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  • Assess how mobile can help meet your campaign goals (does your target use mobile and how?)Identifywhat mobile tactics best deliver on your KPIs (Apps, WAP, SMS, LBS, Mobile ads)Defineuser experience- Map the user paths to determine how can mobile enhance experiences and how do you want users to engage with your mobile contentPrioritizetop 3-5 content areas for mobile experience
  • Picking the most relevant mobile experiences for your audience is critical to optimal ROI. Whether is SMS/MMS/ or mobile email, mobile web. Apps, mobile gaming, or location based services, understand who you are trying to reach and choose the technologies they are most engaged with and that will meet your marketing objectives. Then close the loop by integrating video and social into the experience and use search and display (including rich media) to drive even more scale.
  • Now the seemingly age old debate of mobile web vs apps. According to the MSFT Future of Mobile study last year, the reality is that only 17% of people use apps most of the time (more than 51% of the time) while 58% of people use mobile web most of the time. But the lower number for apps doesn’t negate their importance. The key is to understand the different uses for apps vs mobile web. When it comes to mobile commerce activities like research, search, and shopping are the most relevant and where the mobile web pulls out ahead of apps. The caveat is retailers or companies with numerous product lines with moderate to high purchase frequencies – for them a dual mWeb and app strategy could be most successful.
  • Take this MSFT example for Office 2010The team understood the effectiveness of video to drive the brand but were not sure how effective it could be in mobile. The team included a MSFT Tag on all the print executions – each driving to the a page of the mobile site with imagery and content directly related to that particular execution. The content promoted was demo video that featured the same talent from the print ad. The other key feature of the mobile page was a field to sign up for a trial download of Office. Now with these simple connections, the static print ad is now engaging and interactive and measureable. The print add works harder
  • The last principle is to think about the unique shopper pains your target consumers experience and offer ways to solve for those needs. Here is a great example from Benjamin Moore. One of the most important aspects of redecorating is color coordinating. With this app created by Benjamin Moore – you are able to use the phone’s camera to take a picture or open an existing picture saved on your phone. Tap on anything in the picture and the app will detect its color and offer a palette of paint colors along with the name and product number and a link to retail locations to go buy it. This is a brilliant way to facilitate action with an existing consumer behavior to drive sales
  • You have put a stake in the ground and decide early that mobile is a part of your mix. Bash the bolted on mobile strategy and make sure mobile is a is at the table from the start and is integrated
  • Do your homework. Good marketing is consumer centric and that need for insights driven decisions is critical in mobile. Know your audience, know the market, and know what you are trying to achieve
  • The first principle is to leverage mobile to be a part of key consumer moments. Here is a fun example shared with us by one of MSFT’s mobile agency’s The Hyperfactory. A brand we all know whether we want to mention it or not lol Trojans. The team understood that the importance of being a apart of their consumer’s key moment – date planning. So they partnered with Pandora to offer this expandable banner leading to a concert listing hub based on the users customized radio stations. Date night delivered.Here is another example where the Trojans intends to help set the mood with custom radio stations. Again a nother important ingredient to a night that might include this productAnd they didn’t stop there – the team leveraged search. Out on a Sat night looking for the party? Throw those search terms in your mobile browser and along with the club or part locations, see a link for a trojans coupon as well as trojansbranded banner with city search listings All of these execution uniquely leverage conumser insights to integrate the brand into key moments that the target audience would be most inclined to make the purchase.
  • Women in Wireless Seattle_Mobile Marketing

    1. 1. Mobile Strategy WIW- Seattle Spring Meeting March 21, 2013 Joy Liuzzo Barbara Pamplin1
    2. 2. ••••
    3. 3. What is mobile marketing?
    4. 4. Every Touchpoint is an Opportunity toConnect MOBILE
    5. 5. Mobile Strategy Framework Assess Target Audience behaviors Planning & Identify Best Mobile Tactics Strategy Define Goals & Success Metrics Customer Define the User Experience Experience Prioritize Content Areas Integrate Mobile CTAs in Traditional Execution Layer Additional Mobile Tactics Use Published Metrics Measure & Refine Learn and Optimize
    6. 6. What’s the best route to your audience?
    7. 7. Mobile Tactics by Audience Segment The size of the circle represents the importance of the mobile tactic for a given marketing segment Guiding Principles of Tactics: mobile usage behavior of each segment, propensity to own a smartphone, propensity to access mobile media and demographic profile..
    8. 8. Standardizing Mobile Attitudinal MetricsMobile tactics chosen for the campaign determines the location(s) of the survey deployment • mWeb, mDisplay, mSocial, etc.Sampling method for each specific tactic requires placement of banner, button, or text link torecruit • Not every tactic will allow an opportunity to gather sample and cooperation rates vary for each tacticCampaign objectives determinewhich pre-defined questions shouldbe added to the survey design • Survey can consist of 8-12 questions—depending on the sampling methodology and expected audience reach • Each survey design should include basic demographics based on B2B or B2C audience and segment definitions
    9. 9. Mobile Web vs Mobile Apps mWeb mApps news, (re)search and shopping social games, music, banking emailSource: Microsoft Future of MobileStudy, 2011
    10. 10. Mobile Web: Overview Tactic Definition: “Mobile Web” refers to a site developed specifically for use on an internet-connected mobile device. Mobile Web sites are optimized for mobile browsers, which have different capabilities than full computer browsers.Marketing Objective & Tactic Role Tactic KPI List Priority High-level content KPIs:Awareness delivery Visits, Page Views, Unique Visitors, % New Visitor, Bounce %, Avg VisitConsideration Product/service overview Length, Avg Page Depth, Success Event %, Video/Demo Views, Onsite Ad Click Product/service detail throughIntent/Evaluate and trials Additional Data Views:Purchase/Convert Commerce platform Top Content Viewed, Top Referrers, Top Search Terms, Onsite Search Terms, Devices, Outbound Links, Countries, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Carriers, Campaign IDs Drilling Down: Most of the KPIs noted above can beLoyalty/Advocacy Relationship management segmented by various user attributes such as: Device Type, Screen Size, New/Returning Visitor, Referring Site, Search Engine/Term, etc. These will often require additional configuration in the measurement tools.
    11. 11. Mobile Apps: Overview Tactic Definition: “Mobile App” refers to a lightweight internet application developed exclusively to run on smartphone or tablet devices. Mobile Apps can provide a similar experience as a mobile website but can be tailored for one or a small number of uses. Apps can also leverage phone features (i.e. cameras) that mWeb cannot. Marketing Objective & Tactic Role Tactic KPI List Priority KPIs:Awareness N/A Downloads, Launches, App Actions, Unique Users, % New User, Avg Session Product/service Length, Success Event %, Video/DemoConsideration overview Views, Onsite Ad Clickthru Demo and richIntent/Evaluate Additional Data Views: experience platform Top Content Viewed, Top Referrers, Top Search Terms, Onsite Search Terms,Purchase/Convert Commerce platform Devices, Outbound Links, Countries, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Carriers, Campaign IDs, App Versions Drilling Down: Most of the KPIs noted above can be Relationship touch segmented by various user attributesLoyalty/Advocacy point such as: Device Type, First/Returning User, Country, Carrier, etc. These will often require additional configuration in the measurement tools.
    12. 12. FOOD FOR THOUGHT
    13. 13. Mobile from the First Moment Integrated at step one Integral to campaign idea All partners at the tablehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon/
    14. 14. Blur the lines14
    15. 15. Be a KNOW it all Audience Insights Market Dynamics Business and Marketing Objectiveshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon/
    16. 16. Be A Part Of KeyBe a part of key “moments”
    17. 17. Questions? Lets Talk