Longo's - A Fully Integrated Retail Experience


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Longo's - A Fully Integrated Retail Experience

  1. 1. a fresh tradition ™Creating a Fully Integrated Retail ExperienceCase Study: Brand Re-image, Flagship Store, Private Label Redesign and Marketing SupportJanuary 2011
  2. 2. a fresh tradition ™ “As our integrated retail agency, Watt brings together all of our brand touchpoints; from research, to store design, to private label, to marketing and advertising. This cohesive approach enables us to have a stronger brand voice and drives home our unique position.” Anthony Longo President and CEO Longo Brothers Supermarkets2
  3. 3. a fresh tradition ™ Longo’s: Branding the Experience – Experiencing the Brand Longo Brothers Supermarkets Inc. (Longo’s) is a family- Over forty percent of Toronto residents have shopped operated grocery chain with 23 stores in the Metropolitan at a Longo’s recently, and over ninety percent of those Toronto area. Longo’s has been a valued client of Watt shoppers report that Longo’s always meets or exceeds International for more than twelve years. their expectations – a number unmatched by any of their competitors. Longo’s is also rated “best” by Toronto area Recently, Longo’s undertook an aggressive retail store shoppers in all critical “fresh” grocery categories and expansion and remodeling program, and we are proud shopping experience-related attributes. to be the Agency of Record for all of their research, consulting, marketing and design needs. Grocery shoppers relate to and trust the Longo’s brand and it has been our privilege to be their partner in the safeguarding and building of this reputable brand. 3
  4. 4. a fresh tradition ™ Challenge In 2005, Longo’s undertook a branding exercise with More importantly, when we explored the meaning of this their previous ad agency that resulted in a repositioning tagline with shoppers, almost none of them associated of the brand, encapsulated in the new positioning line: “Adventures in Food” with “Fresh” – a key store selection “Adventures in Food.” This effort was launched in 2006 influencer and one of Longo’s most critical competitive as part of Longo’s 50th Anniversary celebration. points of differentiation. Watt International led the retail design of Longo’s first In 2010, Longo’s assigned Watt as their comprehensive “Adventures in Food” concept store in 2007. The store has agency of record. As the first assignment, Longo’s since won numerous design awards, and is currently used as challenged Watt with the task of determining how to a model for new store introductions and remodels in properly reposition the Longo’s brand to appeal to its suburban areas. current shopper base, to attract new customers (especially in the new markets where Longo’s was expanding), to more As part of a research study we conducted in early 2009, we accurately reflect the Longo Brothers “story,” and to inspire discovered that, despite the prominance of the tagline in and employees to deliver a truly branded experience that would outside the store, only a small number of Longo’s shoppers be valued by its customers. (8%) correctly recalled the “Adventures in Food” tagline.4
  5. 5. a fresh tradition ™ Objectives The primary objective of our re-branding assignment was • A shopper experience and store design that reflected the to determine and articulate a Longo’s brand position that new Longo’s brand positioning; and, reflects their corporate vision, values, and strength in the • A promotional/merchandising and integrated marketing marketplace. plan that would maximize profitable growth by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Once the positioning was established, our objective was to translate it into: All of this had to be achieved in a timely fashion as Longo’s • A relevant, inspiring, and memorable tagline; was aggressively launching new stores. We also had to be extremely cost conscious with a sharp eye towards • An evolved corporate identity (logo development) and bottom-line impact. interior/exterior store communications; 5
  6. 6. Longo’s Brand Re-Positioning Longo’s Brand Re-Positioning The addition of the leaves within the brand identity reinforces the core proposition and provides a graphic element that can The addition of the leaves within the brand identity reinforces the core proposition and in other communications that can be leveraged in be leveraged provides a graphic element vehicles. other communications vehicles. The new tagline captures the two core core strengths brand; freshness The new tagline captures the two strengths of the of the brand; and heritage. freshness and heritage.6 6  
  7. 7. a fresh tradition ™New Flagship StoreLongo’s flagship store islocated in the lower level ofa new, upscale developmentadjacent to the Air CanadaCentre, Toronto’s majorsports arena 7
  8. 8. a fresh tradition ™ New Flagship Store Active digital reader presents daily specials and features to customers at the main entry point8
  9. 9. a fresh tradition ™ Elevator graphics reinforce core brand impressions 9
  10. 10. a fresh tradition ™ Seagrass accentuates the authentic nature of the space, while maintaining focus on product10
  11. 11. a fresh tradition ™ Innovative programs that connect communications and service A Living Wall adds character and promotes a positive corporate image 11
  12. 12. a fresh tradition ™ Chalkboards speak to authenticity and promote product information and value messages12
  13. 13. Building columnswere transformed intoaesthetic features withevocative language 13
  14. 14. Authentic merchandising supports the brand essence Whimsical use of the logo adds to character of the space14
  15. 15. Strong visual sub-brandfor the beer and winebar attracts attentionUrban residentialfinishes promote acomfortable atmosphere 15
  16. 16. a fresh tradition ™ Core proposition in prepared foods is accentuated through colorful signage16
  17. 17. Print Advertising 17
  19. 19. Billboard Site Conditionsfresh is herenext left, at Bremner Blvd. a fresh tradition TM 19
  20. 20. Value tier private brand redesign20
  21. 21. Premium tier private brand redesign 21
  22. 22. a fresh tradition ™ Images of other store locations: Small format urban22
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology Our methodology is a disciplined, tested approach to brand and marketing planning. It is flexible by design and highly collaborative to ensure we leverage our client’s corporate knowledge. We also build in various points of validation throughout each stage of the process.28
  29. 29. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology discover The objective of this phase is to develop a detailed understanding III. Financial Data Analysis: of the current state of our client’s business, store and competitive Watt utilized available transactional, financial, and consumer demo- environment, and identify opportunities, challenges and graphic data to build shopping and behavioral profiles for each key key strategic objectives. department. We analyzed variants in traffic flow patterns; variants in retail volume mix purchased; product purchase profiles and product For the Longo’s project, the activities during this phase included: clustering; and, consumer profiling and segmentation. This analysis enabled us to derive an overall performance metric (a composite I. Stakeholder Interviews: measure comprising consumer research, audits, and data analysis). We conducted stakeholder interviews with the project team members, key executives, and other Longo’s employees, to gain IV. Trend Analysis and Best Practices: a deeper knowledge and insight to support the development Our market intelligence group generated trending analysis and best of strategic opportunities for the Longo’s brand. practices reports, using relevant industry data available through our proprietary research database. II. Existing Material/ Research Review: We reviewed relevant existing materials provided by Longo’s. This included data from qualitative research groups conducted in 2003 and 2005 that led to the development of the “Adventures in Food” positioning, as well as more recent Usage & Attitude and Trade Market Analysis studies. 29
  30. 30. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology define In this phase we developed and executed primary research to assist • Establish key metrics relative to in-store communications and in determining current Longo’s brand perceptions among Longo’s branding that supports the Longo’s brand proposition. customers and non-customers as well as perceptions of the Longo’s brand in a competitive context. II. Competitive Online Research: This quantitative study was executed using existing online panels in This research project included: Longo’s trading areas and was designed to gain insights into: • How shoppers see their main grocery store as I. Store Intercept Research: being different from others; This is a two-step quantitative study executed through shopper inter- cepts at several Longo’s retail locations. Wave 1 established baseline • How shoppers perceive other grocery stores as measures against key metrics that were identified in collaboration being different; with the Client Project Team and through insights obtained during the Discovery Phase. Wave 2 will track performance after the new • How shoppers rank Longo’s competitive set on brand repositioning initiatives have been implemented. different “Fresh” dimensions; and, • Value perceptions to benchmark in a competitive context. More specifically, this research was designed to: • Measure awareness and comprehension of the current Longo’s III. Usage & Attitude Survey: brand proposition and sources of that awareness; In 2009, Watt designed, executed, and analyzed the most recent telephone–based survey for Longo’s. This allowed us to establish a • Assess relevance and differentiation of the Longo’s retail offering benchmark to measure future progress on delivering the new and experience, versus competitive alternatives; and, Longo’s brand positioning in a competitive context.30
  31. 31. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology define (cont.) IV. Brand Platform Development: A critical deliverable of this project was a credible, differentiated, We developed key elements for the brand positioning platform and relevant brand positioning platform for Longo’s that will using our proprietary BrandPyramid™ methodology, accompanied support the Longo’s vision, provide a framework clarifying the by detailed explanations, which provided context to elements value proposition to customers and employees, and serve as the contained in the brand platform. filter for all decision-making going forward. The final Longo’s brand platform was determined by collaboratively applying a strategic filter to arrive at the most compelling solution. 31
  32. 32. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology define (cont.) V. Experience Mapping: Watt developed an analytical framework with the Longo’s customer We defined Longo’s strategic points of customer interaction, at the center to ensure that the right product is supported by the audited the store, and determined the precise retail strategy to right message delivered at the right time, at the right place, be implemented. This approach provides a measurable benefit in the right way. to the bottom line. Ask us for an electronic copy of the Experience Map: it’s one of our most innovative and effective tools!32
  33. 33. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology design Key design deliverables for this project are the brand identity II. Integrated Marketing Activity Planning: elements, corporate brand activation, private brand, integrated For Longo’s, we are building the marketing activity plan from the marketing activities plan, and retail design to reflect the new “store out.” That is, a compelling shopper proposition that is stra- branded experience. tegically aligned with the brand pillars of the new Brand Platform. This proposition starts with an in-store experience and uses multiple I. Corporate Brand Activation: media to deliver the desired attitudinal and behavioral stimuli. Brand activation is a process for delivering innovative ways to bring the brand to life, internally within the organization. This process is There are four (4) primary integrated programs. These primary designed to gain insight from the people who lead the Longo’s programming windows will be aligned with, and launched through, organization across their respective areas to develop focused, Longo’s “Experience” magazine and supported by: actionable initiatives that keep the brand “alive” and “on message.” A. In-store programming (promotion, sampling, display); This is realized through a series of Brand Activation B. Traditional media (radio, print, direct); Workshops with Longo’s senior leadership team. The Workshops identify where Longo’s is currently delivering internally on the Brand C. Existing Longo’s digital assets (Twitter, blogs and Platform, areas for improvement, and opportunities to better deliver website); and, on the new Brand Platform in the future. Following this, we facilitated D. Longo’s highly successful “Thank You” loyalty program. Brainstorm Sessions with each departmental team. The scope is similar to the senior leadership team session, but on more of a departmental level. 33
  34. 34. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology design (cont.) III. Retail Design: Watt designed Longo’s new 48,000 square ft. store at Maple Leaf affordable, accessible food, and fresher, better quality products. It is Square in downtown Toronto. Not only is this a very exciting and both urban and energetic, and fits into the downtown landscape. high profile location, but it is the complete manifestation of Longo’s new brand platform and corporate identity. IV. Private Label: We worked with Longo’s to reposition and redesign their private Aside from the unique condominium residences located in the two label program, including the development of an architecture that towers perched on top of the 10-storey podium, Maple Leaf Square outlined the unique profile of each brand, and differentiated their will also boast a major destination retail centre, a boutique hotel, a value and signature tiers. daycare centre, and over 200,000 square ft. of office space. We then created an in-store communications program – including It’s at this exciting location where Watt has proudly designed Longo’s shelf talkers, end-aisle caps and signage – to educate customers and flagship store. We’re also proud that this is a LEED certified, convey the quality and personality of the private brands. To ensure environmentally friendly project. the consistency in the application of Longo’s new brands, we devel- oped Brand Standards Manuals to outline graphic and packaging Our design team has taken the new Longo’s brand platform and application guidelines. created a shopper experience that is inspiring, engaging, and differ- entiated from Longo’s competition. Longo’s new private label program delivers a better overall look and feel of the product, effectively communicates tier quality, and This is a landmark destination retail space that resonates with urban improves brand recognition, all of which will ultimately lead to shoppers and condo-dwellers, and conveys Longo’s commitment to greater brand loyalty.34
  35. 35. a fresh tradition ™ Methodology deliver We are committed to delivering results that move our Clients’ Watt has created a Brand Style Guide for Longo’s new brand identity businesses and support their brands long term through specific with guidelines to drive a common voice and design context to en- success measures we create together with them. sure consistency across all touch points. Once the brand platform has been fully executed and in the marketplace for an appropriate period Activities typically undertaken during this Phase include: of time, we will utilize the benchmarks established in Phase 1 and 2 implementation support, measurement, concept revision, standard (financial data analytics and the various research efforts) to assess development, and brand guardianship. ongoing brand performance and identify areas for improvement. 35
  36. 36. Who is Watt International…and why you should care Does your brand break through the noise? Getting into the hearts and minds of We are a truly integrated retail agency, with over forty years experience working in consumers, and eventually their wallets, is challenging at the best of times. And if all the over forty countries around the world. Working collaboratively with our clients and other pieces of your brand – your research, insights, strategy and creative – aren’t cut from the supporting agencies where existing relationships exist, we help uncover the most meaning- same cloth, you’re fighting an even tougher uphill battle. ful insights, set the right strategies, and deliver results-oriented creative solutions across every brand touchpoint. Through this integrated approach, our clients get single-source The key is quite simple – get everyone to sing from the same song sheet. But if you’re management, efficiencies in account management, and a brand experience that’s dealing with multiple consultants and agencies something eventually gets lost in translation. connected from the first insight to the last creative expression. So if you’re finding that the pieces of your brand puzzle just don’t seem to fit, we’d love to talk. Our single-source, best-in-class, integrated retail model works, and we’d love to show you how. we are retail. Want to know more? contactus@wattintl.com36
  37. 37. Testimonials“I haven’t come across another firm that “Your innovative thinking has “Watt has consistently delivered “The dedication, response times “[Watt] continues to deliver world- “[Watt’s] creativity anddelivers world-class research and strategy directly impacted our business high quality designs and has been a and quality of the work have class solutions that have given us an international experience make our AND creative execution better than and our brand.” pleasure to work with.” been fantastic.” edge in the marketplace.” locations a success.” Watt.” “From the very first phone call to “The customer traffic has increased “You guys are the best…. You “They really listen and were very “The final product is an incredible “I would just like to thank [Watt] the final product, our experience and we have experienced a 70% bring us new ideas, and challenge willing to work with us to help shopping experience....” for producing such an outstanding with Watt was fantastic.” increase in sales.” us. Your work is really great.” achieve our vision.” store....” “Watt enabled us to meet the “We could not be recognized for our “I believe that you have helped us “We are thrilled with the new “Watt is characterized by its “This achievement is a great needs of our customers and efforts without Watt International’s create one of the best retail brand format that Watt developed for our collaborative culture and great example of Watt’s expertise in maintain a leadership role in the creativity and dedication.” programs in the industry, and the Vintages Store…. Sales performance passion for their work.” designing retail solutions that footwear industry.” results are proving this.” is exceeding all expectations.” appeal to customers….” a fresh tradition™ “Watt’s superb combination of “We completely revamped the “[Watt’s] experience and “Their breadth of experience in retail, “We are very pleased with Watt’s “Sales performance and customer attentive account service, smart store.… 99% of these changes are understanding of the retail commitment to a collaborative process work on creating our new concept feedback are very positive and store strategic perspective and innova- directly based on your info and environment... puts them at the and creative inspiration are the foun- fresh format…. This is a unique AND operators say [stores] are easier and more tive creative has earned them our insights! The response and sales forefront of shopper marketing.” dations of our successful relationship.” practical design with innovative profitable to operate than loyalty and respect.” have been phenomenal!” ways to use very limited space.” previous models.” 37
  38. 38. a fresh tradition ™ Questions? Please contact: Patrick Rodmell, President + CEO Watt International 416.364.9384 x 324 prodmell@wattintl.com