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Hockey taught me this: NHL Alumni Breakaway Symposium


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Professional hockey players have been giving back to support communities, youth, charities and causes throughout their hockey careers.

Can this create post-hockey career opportunities? This presentation to the NHL Alumni Association explores that question

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Hockey taught me this: NHL Alumni Breakaway Symposium

  1. 1. Hockey taught me this the giving back hat trick Toronto, Canada Sept 22nd, 2015 Presented by Wayne Dunn Professor of Practice in CSR (McGill University) President & Founder
  2. 2. Hockey players give…. 150% effort & commitment to make a career in hockey And give back to society • Support youth, minor hockey & other sports • Charities • Support community causes • And much, much more • Every player, every team, all the time
  3. 3. Skills and Influence reach beyond hockey and into post-hockey • The NHL and players have incredible reach and impact • 16% of North Americans follow science • 80% follow sports Numbers from 2012-2013 season
  4. 4. And what does all that have to do with me?
  5. 5. The world of business & NGOs has changed • Increasing complexity and risk • Locally, nationally & internationally • Growing demand to engage and to create value for society & environment • NGOs and development agencies are moving beyond philanthropy and charity to meaningful engagement and collaboration, including with business You think business is easy?
  6. 6. Social value imperative applies across industry, sector & geography
  7. 7. The League is in the game too • World leader in sustainability in professional sports • Increasing social commitment and contribution • 250+ charities and community causes supported each year by the League, its teams and players. • 320,000 meals In the first two years of the League’s Food Recovery Initiative, • 30,000,000 gallons of water – restored by the NHL Water Restoration • #1 - NHL is the only Sports League/Federation in the world to do sustainability report • #1 – The single most important and largest sustainability initiative of any sports league/federation • 17th largest Green Power user in the United States • First Sports League/Federation in the world to voluntarily disclose carbon/GHG footprint • Ramping up and coming together for Centennial
  8. 8. And the game is called… • Corporate Social Responsibility • Sustainability • Social Responsibility • etc
  9. 9. Has giving back given you marketable skills? • Experience working with communities, publics & charities • Influence and network • History of service
  10. 10. Companies want to increase engagement and social value
  11. 11. Where/how to start • Make sure this line of work is interesting and you can be passionate about it • Learn more about how/where companies and NGOs engage with community and think about how you could help them do it better • Find companies and NGOs who are doing work you could be passionate about • Think about how you could be valuable for them and their objectives • Start conversations with them to learn more and see if there might be a fit • Remember, you may start by volunteering but it is important to transition to income
  12. 12. Discussion, Debate, Challenges, Questions, Jokes, Improvisation…. More information Wayne Dunn The giving back hat trick 1. Good for the community 2. Good for the game 3. Good for my career
  13. 13. If you are interested in more… upcoming executive training sessions NHL Alumni Association Bursary 50% of Registration Fee
  14. 14. Some examples The following slides contain some examples of companies and businesses engaging and giving back
  15. 15. You want Green with that Slapshot? • Environmental impact (green power & 20% energy use reduction) • Industry leadership • Cost management Everyone wins! • Shareholder value • Societal value • Reduced GHG Good hockey too (Leafs?) The NHL's commitment to use 100 percent renewable energy is a hat trick for clean air, our health, and our climate," said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy
  16. 16. How much water did that Strawberry Cost? • Global commons costs are internalizing • Improved natural capital management • Shareholder value • Societal value • Resource usage
  17. 17. Solving input costs & forex risk transforming communities & agriculture • Forex risk (Ghana Cedi:USD) • Input costs (local content) • Market differentiation Everyone wins! • Shareholder value • Societal value • Reduced GHG Good beer too
  18. 18. Extracting the resources providing the resources • Lundin Group (11 extractive sector companies) • Lundin Foundation • VC approach to investing • Sustainable support to local enterprise & development • Leverage other opportunities Everyone wins! • Lundin Group (and all the companies) • Local communities & economies • Lundin Foundation • Other development partners
  19. 19. Get the beer reduce the waste • Zero Landfill target • Beer from can/not container • Reduced waste • 2,500 hours pouring time saved! Everyone wins! • Reduced cost, cleanup & disposal • Less packaging/waste
  20. 20. Triple header impact limited promotion! (yes, this is that Nike) • Support to community athletics & athletes • Support to hi- performance athletes • Support to communities where products are made • Limited communication and promotion!
  21. 21. I’m hungry, you’re hungry supporting community & social causes • Company wide support (2,000 locations) • Leverages customer support • Waste  Value (waste=fuel) Everyone wins! • Shareholder value • Societal value
  22. 22. Get your caffeine fix energize a rural community • Ethical trading • Responsible growing • Increasing focus on community, society & environment Everyone wins! • Shareholder value • Societal value • Sustainable farming
  23. 23. Amazing product Incredible impact • Social purpose venture • Linking end-user to product source • Direct support to women, children, families & communities • Shareholder value • Societal value • Supply chain value • Reduced deforestation
  24. 24. Creating an Industry transforming an economy • Robust social licence • Building supply chains & local economies • Relationships drive acceptance and operational efficiencies • Shareholder value • Societal value
  25. 25. No rocket science Plenty of sweat, commitment & innovation Industry/Sector Company Shareholder Value Societal Value Environment Agriculture Driscoll’s  Market positioning  Cost  Water (scarce & shared resource) Water use Extractives Cameco  Societal acceptance  HR Costs  Employment  Supply Chain  Education Beverages (Guinness) Guinness  Input costs  Forex risk  Market positioning  Poverty reduction  Agriculture development Reduced GHG Professional Sports League NHL  Reduced operational cost Reduced GHG Reduced overall energy usage Restaurant Panera Bread  Market positioning  Customer loyalty  Foodbank support Reduced waste Facilities Management Vancouver Canucks  Reduced cost Less packaging & waste Sports & Entertainment Arena Ops Canucks/Beer  Foundation Lundin Foundation  Lundin Group  Economic development Social Purpose Venture Baraka Supplies  Product positioning  Customer loyalty  Women & development  Education Athletic Equipment & Supplies Nike  Marketing  Image resilience (potential)  Community sports  Community Development