Maniac part 2


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Chapters 8 - 16 main ideas and concepts

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Maniac part 2

  1. 1. Maniac Magee Part 2 Chapters 9-16
  2. 2. A snapping turtleis a large, aggressive, freshwater turtle
  3. 3. A cobraA cobra is a poisonous Asian or African snake. The cobra rears up and flares out its hood threateningly when it is going to strike.
  4. 4. The Mars BarThe Mars Bar is a candy bar with caramel and nougat topped by almonds and coated with chocolate.
  5. 5. A vultureA vulture is a large bird that feeds on dead animals.
  6. 6. A hemisphereA hemisphere is the northern or southern half of the earth divided by the equator, or the easternor western half divided by the prime meridian.
  7. 7. Vocabularyrunt—a person or an animal that is smallpelting—hitting or strikinginstincts—strong reactions or motivations that seem automatic rather than thought outbefuddled—to be confusedglare—an angry starefinicky—extremely fussy in taste and standardscringed—drawn back as in fearscowling—exhibiting a look of displeasurehoisted—lifted upquiver—to slightly shake or tremble
  8. 8. To think about as you read:The following questions will help you understand the meaning of what you read.Look at them before you begin reading, and think about them while you are reading.1. What does Maniac do that has never been done before by kids in Two Mills?2. How do Maniac and Amanda meet again?3. What is significant about Maniac meeting Mars Bar?4. Where and how does Maniac find a new home?5. How does Maniac help the Beale family?
  9. 9. Some literary devices used in thissectionThemep.30 Nobody messed with them, at least,nobody in the West End.p.32 Hector Street was the boundary between the East and West Ends.p.34 ..white kids just didnt....p.43 East End was East End....p.44 Maniac finally had an addressp.53 He was afraid of losing his namep.58 Or a kid whos another colorListingp.31 ..past the Italian restaurant on the corner, the bakery.....Similep.36 Suddenly... a broom came down like a straw curtain...
  10. 10. Metaphorp.40 was the broken wing of a bird, a pet out in the rain.Alliterationp.50 silence and solitudeForeshadowingp.56 But everything did not love him back