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HLB preso


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General overview of Horizon Line Bias (HLB) trading signal used to trade the Euro

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HLB preso

  1. 1. Trading the Horizon Line Bias signal WaveriderBill Inc Copyright 2012
  2. 2. About Me• High tech refugee!• Electronics, Business• Prime Computer, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems• Became unsatisfied with the Circus
  3. 3. In search of the Holy Grail• Journey started in 1987• Explored Stocks, Options, ETFs, Futures• Explored Technical Analysis• Became Frustrated and Depressed
  4. 4. Evolution of the HLB• I just wanted something that worked.• Which led to the development of the HLB signal.
  5. 5. HLB Theory• Similar to commercial aviation• Long periods of boredom - still waters• Followed by sheer terror - the storm
  6. 6. HLB Theory• The Currency Futures market is “The perfect storm”• During the storm is when you have the ability to make money!
  7. 7. HLB Strategy• The HLB Signal identifies potential stormy areas!• The HLB strategy plots your course and allows you to navigate the storm.
  8. 8. HLB Tactics• Wait for the signal bar to complete• Draw the HLB line at the hi/low depending on the breakout direction• Buy/Sell the breakout of the HLB bar• Buy/Sell the breakout of a pullback bar above/below HLB Line
  9. 9. What is a Spout Signal?• The Spout Signal identifies areas of sudden extreem volitility, volume and price action.
  10. 10. Spout trading tactics• Jump on the spout for some quick ticks!• Use the spout as an exit strategy for a trade you are already in.• “At the end of the spout get the hell out”.
  11. 11. Trade Management• Its all in the wrist!
  12. 12. HLB Line Stops• Place your stop above/ below the HLB line and leave them there until a profit target is hit
  13. 13. Trailing Bar Stops• Trail the stop at the Hi/ Low of the previous bar based on the position of price action above/ below the HLB line.
  14. 14. Keltner Channel Stops• Trail the Hi/Low of the Keltner Channel
  15. 15. Charts• Lets review some recent HLB Signals!
  16. 16. Summary• Realtime access to the HLB trading room• The Spout Signal is included• Currently tuned to the Euro, Pound coming soon!• Signals texted to your smartphone
  17. 17. Any Questions?• Ask away!