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Wavedigitech presentation-2013-v1


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About Us We provide quality solution for embedded system and deliver the best, Thereby helping clients to “Do Business Better”. Wavedigitech is leading in providing Software Services and research. We follow stringent information security and quality standards. Our expertise and experience enable businesses to reduce costs and increase process efficiency.

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Wavedigitech presentation-2013-v1

  1. 1. © Copyright 2013, update: June 15, 2013, us on 91-963283917E-Mail : info@wavedigitech.comE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  2. 2. NetworkingConsumerElectronicsMobile DevicesAutomotive Electronics &In-vehicle Infotainment• Bluetooth• Wi-Fi• Zigbee• sasASAs• Multimedia Streaming• Connected Navigation• In-car Wi-Fi• Handheld Devices• Tablets• Home Entertainment .• Security devices• Multimedia Devices,Embedded VerticalsE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  3. 3. •Development of Board Support Packages and device drivers integration.•Support for creating base Android ports for ARM and X86 based chipsets.•upgrade Android ports from older versions to newer releases•Support to OEM / ODMs in maintenance of Android devices in the market.•Support for developing & integrating custom device drivers• Android images for non mobile applications like STB’s, KiosksBase Porting ofAndroid•Customize and port Android Open Core (Android Media framework).•Cellular baseband driver integration and testing.AndroidMiddlewareLayer•Porting applications from one version to higher versions.•Developing turnkey applications.•Focus on non-mobile/non-tablet systems running on Android.AndroidApplicationServicesAndroid Services• Base porting of Android and OS Upgrade on different targetplatforms.• Services and development of Board Support Package (BSP)• Device driver development / customization / Integration.• Application development.E-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  4. 4. E-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  5. 5. E-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  6. 6. Embedded SystemsSpecialtiesEmbedded OS / RTOSProgramming LanguagesDevelopment ToolsCPUs and MicrocontrollersProtocols / StandardsMethodologies• .NET, PHP• Java, Perl, HTML• VxWorks• QNX• Thread-X• Embedded Linux (uClinux, RTLinux, ..)• Windows CE , eCos.• Debuggers (source & assembly level)• VC++, GCC, KEIL C/C++, Java, assembler• Circuit design & simulator Orcad, Multisim,• LAN: TCP/IP, Ethernet, SNMP, CMIP• WAN: T1/E1, DS3, X.25• Cellular / PCS / CDMA / TDMA/GSM GPRS• Others: USB, IrDA, CAN, GPS, RS485• Object-Oriented Analysis Design• NEC V800 series , Microchip PICs• MIPS, AVR• Intel 8051, 8052, x86• Data Link: HDLC, SDLC, LLC, LAP/B/D• Broadband: ATM, Frame Relay• Digital Signaling: ISDN, SS7• C / C++• Assembly languages• ARM Processors, PowerPC• DSP Processors, SPARC• Qcom, Hitachi SH family• Single board computer SDKs• Configuration Management Tools• Debuggers (source & assembly level)• Structured Analysis & Design• Schematic Circuit Design• Board Support Packages (BSPs)• Operating Systems• Firmware / Device Drivers• Kernel development• Protocol StacksE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  7. 7. Android based productdevelopment – Mobile Phones,Tablets, Automotive, andConsumer ElectronicsOptimized Androiddevelopment for tabletsand portable devices Taking Android beyondCell phones & tablets.MultimediaExtensions/MiddlewareUI framework extensionand customizationPlatform specific portingand optimization of AndroidWavedigitech IT SolutionsEmbedded for every SolutionE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  8. 8. WavedigitechEmbeddedLinux/UnixProgrammingAndroidE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  9. 9. Embedded AndroidLinux UnixProgramming SDLCProjects TestingC C++Java Perl/SQLNetworking StorageComptia-A+ ServerswavedigitechE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  10. 10. http://www.wavedigitech.comCorporate And Custom TrainingFor IT Professionals and Graduates
  11. 11.• Fully customized content andinstruction to meet your specific needs• Qualified, experienced, industryexperts and faculty as instructors• Proven track record with the area’stop organizations• Instructional materials, case studiesand activities related to yourcompany and industry• Cost savings for your training budgetPlacement and Training ModuleE-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  12. 12. Wavedigitech will work individually with your company tounderstand your vision and identify your learning needs and objectives.Services OfferedTraining Areas Classroom, Instructor Lead Programs Personal and Professional Development, Professional Trainers for Mentoring Instructional Design Embedded Training Kits Hands on experience on Live Projects Video Courses and Tutorials Training in Programming Languages Programming Languages ( C, C++, JAVA) Linux/Unix Microcontrollers and Processors RTOS ( Vxworks, QNX ) Android Embedded Systems Linux Internals and Device Drivers Networking/Wireless SDLCWe are specialize in designing programs to meet the specific content.We Provide comprehensive training in Embedded systems and different area ofProgramming .E-mail:; Phone : 91-9632839173
  13. 13. UNC Charlotte will work individually with your company tounderstand your vision and identify your learning needs and objectives.We specialize in designing programs to meet the specific content,location and scheduling requirements of your organization.For more information contact:Director of Corporate,14th Main , 19th Cross,Subramanian Nagar , Bangalore 560021.Phone : +91-91-9632839173web link:www.wavedigitech.comCopyright © 2013 Wavedigitech. All rights reserved.