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Degree of comparison


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menjelaskan tentang grammar degree of comparison (perbandingan)

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Degree of comparison

  1. 1. Dinas Pendidikan, Pemuda dan Olahraga 2011/2012
  2. 2. • Rama’s mango is sweet • Hari’s mango is sweeter than Rama’s • Govind’s mango is the sweetest of all If you want to know the answer
  3. 3. There are 3 levels for Degrees of Comparison • Positive Degree • Comperative Degree • Superlative Degree
  4. 4. Formation of Comparative and Superlative Most Adjectives of one syllable, and some of more than one, form the Comparative by adding er and the Superlative by adding est to the Positive. Positive Comparative Superlative Sweet Sweeter Sweetest Small Smaller Smallest Tall Taller Tallest Clever Cleverer Cleverest Young Younger Youngest Great Greater Greatest
  5. 5. When the Positive ends in e, only r and st are added. Positive Comperative Superlative Brave Braver Bravest Nice Nicer Nicest Fine Finer Finest Large Larger Largest When the Positive ends in y, preceded by a consonant, the y is changed into i before adding er and est. Positive Comperative Superlative Happy Happier Happiest Easy Easier Easiest Heavy Heavier Heaviest Dry Drier Driest
  6. 6. When the Positive is a word of one syllable and ends in a single consonant, preceded by a short vowel, this consonant is doubled before adding er and est. Positive Comperative Superlative Big Bigger Biggest Hot Hotter Hottest Thin Thinner Thinnest Sad Sadder Saddest Adjectives of more than two syllables form the Comparative and Superlative by putting more and most before the Positive Positive Comperative Superlative Beautiful More beautiful Most beautiful Difficult More difficult Most difficult Famous More famous Most famous Useful More useful Most useful
  7. 7. When the Positive ends in y, preceded by a vocal, the y is not changed into i before adding er and est. Positive Comperative Superlative Gay Gayer Gayest Coy Coyer Coyest Grey Greyer Greyest The following take either er and est or more and most : Examples : polite simple gentle feeble narrow cruel common handsome pleasant stupid She is politer than her sister → She is more polite than her sister He is the politest of them → He is the most polite of them
  8. 8. IRREGULAR COMPARISON The following Adjectives are compared irregulary, that is, their Comparative and Superlative are not formed from Positive: Positive Comperative Superlative Good, well Better Best Bad, evil, ill Worse Worst Little Less, lesser Least Much More Most (quantity) Many More Most (number) Late Later, latter Latest, last Old Older, elder Oldest, eldest
  9. 9. There is a six-word adverbs (adverb) in the form of positive degrees, but the adjectives (adj) in the form of comparative and superlative : Positive Comperative Superlative Far Farther Fartherst Neath Nether Nethermost (Fore) (Foremer) Formest, first (In) (inner) Inmost, innermost (Up) (upper) Upmost, uppermost (Out) Outer, (utter) Utmost, uttermost
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