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Vertical leap training exercises to strengthen a highly neglected muscle


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Vertical leap training exercises to strengthen a highly neglected muscle

  1. 1. HYPERLINK ""Vertical Leap Training - Exercises to Strengthen a Highly Neglected Muscle<br />Today I want to talk about a highly neglected muscle that can really affect your vertical jump. A lot of people over-exaggerate the effects of calves in the jump. Everyone knows the important of having strong quads in your vertical jump. A lot of people even know that your arms are effective in creating upward momentum. I've heard of people working out their abs, and it is true that working out any core muscles can help.<br />But recently in training someone to do some vertical jump exercises, this person didn't realize how much training your lower back can help you in increasing your vertical jump. I just wanted to explain to you how the lower back can help.<br />You see, when you're jumping and you have your basketball in your hands, you're going to go down to create momentum. Your lower back is what is going to throw your entire torso upwards, creating upward momentum. So your abdominal muscles are going to pull you forward, but it's your lower back and erector muscles that are actually going to throw you upwards, and can set up your legs to really propel you forward.<br />There are two different exercises that I'm really fond of using and training with.<br />Dead Lifts<br />One of them is called the dead lift. You'll want to do some more research on it so you can get your form right. But basically you have a bar in front of you, you lean over with your legs slightly bent, and then you slowly bring yourself up, and put your chest out. Make sure your back is arched the entire time.<br />Please don't do the exercise based on that brief explanation; get more information on how to do it. I really recommend wearing a belt for that one.<br />Medicine Ball Throws<br />Another exercise that is really helpful I call medicine ball throws. You can use the biggest medicine ball you can find, or you can use a large rock, or any really heavy object that you can throw in the air.<br />Next, take an approach like you're heading toward the rim, or towards the net, or whatever your sport is. Lean down and put the medicine ball or the rock on the ground. Then explode up and throw the rock as high as you can over your head (don't let it land on you.) But just throw it as high as you can.<br />You want to do 4 sets of 8 throws, and each throw should be meant for explosion, like you're going towards the rim.<br />You'll notice that as you do these exercises, you're going to create a lot more momentum and it will smooth the entire process for jumping higher.<br />There are so many things that you're not targeting that could be getting you quick results to improving your vertical leap. You'll get actionable ways to get the results you want when you sign up here for free vertical leap training.<br />Jacob Hiller is the creator of a bestselling vertical leap program called The Jump Manual and is considered one of the world's foremost authorities on vertical leap training.<br />If you're like most athletes who Want to Jump higher, you need quick, effective ways to put on muscle. Do you want to learn actionable ways to get the results you want? Would you like more tips for how to jump higher? Are you a dedicated athlete with a desire to excel at your sport? Do you want to use the best and most effective vertical jump training system to greatly increase your jump height? If yes, then you need to join Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual Program.<br />Click here ==> The Jump Manual, to read more about this Vertical Jump Training Program, and how it ranks with other Popular Vertical Jump Training Systems out there.<br />