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Mobile App Design & Development Brochure By Wayne Chen


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Attract businesses with your mobile app design and development service offerings by Wayne Chen.

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Mobile App Design & Development Brochure By Wayne Chen

  1. 1. FULL EXPERIENCE FULL SERVICEThe   mobile   software   industry   is   expanding   and   When   you   work   with   Remote   Tiger   you   will   have  evolving  every  day.  Remote  Tiger  has  been  involved     access  to  a  team  of  industry  experts  that  know  their  since   the   beginning   of   Mobile   App   development.     way   up,   down   and   around   the   entire   process   of  Our   team   is   filled   with   extraordinary   developers,     designing,   developing   and   deploying   mobile   apps.  managers   and   strategists   that   are   mobile   app   Not   only   do   we   want   to   be   part   of   the   initial   idea  connoisseurs     equipped   with   sophisticated   discussion,   but   we   can   help   you   streamline   and  programming   methodology   and   an   eye   for   top   notch   maximize   your   mobile   idea   from   both   a   technical  user  interface  design.  Why  not  have  our  experts  join     and   business   perspective.   Or   you   can   ask   us   to  your   team   on   your   next   mobile   project.   Our   develop   on   only   the   phases   that   you   need.   Either  businesses  mind  experts  will  make  you  look  like  the     way,  you  will  have  an  unstoppable  and  excited  team  shining  star  of  your  company.     that  seeks  to  make  your  project  a  reality.           Develop  for  Mobile  Success        CONFIDENCE     VALUE  superior  Remote  Tiger  offers  incredibly  competitive  pricing  on   Remote   Tiger   offers   incredibly   competitive   pricing    mobile  all   mobile   development   projects,   delivering   your   app   on  all  mobile  development  projects,  delivering  your  effectively   and   efficiently.   Our   quality   of   work   app   effectively   and   efficiently.   Our   quality   of   work    solutions  derives   from   our   years   of   mastering   obstacles   and   derives   from   our   years   of   mastering   obstacles   and  implementing   business   savvy   decisions   that   implementing   business   savvy   decisions   that  produces   the   best   results.   Remote   Tiger   offers   a  free   produces   the   best   results.   Remote   Tiger   offers   a   REMOTETIGER.comno-­‐obligation   cost   consultation   that   will   surely   free  no-­‐obligation  cost  consultation  that  will  surely  attract  your  attention.   attract  your  attention.      ALL SIZES POPULAR PLATFORMSRemote   Tiger   is   ready   to   discuss   any   project   of   all   The   mobile   industry   is   constantly   changing   and  sizes  and  levels  of  complexity.  Whether  it  is  a  simple   introducing   new   platforms   and   software   updates.  idea  or  a  full-­‐service  mobile  and  server  platform,  we   Remote   Tiger   is   ready   to   develop   projects   for   all  can  help  you  tackle  the  idea  and  bring  it  to  reality.   major   platforms,   including   the   Apple   iPhone,   iPad,   iTouch  and  Android  systems.         Large  Complete  integrated  platform  solutions   Medium  Multi-­‐function  apps  with   Small  A  simple  functionality  or  game   incorporation  websites  and  continual  updates.     integrated  server  functionalities.   that  can  be  completed  in  a  few  days.           ©2010  Remote  Tiger.  All  rights  reserved.      
  2. 2. IDEA TO APP STORE: OUR PROCESS TIMELY FASHIONRemote  Tiger  believes  in  a  smooth  and  orderly  process  for  taking  the  client’s  ideas  from   Remote  Tiger  believes  that  there  is  no  time  to  loose  their  inception  all  the  way  to  the  app  store.  Below  is  a  brief  overview  of  our  process  and   in   the   current   marketplace.   We   are   fully   prepared  what  you     xpect  to  happen.     e for   your   timeline   and   immediate   needs.   Almost   everything  is  feasible,  just  let  us  know.        CONCEPT    Tell   us   your   idea.   We   can   provide   you    feedback   and   let   you   know   if   we   can   help   STRICTLY CONFIDENTIALwith  the  idea.    Remote  Tiger  can  also  provide  you   an   idea   on   the   initial   ball-­‐park   estimate   Remote  Tiger  understands  and  respects  our  clients’    and  timeline  prior  to  you  deciding.   privacy  and  intellectual  property  to  utmost  level.  All     discussions  and  dealings  are  considered  completely  PROPOSAL   confidential   and   are   covered   by   a   Non-­‐Disclosure  After   you   decide   to   move   forward,   we   will   Agreement.   Remote   Tiger’s   agreement   is   available      create   a   proposal   requirements   document   to   all   clients.   It   will   protect   ideas   exchanged  that   outlines   the   app’s   features   and  functionalities.   A   precise   quote   and   project   between  the  parties.  time  will  be  included.        AGREEMENT  Once   approved,   Remote   Tiger   will   forward   TEAMWORKthe   agreement   containing   the   proposal  document.  The  project  will  be  approved  after   Producing   a   high-­‐quality   project   requires   a   team.  the   agreement   and   the   retainer   has   been   Remote  Tiger  will  assign  a  team  that  will  follow  the  collected   project   throughout   the   entire   process,   from   start   to     finish.  A  typical  project  team  may  include  a  Project   DESIGN   Manager,   Senior   Business   Analyst,   and   a   Senior    Using  the  requirements  document  as  a  guide,   Engineer.   The   project   manager   will   be   the   main  the  project  starts  with  designing  the  key  user  interface  of  the  app.  Production  can  only  start   point  of  contact  and  available  via  e-­‐mail,  phone  and  once  the  client  approves  of  all  the  design.   video  immediately.        PROTOTYPE  BUILD  Throughout  the  production,  prototypes  of  the  app   are   presented   to   the   client   for   review.   Call   or   E-­‐mail   us   today   to   learn   how   Remote   Tiger  Remote  Tiger  will  also  send  the  builds  directly   can  save  you  on  development  cost  and  time.  to   the   client’s   devices   for   testing   in   the   real  world.       TESTING  &  QUALITY  ASSURANCE   Once  all  the  functionalities  and  features  are implemented,  an  intense  testing  process   begins  to  ensure  that  the  project  functions   100%  flawlessly.    Once  client  and  our  team   866-520-7870 are  satisfied  with  the  project  testing  will  the   project  be  considered  completed.   Corporate  Headquarter                    6404  IVY  LANE   Suite  320   PUBLICATION   Greenbelt,  MD  20770   When  it  comes  time  to  publishing  the  app,     Remote  Tiger  can  assist  the  client  in     publishing  the  app  to  app  stores.  Those  who   are  uploading  them  will  be  sent  the   completed  project.     Warranty   Remote  Tiger  provides  all  of  our  clients  60   days  warranty  on  the  delivered  project.       ©2010  Remote  Tiger.  All  rights  reserved.