30 Famous Freemasons & Their Contributions To The World


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Check out the 30 Famous Freemasons that you should know about. Freemasonry. Inventors. Educators. Astronauts. Athletes. Movie Starts. Producers. Entrepreneurs. Founders.

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30 Famous Freemasons & Their Contributions To The World

  1. 1. 30 Famous Free Masons Their contributions to the world. ! ! ! ! Bro. Wayne Chen, MM, Magnolia Lodge No. 53.
  2. 2. Leland Stanford American Tycoon Industrialist Politician Founder of The Stanford University
  3. 3. Frank E. Gannett Founder of Gannett Media Corporation
  4. 4. Lawrence D. Bell Industrialist Founder of Bell Aircraft Corporation
  5. 5. Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin American Astronaut Second person to walk on the Moon Colonel U.S. Air Force U.S.M.A. Graduate
  6. 6. Herbert H. Dow Chemical Industrialist Founder of Dow Chemical Corporation
  7. 7. James C. Penney American business man Founder of J.C. Penney Company Inc.
  8. 8. Thomas J. Watson American business man Chairman and CEO of International Business Machines (IBM)
  9. 9. Leonardo W. DiCaprio American Actor Film Producer Three Academy Award Winner Nine Golden Globe Awards
  10. 10. Booker T. Washington African American educator, author, orator and advisor to presidents of the United States. Founder of West Virginia State University
  11. 11. John A. Elway American Football Quarterback & EVP Denver Broncos, NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame
  12. 12. Frederick L. Maytag Founder of the Maytag Company
  13. 13. Louis B. Mayer American Film Producer Founder
  14. 14. Roscoe Pound Educator, Botanist and Jurist Dean of Harvard Law School
  15. 15. Samuel Nicholas First commissioned officer of Continental Marines. First Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.
  16. 16. John H. Glenn Colonel, U.S. Marine Corp Pilot First American Astronaut to orbit Earth U.S. Senator Six Distinguished Flying Cross Medals
  17. 17. Darryl F. Zanuck American film studio executive and producer Co-Founder of 20th Century Films
  18. 18. Sir. Alexander Fleming Biologist, Pharmacologist and Botanist Discovered the antibiotic, Penicillin
  19. 19. Oscar Wilde Irish Writer and Poet Author of The Picture of Dorian Gray
  20. 20. Shaquille R. O’Neal American Basketball player, Music Artist, and Sports Analyst. Los Angeles Reserve Officer and Entrepreneur
  21. 21. Carlo Collodi Italian children’s writer. Author of The Adventures of Pinoochio
  22. 22. Sir. Author Conan Doyle Physician and writer Creator of Sherlock Holmes
  23. 23. Denton True “Cy” Young American MLB Pitcher National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee Cy Young Award
  24. 24. Arnold D. Palmer American Professional Golfer Presidential Medal of Freedom Award Congressional Gold Medal Award
  25. 25. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi French sculptor and designer Designed the Statue of Liberty State of the Marquis de Lafayette
  26. 26. Lincoln & Gutzon Borglum Father & Son American Sculptors, Author, and Engineer of Mount Rushmore
  27. 27. David Kalākaua Last Reigning King of the Kingdom of Hawaii
  28. 28. James Hoban Irish Architect Designer of the The White House and Supervising Architect of the U.S. Capitol Building
  29. 29. Prince Edward HRH, Duke of Kent Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England Colonel of the Scots Guards Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order Royal Knight of the Garter
  30. 30. William James Mayo American Physician and Surgeon Founder of The Mayo Clinic
  31. 31. Audie Murphy American Combat Soldier Awarded every U.S. military combat valor award available from U.S. Army in W.W. II Medal of Honor Recipient