HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/basketball-articles/vertical-leap-training-questions-why-can039t-i-jump-higher-2040...
Vertical leap training questions   why cant i jump higher
Vertical leap training questions   why cant i jump higher
Vertical leap training questions   why cant i jump higher
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Vertical leap training questions why cant i jump higher


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Vertical leap training questions why cant i jump higher

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "http://www.articlesbase.com/basketball-articles/vertical-leap-training-questions-why-can039t-i-jump-higher-2040905.html"Vertical Leap Training Questions - Why Can't I Jump Higher?<br />"I have tried weights, plyometrics, strength shoes and many other methods but I haven't achieved the results I desire."<br />Does this sound like you? Read the following to find out how to achieve better results.<br />Have I reached my genetic potential?<br />Unless you vertical is in the 40's you have not achieved your genetic potential. It's easy after not getting results to conclude that you simply cannot get results, and you are already jumping as high as you ever will.<br />Unless you are extremely strong, squatting at least two times your body weight; or if you are able to do one leg squat with ease; or if you have done effective plyometrics properly and with proper recovery for 3- 5 years; or effectively trained your nervous system to quickly recruit muscle fiber to become more explosive; or perfected your form to take full advantage of your current strength, as well as many other relevant factors . . . you are nowhere close to your genetic potential.<br />I have yet to meet one single person who has reached their physical potential; however, I have met hundreds if not thousands of individuals who think they have met their physical potential. Yet after one month of proper training they realize that they never had the proper "vehicle" to reach their genetic potential in the first place. One month of effective training is worth two years of ineffective training.<br />How come I haven't achieved results with these training methods?<br />Saying you have tried weight training is an extremely broad statement. There are hundreds of different methods of weight training, very few of which will provide optimal results for your vertical jump. Out of the thousands of athletes I have worked with, although the majority has tried weight lifting, plyometrics and other potentially effective methods of training, very few have employed a correct training strategy for optimum results.<br />The take home message here is that it is not so much what you do, but how you do it. What makes the situation worse is that incorrect training feels good. Proper training for explosiveness is counterintuitive to most athletes. Although many athletes have tried training like plyometrics, weightlifting, etc., very few athletes have been shown the proper way to train, or the proper "mode" of training that yields maximum results.<br />There are many other training aspects that you're not currently targeting that could be getting you quick results to improving your vertical leap. You'll get actionable ways to get the results you want when you sign up here for free vertical jump training<br />Jacob Hiller is the creator of a bestselling vertical jump program called The Jump Manual and is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on vertical jump training.<br />If you're like most athletes who Want to Jump higher, you need quick, effective ways to put on muscle. Do you want to learn actionable ways to get the results you want? Would you like more tips for how to jump higher? Are you a dedicated athlete with a desire to excel at your sport? Do you want to use the best and most effective vertical jump training system to greatly increase your jump height? If yes, then you need to join Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual Program.<br />Click here ==> The Jump Manual, to read more about this Vertical Jump Training Program, and how it ranks with other Popular Vertical Jump Training Systems out there.<br />