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WavuNet: Outsourced ISV Channel Sales and Business Development


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A brief overview of how WavuNet is the most efficient and certain way to increase ISV revenue and market presence through a trusted system integrator (SI) network.

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WavuNet: Outsourced ISV Channel Sales and Business Development

  1. 1. Join The Tribe<br />
  2. 2. We are the go-to Outsource Business Development Agency for enterprise software companies (ISV’s)<br />Our sole purpose is to increase ISV revenue and market presence through a trusted system integrator (SI) network that has an established and mature customer base<br />Welcome to WavuNet (Wah-Voo-Net)<br />
  3. 3. WavuNet is the bridge between ISV’s and SI’s<br />ISV’s will generate new revenue from the SI Network, with efficiency, certainty and speed<br />Join The Tribe<br />WavuNet SI Network<br />
  4. 4. Key factors to an ISV’s growthRisk + Priority + Cost<br />Need to balance these factors to achieve maximum Revenue and Market Presence<br />Risk<br />Priority<br />Cost<br />
  5. 5. Goals and options for revenue success<br />Goals<br />Options<br />ProS<br />ConS<br /><ul><li>20% are top performers
  6. 6. Limited rolodex (50-100)
  7. 7. High variable costs
  8. 8. In house control
  9. 9. Past customer relationships</li></ul>Hire reps<br />Revenue<br /><ul><li>In house control
  10. 10. Past partner relationships
  11. 11. Few partners
  12. 12. Very slow startup
  13. 13. Risk of failure </li></ul>Build BD<br /><ul><li>Low closure rate
  14. 14. Limited customer penetration</li></ul>Market Presence<br /><ul><li>Broad market coverage</li></ul>Marketing<br /><ul><li>1500+ customer relationships
  15. 15. Immediate partnerships
  16. 16. Broad market coverage</li></ul>WavuNet<br /><ul><li>Not in house</li></li></ul><li>WavuNet is the most efficient & certain option to achieve success<br />Goals<br />Options<br />Hire reps<br />Revenue<br />Build BD<br />Marketing<br />Market<br />Presence<br />WavuNet<br />and here is how…<br />
  17. 17. Value Drivers<br />BdExcelerator<br />Methodology<br />Collaboration<br />Center<br />Scorecards &<br />Reports<br />Pipeline & collateralcoordination<br />Measured success<br />SI Network<br />Playbook<br />Efficient execution<br />
  18. 18. BdExcelerator<br />Plug In<br />Amplify<br />Drive<br />Win<br /><ul><li>Create interdependence between ISV and SI Network
  19. 19. Mine new leads & projects from SI Network
  20. 20. Manage pipeline & provide transparency
  21. 21. Continuously communicate with SI Network
  22. 22. Deliver bi-weekly Progress Report to ISV
  23. 23. Cultivate collaboration between ISV’s and SI Network
  24. 24. Guide opportunities from 5% leads to 100% wins
  25. 25. Measure success with Balanced Scorecard
  26. 26. Develop ISV customer success cases & win press releases
  27. 27. Announce ISV-SI partnerships
  28. 28. Rollout ISV value prop to SI Network
  29. 29. Ramp up technical skills in SI Network
  30. 30. Repeatedly educate SI Network
  31. 31. Promote ISV to be top of mind in SI Network
  32. 32. Align ISV value prop for SI Network readiness
  33. 33. Leverage WavuNet’s content templates
  34. 34. Identify SI network candidates
  35. 35. Shape collateral for SI Network
  36. 36. Introduce ISV to SI Network</li></ul>Program Management<br /><ul><li>Continuously improve & optimize BD process
  37. 37. Manageexecutive relationships
  38. 38. Expand SI Network</li></li></ul><li>Collaboration Center<br />Company based access<br />Opportunity trackingand workflow<br />Registrations<br />Approvals<br />Updates<br />Notifications<br />Total pipeline visibility<br />Content and collateral sharing to the SI Network<br />
  39. 39. Progress Reports<br />Red-yellow-green status<br />Milestones completed<br />Activity updates<br />Next steps outlined<br />Revenue & pipeline dashboard<br />Scorecards & Reports<br /><ul><li>Balanced Scorecard
  40. 40. 3 measurement areas
  41. 41. Means & results metrics
  42. 42. Scoring algorithm
  43. 43. 360o spider chart analysis</li></li></ul><li>Content templates to accelerate ISV message into the SI Network<br />Presentations<br />Cheat sheets<br />Demo vignettes<br />Whitepapers<br />Go-to-network checklist of activities and milestones<br />SI Network Playbook<br />
  44. 44. How WavuNet works<br />ISV Clients<br />SI Network<br />Sign one standard contract with WavuNet<br />Instant partnership with any/all SI’s in the SI Network<br />Receive new license revenue from referrals / resells from the SI Network<br />Sign one standard contract with WavuNet<br />Instant partnership with any/all ISV clients<br />Refer and/or resell new, leading-edge technologies<br />Earn commissions<br /><ul><li>Program Management
  45. 45. Proven Methodology
  46. 46. Lead Generation
  47. 47. Pipeline Management
  48. 48. Maintain Relationships
  49. 49. ISV Client expansion
  50. 50. SI Network expansion</li></li></ul><li>SI Coverage<br />1500 Customers<br />Trusted Advisors<br />Expertise in <br />SOA, SaaS, Cloud, ERP, ALM, BPM <br />Supply Chain, Healthcare, Government<br />Worldwide coverage<br />US Concentration <br />
  51. 51. WavuNet’s Win-Win-Win<br />ISV Clients<br />SI Network<br />New license revenue<br />Expanded market presence<br />Extended delivery capabilities<br />Instant BizDev program with established SI Network and customer base through a single contract<br />Increased revenue and influence in existing customers<br />Pure margin via refer & resell commissions<br />Additional services revenue from ISV’s<br />Work with multipletechnologies through a single contract<br /><ul><li>Multiple technologies
  52. 52. Multiple SI’s
  53. 53. Trusted relationships
  54. 54. Proven methodology
  55. 55. Shorter Sales Cycles
  56. 56. Better Close Rate</li></li></ul><li>Join The Tribe<br />One focus on ISV new license revenue results<br />Instant access to the trusted SI Network with over 1500 established customers<br />Senior executive experience with more than $150m in career partner revenue<br />Best practice partner and relationship management methodology<br />Most efficient and certain path to winning new license revenue<br />