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Horizon Line Bias(HLB) Video Faq The Basics


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A series of training presentations ranging from getting your account established thru advanced futures trading techniques.

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Horizon Line Bias(HLB) Video Faq The Basics

  1. 1. HLB Video FAQ The Basics
  2. 2. Pick a broker• Should have a large selection of futures instruments to trade.• Favorable commission rates• Fast executions• Easy to use software platform
  3. 3. Fund the account• You want to setup a margin account to trade futures• You want flexible methods to add and subtract funds from the account• Funding gets you realtime data
  4. 4. Download the software• Install the trading platform on your desktop• Decide on the number of monitors you want• Figure out what all the buttons do in the simulator
  5. 5. Setup ACH transfers• Be sure your broker can do ACH transfers into and out of your account at no charge to you• Link your brokerage account to your bank account• Sweep all your profits into you bank account on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly)