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Bridging Structured and Unstructred Data with Apache Hadoop and Vertica


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Bridging Structured and Unstructred Data with Apache Hadoop and Vertica

  1. Bridging Unstructured & Structured Data with Hadoop and Vertica<br />Glenn Gebhart<br />Steve Watt<br />
  2. Contents<br /><ul><li>Our background with Big Data
  3. Accelerating and monitoring Apache Hadoop deployments with HP CMU
  4. I have my Apache Hadoop Cluster deployed….. Now what ?
  5. Sample application scenario with Apache Hadoop and Vertica</li></li></ul><li>3<br />HP Confidential<br />Cluster Management Utility<br />
  6. Managing Scale Out with HP CMU<br /><ul><li>Proven cluster deployment and management tool
  7. 11 Years Experience
  8. Proven with clusters of 3500+ nodes
  9. Deployment and Management
  10. Clone a Node (Hadoop Slave) and Deploy to an entire Logical Group.
  11. Provision applications and dependencies with parallel distributed copy (pdcp) and parallel distributed shell (pdsh)
  12. Command Line or GUI based cluster wide configuration
  13. Manage a node individually or manage a cluster as a whole
  14. Monitoring
  15. Scalable Non-intrusive Monitoring across a wide set of infrastructure metrics
  16. Extensible through Collectl integration</li></li></ul><li>5<br />HP Confidential<br />
  17. 6<br />HP Confidential<br />Tech Bubble? <br />What does the Data Say?<br />Attribution: CC PascalTerjan via Flickr<br />
  18. 7<br />HP Confidential<br />
  19. But what if I could turn that into this?<br />8<br />HP Confidential<br />
  20. And see how the amount invested this year differs from previous years?<br />
  21. 10<br />HP Confidential<br />Where is the money going?<br />
  22. What type of startups get the most investment funding?<br />
  23. Amount invested in Software Startups by Zip Code<br />
  24. How did you do that?<br />13<br />HP Confidential<br />How<br />did you <br />Do that?<br />Attribution: CC  Colin_K on Flickr<br />
  25. 14<br />HP Confidential<br />Apache <br />Identify Optimal Seed URLs<br />& Crawl to a depth of 2<br /><br />Crawl data is stored in segment dirs on the HDFS<br />
  26. 15<br />HP Confidential<br />
  27. 16<br />HP Confidential<br />Making the data STRUCTURED<br />Retrieving HTML<br />Prelim Filtering on URL<br />Company POJO then /t Out<br />
  28. 17<br />HP Confidential<br />Aargh!<br />My viz tool requires zipcodes to plot geospatially!<br />
  29. Apache Pig Script to Join on City to get Zip Code and Write the results to VerticaZipCodes = LOAD 'demo/zipcodes.txt' USING PigStorage('t') AS (State:chararray, City:chararray, ZipCode:int);CrunchBase = LOAD 'demo/crunchbase.txt' USING PigStorage('t') AS (Company:chararray,City:chararray,State:chararray,Sector:chararray,Round:chararray,Month:int,Year:int,Investor:chararray,Amount:int);CrunchBaseZip = JOIN CrunchBase BY (City,State), ZipCodes BY (City,State);STORECrunchBaseZip INTO '{CrunchBaseZip(Company varchar(40), City varchar(40), State varchar(40), Sector varchar(40), Round varchar(40), Month int, Year int, Investor int, Amount varchar(40))}’USINGcom.vertica.pig.VerticaStorer(‘VerticaServer','OSCON','5433','dbadmin','');<br />
  30. The Story So Far<br />Used Nutch to retrieve investment data from web site.<br />Used Hadoop to extract and structure the data<br />Used Pig to add zipcode data.<br />End result is a collection of relations describing investment activity.<br />We’ve got raw data, now we need to understand it.<br />
  31. Why Vertica?<br />Vertica and Hadoop are complementary technologies.<br />Hadoop’s strengths:<br /> Analysis of unstructured data (screen scraping, natural language recognition)<br /> Non-numeric operations (graphics preparation)<br />Vertica’s strengths<br /> Counting, adding, grouping, sorting, …<br /> Rich suite of advanced analytic functions<br /> All at TB+ scales. <br />
  32. Built from the Ground Up: The Four C’s of Vertica<br />Columnar storage and execution<br />Continuous performance<br />Clustering<br />Compression<br />Achieve best data query performance with unique Vertica column store<br />Linear scaling by adding more resources on the fly<br />Store more data, provide more views, use less hardware<br />Query and load 24x7 with zero administration<br />
  33. Getting Data From Here To There<br />
  34. Connecting Vertica And Hadoop<br />Vertica provides connectors for Hadoop 20.2 and Pig 0.7.<br />Acts as a passive component; Hadoop/Pig connect to Vertica to read/write data.<br />Input retrieved from Vertica using standard SQL query.<br />Output written to Vertica table.<br />
  35. Vertica As a M/R Data Source<br />// Set up the configuration and job objects<br />Configuration conf = getConf(); <br />Job job = new Job(conf); <br />// Set the input format to retrieve data from Vertica<br />job.setInputFormatClass(VerticaInputFormat.class);<br />// Set the query to retrieve data from the Vertica DB <br />VerticaInputFormat.setInput(<br /> job,<br /> “SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar = ‘baz’<br />);<br />
  36. Vertica As a M/R Data Sink<br />// Set up the configuration and job objects<br />Configuration conf = getConf(); <br />Job job = new Job(conf); <br />// Set the output format to to write data to Vertica<br />job.setOutputKeyClass(Text.class);<br />job.setOutputValueClass(VerticaRecord.class);<br />job.setOutputFormatClass(VerticaOutputFormat.class);<br />// Define the table which will hold the output<br />VerticaOutputFormat.setOutput(<br /> job, <table name>, <truncate table?>,<br /> <col 1 def>, <col 2 def>, …, <col N def><br />);<br />
  37. Reading Data Via Pig<br /># Read some tuples<br />A = LOAD 'sql://< Your query here >' <br /> USING com.vertica.pig.VerticaLoader(<br /> ‘server1,server2,server3', <br /> ‘< DB Name>','5433',‘< user >',‘< password >’<br /> ); <br />26<br />
  38. Writing Data Via Pig<br /># Write some tuples<br />STORE < some var > <br />INTO '{<br /> < table name > (< col 1 def >, < col 2 def >, … )<br />}'<br />USING com.vertica.pig.VerticaStorer(<br /> ‘< server >',‘< DB >','5433',‘< user >',‘< password >’<br />);<br />27<br />
  39. Reporting And Data Visualization<br />
  40. Does My Favorite Application Work With Vertica?<br />Vertica is an ANSI SQL99 compliant DB.<br />Comes with drivers for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.Net.<br />If your tool uses a SQL DB, and speaks one of these protocols, it’ll work just fine.<br />
  41. We Support…<br />
  42. Traditional Reports<br />Integrates smoothly with reporting frontends such as Jasper and Pentaho.<br />Scriptable via the vsqlcommand line tool.<br />C/C++ SDK for parallelized, in-DB computation.<br />But… you have to know what questions you want to ask.<br />
  43. Graphical, Real-Time Data Exploration<br />
  44. Wrap-Up<br />
  45. Solutions leveraging Vertica in conjunction with Hadoop are capable of solving a tremendous range of analytical challenges.<br />Hadoop is great for dealing with unstructured data, while Vertica is a superior platform for working with structured/relational data.<br />Getting them to work together is easy.<br />In Closing…<br />
  46. Questions?<br />