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This is a School Project for IADT

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  • Hello my name is Wayne S Land Jr and today I will be presenting you with how social media will help boost the sales of your company. Along with that it will provide you with the ability to stay connected with you customer base and to let them know what new products you have in the works.
  • So you might be asking me how twitter might be useful to your company. To start it keeps you connected with your customer base. You can tweet out what new products are coming out and all your customers can receive this tweet and know what hot new products to look for in the coming weeks. Twitter accounts are free to start and you only need to have a person to maintain your twitter page for you. To keep your customers informed your chosen employee would only have to type out a message in less then onehundredforty characters and hit send. So realistically you might only need two employees to run and effective twitter campaign. It is very easy to operate so whatever age range your customers are in they will be able to run the twitter app and stay connected with you. You simply set up a username and password and log in. And the only maintenance you have to do is to have a person to send new tweets out for your company's. There are no lists to keep track of or require people to opt into to receive messages they just have to follow you on twitter.
  • There are more then 554,750,00 twitter accounts registered as of 2013(,2013) Twitter is number two with registered user only to Facebook. With an audience this big you have the capability to reach more users faster and more efficiently. And with the use of smartphones most people receive instant twitter updates on the go. There will be more then 1.4 billion smartphones in use by December of this year(,2013). Twitter was started in 2006(,2013) There are more then 135,000 new twitter accounts being created every day. That gives you the chance to have your products and services found by more people then ever before. That is more then 4 million people that you have a chance to connect with and to let them know what you are about. So you may be thinking well these numbers sound impressive bout how many of those accounts are actually being used and not just created and sitting with no activity. There are more then 115 million active twitter accounts every mounth(,2013) And 40% over users never send a single tweet but follow their favorite company's on twitter(,2013)
  • If you find results in your regular twitter campaign you can then decided to become an advertiser on twitter. The advertiser income last your for businesses that used twitter was $259,000,000 and is expected to be $399,500,000 (,2013) With the amount of users at your fingers tips you will be able to show your products off and generate more sales leads to increase your bottom line. And other uses will give you word of mouth advertising as they tweet about how great your product is to all of their friends. And we all know how powerful word of mouth advertising is. You will get repeat customers due to the fact that is a person buys a product from you and they have the knowledge that they can follow you on twitter then whenever you release a new product they will have that information at their finger tips and if it intrests then they will be back to buy because they know about your latest and greatest items as they first hit the markey.
  • Facebook is another viable option for use as a social media site. It was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.(,2013) And is used all over the world and is the most common social media application on the market today. It has a staggering 1,110,000,000 users for you to connect to and showcase your product to. With a scope that larger your marketing campaign can be as big or as small as you want it to be the sky is the limit and your imagination is the only thing holding you back. Last year Facebook made 5,090,000,000 in revenue from advertisers and apps they host on their site for other companies. The scope of businesses on Facebook range from small operations to million dollar power houses. This is the perfect arena for you to get in on.
  • Face book is available in more then 70 languages letting you get in contact and sell to a user base that your traditional forms of advertising would never even come in contact with. Opening your sales area up to new markets that you may have once never thought of venturing into.(,2013) Your average user follows 80 different groups or company's on their account allowing for your Facebook status to be put in front of their face in an instant. (,2013) If you have a mobile application then face book is the place for you to be. More then 20 million apps are installed on Facebook per day. If you have a mobile application your current news and updates will be at their finger tips at any time in the day.
  • You do not have to pick just one form of social media. You can use multiple forms of it and find out which is the right one for you. The more you get your name out into the public and get your products know the better off you will be. More exposure means more sales leads. They are all so easy to use you will not eat up a lot of man hours using various social media outlets. It is the latest form of advertisement and you are a technology company so your want your brand to be out in front staying current with the latest trends. Your product are more then likely hosting thes social media applications so your users are already there for you waiting to come and get them.
  • The numbers speak for themselves. There is an overwhelming amount of money being made on both of these forms of social media every year by advertisers on their sites. The user base is also at and incredible amount that is mind blowing when you stop and think about it. Not only is the user base large but it is active daily and continues to grow at a rapid rate. These forms of social media are still young at only 9 years since their start. As far as an advertising format this is very young. Technology is a you industry and this is a young medium for you to advertise through a perfect match for your brand.
  • Northwestern technologies 2

    1. 1. Northwestern Technologies Social Media in the Corporate World an You! Present by Wayne S Land Jr
    2. 2. Why is Twitter useful? Keeps you connected Cost effective User friendly Simple to Maintain
    3. 3. What about Twitters user base How large is it When did twitter start How many new users per day do they get What about activity levels of twitter
    4. 4. So how does this help us? Advertisers Sales make money leads Repeat customers Customer service
    5. 5. Did we mention Facebook Founded in 2004 1,110,000,000 Users 5,090,000,000 made last year
    6. 6. More fresh faces to speak to Available in 70 languages 80 groups followed per user 20 million apps installed per day
    7. 7. So which is the best fit for you?  You do not have to choose  The more use the more you gain  Ease of use  Latest Trend
    8. 8. Review and decide  554,750,000 Twitter users  1,110,000,000 monthly Facebook Users  $4,050,000,000 Revenue last year for Facebook  $259,000,000 Revenue last year for Twitter
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