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Social Media Apps White Paper Aug 2010 1


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Social Media and Mobile apps Whitepaper

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Social Media Apps White Paper Aug 2010 1

  1. 1. Mobile Applications & Social Media Marketing Stephanie Hawn, IAC, Wave Regina Caffey, CEO & Principal, Wave Updated June 23, 2010
  2. 2. Trends in Social Media Apps Social Networking on the move: Integration of services: Applications are being developed for Applications integrating multiple social portable devices to give them easy to networking services are increasingly social networking sites. Now getting positive response approximately 25% of all users access social networking sites through portable Better Data Mining and Analysis: devices. More and More business Intelligence Many companies are launching portable companies are coming into market to devices which are basically meant for find better ways to mine data available accessing social media, with regular on social networks to improve their telecom services like Microsoft launched product and services. mobile Kin which is integrated with Facebook, my space and twitter and lets Like SAS Institute, the leader in user change even their status from advanced business intelligence and data device. analytics software, thinks it can do better. It is introducing a software Location based social networking: service called SAS Social Media Analytics that analysts say seems to Existing social networking platforms are represent a step ahead in social media predominantly stationary. Location analysis tools. based social networking enables users registered onto a network to identify The new SAS service is powered by the themselves whenever they reach within a natural-language processing certain predefined proximity. Users technology. Analysts who have looked would be able to see virtual profiles of at the new offering – and tried it out – these people just as they do of people on are impressed by the accuracy of its any other social networking site. automated sentiment analysis. Until People with common interests could now, they say, software alone has not then meet up and collaborate for work come near the caliber of “human and pleasure. Though location based readers”. social networking is predominantly mobile based, there are enough new Rise of Social CRM: technological advancements happening to make this platform accessible on the Applications are providing CRM-like go on platforms not merely restricted to features to business professionals’ social mobile space. networking site, including the ability to organize contacts into folders and to add notes to profiles. The service requires a LinkedIn Premium Account ($25 per month or more) are in high demand
  3. 3. Some other features like importing contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Children 12 and under send about 1,146, Twitter, Outlook, and text messages a month – or about four Gmail into one dashboard are preferred. text messages per waking hour that they are not in school. What Does This Mean? American teenagers use American teens send more than 3,000 text messages a Social Media App Usage month – or more than 10 times every hour that they are not sleeping or in school. Who uses Social Media Mobile Apps? And How Often? According to the Nielsen Company, the _____________________________ largest group of Mobile Social Media users are the 35 – 54 age range; additionally, females make up 55% of users. Mobile & Facebook According to Facebook, there are more than 100 million users who access their platform from their mobile phones. These 100 million users are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
  4. 4. Yammer asks the question, what Mobile Companies see the potential and are you working on?” This power that these users have: more than application provides opportunity 200 mobile operators in 60 countries are for collaboration within your working to “deploy and promote” organization. Unlike Twitter, Facebook Mobile products. Yammer can only be viewable by those within your company. The Yammer application is a great Outfitting Your Mobile Toolbox way to communicate with your team when you’re away from the The following tools on your mobile office. device help users to stay ahead of the curve: • Evernote Evernote is the application that • Google Reader: allows you to keep in one place Being able to read, star and share everything that’s going on in on the go me makes this a must- your life. From notes, to have for any mobile toolbox. recordings, to snapshots this You can use the mobile browser application works great as a mind edition of Google Reader or dump tool as well as a way to iPhone applications like collect and organize your latest Newstand or Feeds. research material. • Twitter • Flickr Flickr provides a very useable • Facebook mobile browser application that allows you keep up with the • Friendfeed: photos from your contacts as Friendfeed is an application used well as search and view Flickr to monitor conversations and videos. You can also upload links that my friends are sharing. photos from your email app. The mobile browser version of Friendfeed works great to be able to view the activity while away • Summizer: Twitter Trend from my desktop. Search Summerizer is the application for Twitter search • LinkedIn The LinkedIn application allows • Bookmarks you to get updates from your Bookmarks is Delicious You can network as well as all of their browse your bookmarks as well contact information. as add bookmarks from within Safari. If you use Delicious then • Yammer you’ll want to add Boomarks to Yammer is Twitter for your mobile toolbox. companies and organizations.
  5. 5. Conclusion Mobile Social Media is a powerful tool in both the personal realm and business world. While the majority of current internet use may be via PC, The Shift is coming. In the next three years, most social media and internet will be accessed and most business conducted from mobile technology. Sources: