Danielle rothero evaluation


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Danielle rothero evaluation

  1. 1. AS Media Studies - EvaluationDanielle Rothero
  2. 2. Our film is similar to Kick Ass in that it has a comedy twist being the plot, itdevelops the idea that a film is just simply a parody of another and swaps it for anoriginal story line and uses mostly camera shots and voice over’s to set the sceneand create atmosphere.We have kept our film relatively simple so that the rest can be left to theimagination without being so mysterious that it gets annoying. Also we havedecided that as this film is aimed at teenagers so minimal amount of violence isused, instead replacing it for theoretical situations. Although our film is similarbecause it has a deeper story line into what is a big issue of today – weight andhow to control it.www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5mxBaXHcFw
  3. 3. Our media product is aimed to represent teenagers, we have tried to use a thinperson to represent the hero (Gastric Man) as the plot is aimed at getting people tolose weight if they are overweight. In most superhero movies the hero and villainare male, where as in our media product we have decided that our villain(MacDonald’s Madonna) would be female. It reverses the idea of stereotyping menand women in their roles which are stemmed from biological concepts. It alsocreates a stronger binary opposition between the two characters as they arecomplete opposites of each other which goes against most typical conventions ofsuperhero movies as there is usually some friction between the two maincharacters in terms of strength and skill, where as in Gastric man the dual is notphysical but skilful.I think our media product would attract both male and female viewers because itinvolves both of those characters and obesity is a gender spread problem. This shot shows binary oppositions between the two supers. MacDonalds Madonna is stood with food bags in her hands, showing her background vengeance. Where as Gastric Man is stood with his hands in his pockets, showing he is slightly self conscious, although he is also stood strong, showing he has authority.
  4. 4. I think that a media institution such as Working Title would distribute our film as amodified wide release similar to ‘The Boat That Rocked’. This is because our film hasan unpredictable level of success. Although I think it would only be distributed inBritain because it does not contain any typical ‘English’ stereotypes, although it doeseffect a worldwide issue of today.I think a internet release of the trailer would benefit the film as it would offer ways toget feedback from the audiences. And people would want to then go and see the filmin cinema’s after it had been modified due to comments.I think this because it would give time to edit the filmbefore it was released, therefore more money would bemade as the film would have better viewing ratings.
  5. 5. What Attracts the audience?The audience is attracted in Gastric man by using a twisting storyline whichreveals the past of both main characters, this being through the flashbacks wherethey are both sat in the cafe at different times, this is where we learn of GastricMan’s powers for the first time and we can see why he gained them. GastricMan’s body language in the cafe scene tells us that he is now comfortable withthe way he looks through hard work on his appearance. The way he tats with thestraw in the milkshake shows that now he is more focused on the conversationwhere as when he was little he would be more focused on the milkshake. Also inthe cafe scenes we have tried to use mise-en-scene with the help of themilkshakes on the table to show the amount of fat content each character isgetting and it also shows how different MacDonald’s Madonna and Gastric Manare.
  6. 6. FeedbackThe negative feedback from our audience is that the storyline could beconfusing at times as there was not a lot of dialogue used in the sequence. Toalter the confusion we added a voice over effect to explain what the charactersemotions were at the time.Although the positive feedback we got made it clear that people preferred arefreshing storyline which also outlined one of the World’s largest problems oftoday.
  7. 7. Camera Angles, Effects, EditingBefore we began filming, I was aware of the different camera shots and angles thathad to be used to keep interest from the audience, although having to use all ofthese different angles took up a lot of time and it was not long shooting one clipbefore we then had to move the camera and film from another angle. During theediting process, I learnt that it can be easier to edit the footage in small clips andmake sure you have in as many shots as you can in each clip and to ensure that youmake the cut between one scene and the next very clear. I learnt that you can addyour own effects over the top, such as your own music and voiceovers. We did thiseffectively by recording a short soliloquy from each character to be played over thetop of the footage so it gave an idea of what the characters were feeling. We had aproblem with editing our film as every time an effect was added the shot would goblack and play in a random order
  8. 8. What I have learntDuring the course, I have learnt how to film and edit a basic movie, such as thedifference between self-recorded home movies and professionally madefeature films. I can now understand the effort and time it must take to make abox office movie and all the details involved, such as storyline, characters etc.In the future, I need to brainstorm an idea that makes sense and is not over-complicated. At first, we came up with the idea of Gastric Man andMacDonald’s Madonna as young children in a playground. However, as wehad no way of recording this due to casting requirements, we had to use thecafe scene instead. Ive also learnt how important the editing process is, in thesense that, if one detail of it is faulty, it could ruin the purpose of your film.
  9. 9. I enjoyed the general process of making the film and would love to do it again, asin, I contributed to a lot of the film making process, as I was in the film, I filmedsome of the scenes and I helped with editing. When we first began planning theidea, the storyline made perfect sense but as the planning progressed into filming,I began to realise that perhaps it didn’t make as much sense as it did in my mind.We did try to use as many of the features iMovie has to offer as possible but wedidnt want to overdo it so we only used the ones we considered to be moreeffective and improve our film, rather than make it tacky with effects. Ouroriginally edited film had a duration of 4 minutes. As we had a limit of only 2-3minutes, we had to cut it right down and by the end of it, our film barely made anysense at all because there was a lack of content to hold it all together, it was justthe main events left. So to improve this next time, I would come up with a reallysimple idea, no complications so that we can narrow it down to a more easilymanageable, yet effective 2 minutes.