Maniac magee part 1


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Chapters 1 - 8 key ideas and understandings

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Maniac magee part 1

  1. 1. Maniac Magee Things to know
  2. 2. Teach Literary Devices Link to website for these
  3. 3. LegendA legend is a popular story that may not be completely true.
  4. 4. LegacyA legacy is something receivedfrom the past.
  5. 5. TrolleyA trolley is a streetcar electrically powered from overhead wires.
  6. 6. The Schuylkill riverThe Schuylkill River is a river in Pennsylvania that flows by the city of Philadelphia.
  7. 7. SamaritanA Samaritan is a person that helps strangers in distress.
  8. 8. A puntA punt in football is a ball kicked by the top of the foot before the ball, dropped from the hands,hits the ground.
  9. 9. A buntA bunt in baseball occurs when the batter taps the ball without swinging the bat.
  10. 10. A four baggerA four-bagger in baseball is another name for a home run.
  11. 11. Vocabulary PracticeRead the sentences below. On the line, write your definition of the word in bold type. In your copybook use FIVE of these words in a new sentence of your own.1. “Of course, to be accurate, he wasn’t really Maniac then. He was Jeffrey. Jeffrey Lionel Magee.”accurate: ________________________________________________________________2. “Amanda was suspicious.Who was this white stranger kid? And what was he doing in the EastEnd, where almost all the kids were black?”suspicious: _______________________________________________________________3. “She slammed the suitcase shut and started hauling it along.”hauling: _________________________________________________________________4. “But the ball never quite reached Hands. Just as he was about to cradle it in his big brownloving mitts, it vanished.”vanished: ________________________________________________________________5. “Later on that first day, there was a commotion in the West End.”commotion: ______________________________________________________________
  12. 12. Vocab practice ctd.6. “Another swears it was a mirage, some sort of hallucination, possibly caused by evilemanations surrounding 803 Oriole Street.”emanations: ______________________________________________________________7. “[The ball] was in the air, riding on a beeline right out to McNab’s head, the same line it camein on, only faster. McNab froze, then flinched, just in time.”flinched: _________________________________________________________________8. “His nostrils flared, he was breathing like a picadored [speared] bull.”flared: __________________________________________________________________9. “He lumbered off the mound after the frog, which was now hopping down the third-baseline.”lumbered: _______________________________________________________________10. “Ordinarily, he would have returned it sooner, but he was so fascinated by the story of theChildren’s Crusade that he kept it and read it the next day. And the next.”fascinated: ______________________________________________________________
  13. 13. To think about as you read:The following questions will help you understand the meaning of what you read. Look at them before you begin reading, and think about them while you are reading.1. Why did Jeffrey run away from his family?2. How does Jeffrey deal with being homeless?3. What is the significance of Two Mills being divided into an East and a West End?4. Why does Maniac’s physical appearance bother Amanda and the others?5. How does Maniac become a legend in Two Mills?
  14. 14. Some Literary Devices used in thissectionThemep.2 ..sometimes the girl holding one end of the rope is from the West side of Hector, and the girl on the other end is from the East side...p.12 -the East End was blacks, the West End was whitesSimile:p.11 He and Amanda and the suitcases were like a rock in a streamp.13 The book came flapping like a wounded duckp.19 ..he took off like a horsefly from a swatterp.25 He was breathing like a picadored bullMetaphorp.1 His stomach was a cereal box and his heart a sofa springp. 16 Finsterwalds backyard was a graveyard...
  15. 15. Rhetorical Questionsp.1 Whats true, whats myth?Sensory Languagep.7 starry, sweet onion-smelling night