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Architecture design interior design yacht design -wu wei lun-

Architecture design
Interior design
Yacht design
Wu Wei Lun-

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Architecture design interior design yacht design -wu wei lun-

  1. 1. 吳維倫 Waylon Wu 專業專長 建築規劃與設計 室內設計 遊艇設計 電腦設計表現 學經歷 合寬建築師事務所 華夏技術學院建築系/室內設計系講師 船舶設計發展中心專案子項主持人 黃長美建築師事務所建築設計師 國立台灣科技大學建築設計研究所碩士 專業證書 國家高等建築師考試及格建築師 內政部建築物室內裝修專業技術人員 教育部講師證書 榮譽與獎項 2009Outstanding Young Designer and Engineer Award, Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, SNAME, Taiwan. 2004 Master Design Competition, Y House Design, NTUST 2000 Merit Place, Taipei Ren-Ai Circle Environment Design Competition, Taipei Architect Association 1999 Merit Place, Fu Da Community Renovation Design Competition, Taipei City Government
  2. 2. ZhangHua Apartment Design Project Location: Taizhong, Taiwan Activity Center / Library
  3. 3. Design Development / Study Diagram
  4. 4. Public Toilet DesignPlanning / Design Development
  5. 5. Taipei Fu Da Community Renovation Competition Merit Award
  6. 6. Private Residence Location : Elan, Taiwan
  7. 7. Interior Design Location : Guan-du 2005
  8. 8. Yacht DesignSpace organization / Interior Planning / Exterior Styling
  9. 9. Yacht ConstructionSupervise work / CAD work / Coordinator Location : Kaohsiung 2007
  10. 10. 9M Patrol Boat Design Project Exterior styling / Rendering
  11. 11. Under ConstructionKaohsiung Shipyard