which appealed to a large audience.• This film actually took in the most of the trilogy in the opening week but made the least overall in terms of gross profit.
  10. 10. Spiderman 3• Arguably Spiderman 3 was the worst of the trilogy, it received some harsh reviews and was ranked the lowest of the three by far on the IMDB website, but still it managed to generate a large amount of sales, there are many reasons as to why Spiderman 3 will have generated so much from a film that was heavily criticised.
  11. 11. Success from bad reviews• Some reasons as to why Spiderman 3 grossed so much:• It’s a marvel based film, marvel generates a lot of money just through their name, it will attract fans from all across the globe.• It was also distributed by Sony, another worldwide franchise.• The storyline included a variety of Spiderman’s big name enemies such as “sandman” and “venom”, these would be big selling points for fans of the Spiderman comics.
  12. 12. Binary opposition• As Spiderman is a superhero movie, it needs some sort of binary opposition to keep the film interesting, there is bucket loads of this in the film and it appeals to the audience• The choice of the binary opposition was really wise and attracted loads of attention• Also Spiderman 3 was a success in the video game department which would also generate large amounts of profit.
  13. 13. Spiderman 3 (Continued)• Spiderman 3 had a large budget which was $258 million, this would also allow the producers to advertise and make other products to maximise their profits.
  14. 14. No.3 Spiderman 2
  15. 15. Spiderman 2• No.3 is Spiderman 2, this will have generated a lot of excitement from the original Spiderman film being released• This was the second film in the trilogy and it was rated as a 7.8 by IMDB, this is a tiny improvement from the rating that was given to Spiderman in the first film, so this film can be seen as a success.
  16. 16. Spiderman 2• Spiderman 2 was made in to a large franchise, with a videogame release which was extremely popular and released around the time of the film, this allowed there to be some excitement about the film and this will have generated a younger audience, and also generated a “second wind” for viewings for the film.
  17. 17. Spiderman 2 (continued)• The director looked to make an enthralling film and included a bundle of binary opposition, allowing the film to be a free flowing action sequence• Unlike a typical superhero film it has a few twists and turns which will appeal to the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.
  18. 18. Spiderman 2• Spiderman had a large budget of $200 million which made it a large blockbuster, this would also have generated a large audience.
  19. 19. No 2. Spiderman
  20. 20. Spiderman• Spiderman is the second best grossing film from 1978 – present, this film was long awaited and highly anticipated• It generated a lot of word-of-mouth and had large take ins on its opening weekend• This was the first ever blockbuster Spiderman movie and therefore was a massive success
  21. 21. Spiderman• Sam Raimi wanted a traditional feel to this movie, and therefore had to have Spidermans biggest enemy for this which is the green goblin, this alone would attract many fans• Many fans of the marvel comic would’ve been queuing up to see this film and it managed to get nearly $115 million on its opening weekend
  22. 22. Spiderman• As with the rest of the trilogy it was made into a large franchise which included a video game which would also attract a younger audience.• Introduction of the green goblin I felt was key in this movie, he is arguably spidermans arch nemesis and it was a good decision to put him in this film
  23. 23. Binary opposition• The choice of binary opposition for this film was fairly obvious, but also a good business idea.• This character attracted many fans from across the globe.
  24. 24. No.1 The Dark Knight
  25. 25. The Dark Knight• The dark knight is the most successful film to date, it was made famous for many reasons but also because of the tragic death of heath ledger who played the joker• The film was made in memory of heath ledger and that alone will have made people want to watch the film.• The film had been rated 8.9 by IMDB which is the highest rating out of all the other four films which consist in the top five.
  26. 26. The Dark Knight• The sequel to this film was highly anticipated and appealed to everyone, it managed to gross $533,453,58 which is the highest grossing film which is the eleventh highest grossing film of all time.• This film was a huge success and grossed much more than the previous “batman begins”
  27. 27. The Dark Knight• The Dark knight had loads of binary opposition with the arrival of “The Joker” and later on in the film “Harvey Dent (Two Face)”• The Joker had an award winning role as acted by Heath Ledger, and with the death of this star shortly after the films release generated more publicity.
  28. 28. The Dark Knight• The Dark Knight also had been filled with big named actors, such as Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, this will also have added more anticipation and attracted more people to watch it on the big screen.• Merchandise was released to make the film generate more popularity and attracted more people from across the world.
  29. 29. Upcoming Releases
  30. 30. Films in the near future• Three superhero films coming soon are highly anticipated and are big blockbuster movies, these three movies are “The Avengers”, “The Amazing Spiderman” and “The Dark Knight Rises”• Two of these films are Marvel productions and “The Dark Knight Rises” is DC Comics.
  31. 31. The Avengers• The Avengers is a Action filled superhero movie and consists of a consortium of marvel based superheroes• This film is expected to be really successful in the box office as it stars many marvel superheroes which has never really been done before.• The film is being released on the weekend of the 4th of may 2012 and is set for a grand opening.
  32. 32. The Amazing Spiderman• The Amazing Spiderman is a totally new concept to the Sam Raimi Trilogy• With Sam Raimi’s film setting the bar, this film has already got a little publicity from the previous films also it is completely different compared to the previous films, this will be a big selling point as it will be fresh and modern.• There are however a few floors in this film, it is being released shortly before “The Dark Knight Rises” and may face some competition, which might just affect box office sales.
  33. 33. The Dark Knight Rises• This is expected to be a massive hit in the box office, as it is the sequel to “The Dark Knight” which is the highest grossing superhero film of all time, trailers of this film have been circulating for a while in cinemas in an attempt to attract audiences and generate excitement.• There will be no Heath Ledger influence on this film so it may lose some interest but the director has cast some more actors to try and fill the big gap that was left by Heath Ledger.
  34. 34. Big Influences
  35. 35. Star Actors• Star actors can be massively influential to any film being a success, if a film is filled with big name actors then it will attract more fans• This was key in “The Dark Knight” being so successful, as it had many blockbuster actors along with extra publicity with Heath Ledger.• Star Actors can also promote your film as they have millions of followers across the globe and they instantly become an attraction. They will also add their “X Factor” to their role which will want to make people see their portrayal of the role.
  36. 36. Star Directors• Star Directors can also have as much of an impact as a star actor would.• A prime example of this would be James Cameron, who directed the Titanic who then spent many years working on a revolutionary film know as “avatar” which is the best grossing film of all time• James Cameron had a huge influence on this film and many people went to see this spectacle purely because he directed “the titanic”• Other big name actors can attract audiences such as Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton who are household names.
  37. 37. Primary Research• I was told to investigate further into what the audience would feel is good ingredients for a superhero film and which aspects people like most, and the results were similar within the few people whom I asked.• The questions consisted of; 1. what do you like about the superhero genre? 2.What do you dislike about the superhero genre? 3. What do you like about the plot? 4. what do you dislike about the plot? 5. what do you like about the starring hero? 6. what do you dislike about the starring hero?
  38. 38. Primary research results, positives• I interviewed a small group of people and the results were similar as to what they liked and disliked about the genre• The most common answers were that “they liked the high action and unpredictability”, “high budgets allowing them to create this big scenes”• For characters the most common answers were “like the fact that they can break the law in a good way” and “they’re admirable and people would aspire to be them” also “they are bold and vibrant characters”
  39. 39. Primary Research, criticism• Along with the positives, people had some bad things to say about the film, the most popular answers consisted of;• That they felt that the “storyline could get a bit boring and repetitive sometimes e.g. Spiderman” and they can sometimes “be too cheesy and unappealing to an elder audience”• For the character what was agreed was that “it’s too over-exaggerated” and “they can be seen as vigilante, which could be a bad influence.”
  40. 40. Primary Research• The primary research shows what people want to see in a modern and typical superhero film, which was established as a high action film with the hint of realism that would make the film a more attractive proposition.
  41. 41. Film Evaluation• Our objective was to film an introduction to a superhero film• We tried to make our film original but similar to the concept of a superhero film, we also tried to cover sensitive topics such as school bullying.• Prior to this evaluation I posted the video on Facebook and it generated some positive feedback.
  42. 42. Question 1• In the set film we tried to make our film appeal to a niche market, so we aimed our clip at teenagers, as it contains content which is unsuitable to under fifteen years of age• We took inspiration from the teen based film Kick-Ass which focuses on a teen based film who becomes a superhero
  43. 43. Question 1• We decided to have an intro where we started with a scene that relates to the characters future, where the character is everything that he dreamt of, quite like the film limitless where at the start we see him being successful and then, the next scene shows that the person is a loser.
  44. 44. Question 1• As I filmed this scene, I tried to make the character stand out as somebody that had a lot of authority, to mislead the audience, I felt the shot that we used was effective as we circled around the character to define him as a figure of authority.
  45. 45. Question 2• Social class is a major point of this film, the film includes a teenager and he is discriminated by bullies, this is a negative representation of a social class, this is a everyday experience for our character• This clip expresses how our hero is unaccepted in school and is outcast by students within the school.
  46. 46. Question 2• The bullying scene also shows how gang life is applied, the scene shows a gang of people bullying a fellow pupil and then our eventual hero, this is a negative interpretation.• We gathered this idea from the waterloo road extract where we saw “rebellious kids” and we expanded on that idea.
  47. 47. Question 3• I think that this film could be distributed by “paramount” as it has funded a film similar to this e.g. “kick-ass”• It will appeal to all audiences, and I think it will be appropriate for overseas distribution, it also has an appeal to British audiences so it may appeal to “working title” productions.
  48. 48. Question 3• The film should be advertised first and then distributed in cinemas and further on to DVD and internet releases.• The film may also have room to expand and official merchandise could be released making the film a franchise.
  49. 49. Question 4• The film will appeal to people the age from fifteen onwards, it includes teenage related issues with bullying and lust.• There is no target gender as it will appeal to males and females just like Kick-Ass
  50. 50. Question 4• As I posted this video on Facebook the audience that I’d be appealing to have given positive feedback and would like to see more of the film• As we’ve shown this on a social network site people have been able to access the film online and the feedback would suggest it has been successful in attracting a young target audience.
  51. 51. Question 5• We tried to make the mise-en-scene a big part of our production, it shows how a modern day teenager would dress in school and how they act with a group of friends, in a troublesome school• We used typical school equipment such as a school bag and outdoor jackets and the school environment to give it a suitable feel.
  52. 52. Question 5• In our audience feedback they did feedback some minor continuity errors which were acknowledged after the filming and barely noticeable• Overall the feedback based on the mise- en scene was generally positive.
  53. 53. Question 6• Technology played a massive part in the production of this film• I was the main technological person as I had experience with cameras and editing software before, I also had to learn how to use a audio editing software to use in the “dream sequence” which was used by virtual DJ.• I was very able to use the I movie software and able to work my way around it relatively easily.• I also had to edit under difficult circumstances as our group had many technological issues with our mac and that left us with periods of time in which we couldn’t edit.
  54. 54. Question 6• I could improve my knowledge of using a mac based editing software by investing in the software and using it on a regular basis.
  55. 55. Question 7• Things I have learnt from the production of this is that, the script will change drastically from the original, we had to adapt to our situation and work on no budget what so ever.• To thoroughly iron out any continuity errors which we may have missed on the filming side.• We used the editing software well and we managed to use that to our advantage to distinguish certain shots from others.• We managed to use a good variety of music that appealed to the target audience and towards the impact of the scene making it either for comedy or serious purposes.
  56. 56. Question 7• We could’ve improved if we had more time to edit our piece properly and to back up our work regularly so we could have accessed it on a different computer when ours was non functional• Overall I feel we did the best we could with our given resources and judging from the feedback given online it turned out to be a success with our target audience.
  57. 57. The end