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Baidu cloudfoundry english


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Baidu cloudfoundry english

  1. 1. A private cloud platform based on CloudFoundry TRANSLATED VERSION @Weiyu Wang(王炜煜),Operations Department @Baidu 2013-7-19
  2. 2. Outline  Background and Objectives Practice and Reform(Part 1、2) Processes and Standard Reform operations Future plans TRANSLATED VERSION
  3. 3. 1. Background and Objectives TRANSLATED VERSION
  4. 4. Operation and PaaS  Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime OP(SRE),operation PaaS (and IaaS) TRANSLATED VERSION
  5. 5. Objectives  Automation Business life cycle management,for example, modification 、 monitor、fault handling and so on. Resource utilization is elastic. Standardization Flow Instance standard System environment、runtime、framework Unification Integrate the third-party service,for example DB、Cache、log、FS and so on. Linkage with other system platform TRANSLATED VERSION
  6. 6. Why CloudFoundry ? Automation Standard Unification Machine Management (The downstream department) Automation StandardUnification TRANSLATED VERSION
  7. 7. Why CF ?  Automation Unification Standard TRANSLATED VERSION
  8. 8. 2. Practice and Reform(Part1) Java,base on cf 1.0 TRANSLATED VERSION
  9. 9. Java Apps  •  Number of Product Categories >100 •  APP >200 •  Instances>2000 •  Average single-instance 10G(Memory) •  Average Daily total pv > 1billion •  The numbers of developers and testers for APP > 700 •  Tomcat5/6/7、jdk1.5/1.6、Standalone TRANSLATED VERSION
  10. 10. Implementation and Preparation  •  Relevant modification based on CentOS ü  Deploy each CF component independently ⁺  Analyze BOSH、chef,implementation based on physical machine ü  OS environment initialization ⁺  apt-get is changed to yum ü  Ubuntu-cmd to CentOS ⁺  DEA(v1.0),agent.rb、secure.rb yum install -y make gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel.x86_64 openssl-devel.x86_64 libxml2.x86_64 libxml2- devel.x86_64 libxslt.x86_64 libxslt-devel.x86_64 git.x86_64 sqlite.x86_64 ruby-sqlite3.x86_64 sqlite- devel.x86_64 unzip.x86_64 zip.x86_64 ruby-devel.x86_64 ruby-mysql.x86_64 mysql-devel.x86_64 curl- devel.x86_64 postgresql-libs.x86_64 postgresql-devel.x86_64 zlib-devel.x86_64 readline-devel.x86_64 ImageMagick.x86_64 ImageMagick-devel.x86_64 php-magickwand.x86_64 TRANSLATED VERSION
  11. 11. Cluster capacity assessment  •  Number of instances,NATS capacity assessment ü  Number of instances hosted by single DEA(<100),the pressure to NATS-Server has little effect ü  Single NATS-Server can host 330 DEAs by a conservative estimate,The number of single instance is 5~30. ü  Multiple NATS-Server,extendable Deplay (ms) Number of DEAs (10 ~ 340) Number of Single DEA instances(5 ~ 30) Critical line 330 DEAs TRANSLATED VERSION
  12. 12. In cluster, component redundant, LB design  •  NATS ü  Cluster,multiple NATS, synchronous heartbeat ü  Cache information from client side. If network is cut down,it should keep to reconnect. ü  Multiple NATS does load balance(Client > 0.5.beta.6) NATS-Server1 NATS-Server2 NATS-Client (caching message) NATS-Server1/2, Random list TRANSLATED VERSION
  13. 13. Multiple cluster redundant design •  Multiple independent cluster ,logic independent ü  The first layer’s switch,modify DNS A record,for multiple domain names(CNAME to this A record), they will uniformly switch to to different clusters ü  The second layer’s switch,modify “interface layer”(For its application layer’s function ,it can be simply understood as Nginx’s reverse proxy ) ü  Ensure App (stateless) capacity,or expand the capacity quickly to prevent overload when the traffic switch back Baidu GateWay Front End Router A记录 Baidu GateWay Front End Router app1 app1 CNAME(formal domain name) CNAME(formal domain name) CNAME CNAME A A TRANSLATED VERSION
  14. 14. Core components, distributed  Router_1 NATS_1 Router NATS CC HM Stager DEA PG_DB Redis TRANSLATED VERSION
  15. 15. Framework(cf1.0)  DEA Logging Name Service Monitoring jvm Stager File Persistence HM Router CC Baidu GateWay / Front End jvm jvm API Bridge UAA jvm jvm jvm jvm jvm Router(Cluster 02) N A T S DB TRANSLATED VERSION
  16. 16. New features  •  Support RPC, Single instance with multiple ports ü  One instance will open multiple ports,and provide API to search the IP ,ports in real time ü  Linkage with “name service”,synchronize dynamic IP/port’s relationship with name. ü  RPC caller will connect the instance directly according to name TRANSLATED VERSION
  17. 17. DEA server Support RPC、 Single instance with multiple ports  Instance01:port Instance02:port API Bridge NS server TXT record ip:port ip:port RPC caller NS client Domain ip:port ip:port ip_local_port_range 10000 ~ 60000 Port pool(There is freeze period after allocation) 61000 ~ 65000 TRANSLATED VERSION
  18. 18. New features  •  Support JMX ü  API to search the IP and Jconsole port in real time, then implement to collect JMX data in real time. TRANSLATED VERSION
  19. 19. DEA Support JMX  Instance01: Jconsole 端口 Instance02: Jconsole 端口 { "instances": [ { "index": 0, "state": "RUNNING", "since": 438249600, "jconsole_ip": "", "jconsole_port": 61111 }, { "index": 1, "state": "RUNNING", "since": 438249600, "jconsole_ip": "", "jconsole_port": 62222 } Monitoring Metrics CpuUseRateDaemonThreadCount MemPool_OldGen_UseRate NonHeapMemoryUsage_used TotalCompilationTime TotalPeakThreadCount TotalStartedThreadCount UnloadedClassCount GC_Major_Frequency GC_Major_Time … … Stager: java{VCAP_JCONSOLE_PORT} TRANSLATED VERSION
  20. 20. New features  •  Enhancement to health monitor ü  Seven layers’ detection ü  Number of file handler detection TRANSLATED VERSION
  21. 21. DEA Server DEA agent.rb Health Manger instance http avali abili ty instance CPU MEM DISK …… report Enhancement to health monitor  hand ler TRANSLATED VERSION
  22. 22. DEA(v1.0), logical enhancement  •  Ports Management ü  Description ⁺  Single DEA, multiple instance,parallel to assign and start the port,there is no critical line,but there is the port competition issue ü  Solution ⁺  Reference DEA(v2.0)’s logic(Notes: it’s DEA_NG, not compatible with CF1.0) ⁺  Define ip_local_port_range as 10000~61000,it is dynamic ports’ range ⁺  Make 61001~65000 as DEA scheduling assigned ports ⁺  For assigned port,add “[release time、port num]” data structure ⁺  It resolve the port competition by delaying to release the port ü  Note ⁺  CF2.0 has resolved this problem by the same method above. TRANSLATED VERSION
  23. 23. DEA(v1.0),logical enhancement  •  Instance resource information management ü  Description ⁺  Du command takes long time to calculate the disk space, as a result, the following commands’ calculation is not consistent ⁺  When calculate the CPU utilization, it doesn’t consider the number of cores ü  Solution ⁺  Adjust the related command’s order ⁺  When calculate the CPU utilization, it should be divided by the number of cores ü  Notes ⁺  CF2.0 has resolved this problem. TRANSLATED VERSION
  24. 24. New features (Linkage with peripheral system)  •  File persistent ü  Use MFS(Moose File System) ü  DEA deply MFS-Client and mount /mfs/path to let instance use ü  MFS service provide the HTTP interface to get the data •  Route based on URL,distinguish APP ü à ü à •  Monitor linkage ü  APP’s life cycle,to interact with external monitor system’s API, to implement the monitor item’s automatic modification. •  The SDK ü  Automatic release(encapsulate vmc) ü  View file TRANSLATED VERSION
  25. 25. Summary of key reform point(CF V1.0 •  Relevant reform based on CentOS •  NATS-Cluster usage、NATS-Client retry and cache •  Support RPC、single instance with multiple ports •  Support dynamic JMX、Jconsole •  Enhance the health monitor •  Ports management •  Instance resource information management •  Peripheral component:File persistent、Monitor linkage、 URI Route、The SDK TRANSLATED VERSION
  26. 26. 2. Practice and Reform(Part2) C/C++,base on cf 2.0 TRANSLATED VERSION
  27. 27. Several key problems of C/C++ Apps  •  Container’s runtime is isolated with resource ü  Kernel/GNU ü  Resource isolation ü  Snapshot,Core Dump •  Single instance, multiple processes ü  Health monitor ü  The order of processes’ execution ü  Communication within instance and among process ü  Multiple ports ü  The isomorphism of multiple instances TRANSLATED VERSION
  28. 28. Several key problems of C/C++ Apps  •  Big instance ü  Big instance number(100 thousands) ü  Large amount of data(single instance,2TB) ü  High memory usage(single instance,100G) ü  Long start time(30mins) ü  Large flow(single instance,daily total PV2 hundred million) ü  When drift,to prevent insufficient resources •  APP communication ü  Network layer communication,authorization、flow control ü  Output file,need to get from outside ü  Input file,need to push from outside ü  RPC,none-HTTP protocol,not containing PATH info,can’t route TRANSLATED VERSION
  29. 29. Instance’s OS-Level environment preparation  •  Container’s runtime environment ü Kernel is consistent with host machine ü Make Container’s file environment warden/warden/root/linux/rootfs/ if grep -q -i centos /etc/issue then exec $(dirname $0)/ $@ fi TRANSLATED VERSION
  30. 30. Relationship between Container and host machine  Warden Networking,Bridge / NAT / Firewall / FlowControl DEA init─┬─xxx ├─xxx─xxx ├─xxx mount r usr/ lib/ etc/ mount rw xxx/ network interface(sub net) Cgroup – CPU / MEM Name space init─┬─xxx ├─xxx─xxx ├─xxx mount r usr/ lib/ etc/ mount rw xxx/ network interface(sub net) Cgroup – CPU / MEM Name space TRANSLATED VERSION
  31. 31. Package management  •  Buildpack API ü  detect , check ü  Compile,environment preparation ⁺  Directory structure ⁺  Program files,and relevant supporting program ⁺  Startup script, and ensure the startup order of process … ⁺  Monitor script,it can periodically execute and check the whole instance’s health ü  Release,information to publish ü  Procfile,parameter passing(e.g. port) ü  .profile.d,environment variable TRANSLATED VERSION
  32. 32. Point to enhance health monitor  •  Self-defined monitor scripts ü  self-defined monitor scripts, which is published together with instance and periodically to modify the content of stat_file ü  DEA will check the stat_file periodically Instance stat_file process-1 process-2 DEA HM TRANSLATED VERSION
  33. 33. Reform to APP  •  For RPC,support NS Client ü  Dynamic configuration file to replace route ü  Port management,freeze time •  Input/Output file ü  Input file need to get from outside actively ü  Output file,pushed to the transit(e.g. cloud storage ),or service based on NS •  Multiple process management, startup scripts ü  Multiple processes,to control their startup order ü  Process control •  File persistent ü  Remote log ü  Use the cloud storage TRANSLATED VERSION
  34. 34. Framework(CF2.0)  DEA Logging Name Service Monitoring File Persistence HM gorouter(RPC,not applicable) CC Baidu GateWay / Front End API Bridge UAA (Cluster 02) N A T S Container process-1 process-2 Warden NS Client Container process-1 process-2 Container process-1 process-2 DB TRANSLATED VERSION
  35. 35. Reform Summary(cf v2.0)  •  Relevant reform based on the CentOS •  Container’s environment order •  Buildpack’s order •  Support RPC, single instance, multiple ports •  Enhance the health monitor •  Peripheral: file persistent, monitor linkage, URI Route, SDK TRANSLATED VERSION
  36. 36. 3. Processes and Standard TRANSLATED VERSION
  37. 37. Working Process Description  Review •  Standard •  Capacity •  SLA Access •  Org relationship •  Name info •  Operation info Process approval •  Authorizatio n apply •  Name apply •  Release opt Release update •  PreRelea se •  Gray scale •  Rollback Failure handling •  availabi y •  Security •  Issue mgmt TRANSLATED VERSION
  38. 38. Standard and Capacity Example  •  Standard information collection ü  App related name, related interface people(R&D, QA, operation, related manager, and so on) ü  Runtime is isolated with container’s version ü  Stateless, RPC, URI Route ü  Dynamic and static files are isolated ü  File persistence •  Capacity information collection ü  PV、QPS ü  Single instance’s CPU, memory, disk, bandwidth, restarting time ü  Number of instances TRANSLATED VERSION
  39. 39. SLA examples  •  Service object ü  Java Application(“APP” for short in the following) ü  APP that conforms to the standard •  Servicing time ü  24×365 all year round •  Way to communication ü  Mail、Tel、interface people information •  Stability related indicators ü  Core components,availability >99.99%(by month),MTTR<20mins, MTBF>5days ü  Control services,availability >99.95%(the whole year) ü  APP’s self SLA, it won’t cause bad effect because of platform its self. ü  Notes:APP’s self problem,beyond the scope of SLA,for example, bug, capacity forest error, external system’s failure(e.g. DB, Cache) and so on TRANSLATED VERSION
  40. 40. Organization, Layer  • Product line(Org) • Module(Space) • Group(APP) • Version (APP-*) Product line -2 Product line-1 (Org) Module-2 Module-1 (Space) Group-1(A) Group-2(B) 实例,版本-1 (APP-1-1) 实例,版本-2 (APP-1-2) 实例,版本-1 (APP-2-1) 实例,版本-2 (APP-2-2) Instance,v1 (A-1) Instance,V2 (A-2) Instance,v1 (B-1) Instance,V2 (B-2)It is one APP,but multiple instances in the dashed frame. TRANSLATED VERSION
  41. 41. Further encapsulation to CC  Product line(Org) OrgName Module(Space) OrgName_SpaceName Module group OrgName_SpaceName_GroupTag Module version OrgName_SpaceName_GroupTag_VersionTag Instance(Unique id) OrgName_SpaceName_GroupTag_VersionTag_Index TRANSLATED VERSION
  42. 42. GroupTag、VersionTag  • GroupTag •  It can distinguish: configuration number、computer room、rack … from different dimension • Version Tag •  It can distinguish:program, data, configuration file and so on •  Including: four version number, timestamp • Instance full name,for example •  Org_Space_GroupA_1-1-1-1-438249600_1 •  Org_Space_GroupB_1-1-1-1-438249600_1 TRANSLATED VERSION
  43. 43. Examination, approval and release  •  Distribute form and approve ü  APP information(program version, capacity information, related instruction and so on) ü  Approval(related manager, and the people who should know) ü  Operator、Operating time ü  Monitor information(Monitoring and controlling strategy、 Interface people and so on) •  Start to distribute operation, and add monitor ü  Before release,related approval processes must pass ü  Operator, program version, MD5、time information and so on,it must keep consistent with approval ü  It must be consistent and pass the processes,then it can release ü  After successful release, add the monitor Distribute form Approval Release APP Add Monitor TRANSLATED VERSION
  44. 44. Pre-release, release, rollback  app_v1 app_v1 instance02 app_v2 instance01 app_v2 instance02 app_v3 instance01 app_v3 Generic domain name, map/unmap, multiple versions of app Ahead, Release Retreat, roll back Pre-release,Offline observation in inner network TRANSLATED VERSION
  45. 45. Basic grays scale release  app_v1 app_v1 instance02 app_v2 instance01 app_v2 instance02 app_v3 instance01 app_v3 instance02 1、Make one formal domain name point to multiple apps at the same time 2、Adjust the proportion of many instances’ number,then adjust the proportion of traffic. app_v2 instance03 By adjusting the proportion of the many instance’s number, to adjust the proportion of gray scale traffic TRANSLATED VERSION
  46. 46. “The path to sermon”, The platform popularization  •  The medal, who own the other half ? ü  Support app ⁺  New service needs to follow the PaaS related standard and thought ⁺  Old service,need R&D to reform and QA to do regression test ü  Periphery support ⁺  DB, Cache, storage, interface, security, monitor and so on •  Clear the benefits,establish the win-win ecosystem ü  Deliver faster, save more resource, and make it more simple ü  One-stop and all-in-all service,hand in hand to popularize TRANSLATED VERSION
  47. 47. Some solutions:  •  Give users(APP developers) noble imperial enjoyment ü  For important APP,do some specific service ü  For important managers,it should have a set of complete, timely communication, such as reports, etc ü  The principle is “capitalism”, rather than “socialism” •  Event “marketing” ü  E.g. “struts2 0day” ⁺  Actively cooperate with R&D and QA to do the issues identification, repair and implementation ⁺  Actively report the progress and do the event managment ⁺  Late,for this to actively promote and participate the discussion and make decision, for example, security, and architecture group ⁺  The principle is “win-win”,rather than shirking the responsibility TRANSLATED VERSION
  48. 48. 4. Reform Operation TRANSLATED VERSION
  49. 49. Reform operation  “NoOps” PaaS(and IaaS) overall functionality >= Traditional operation work Storage Servers Networking O/S Middleware Virtualization Data Applications Runtime OP(SRE), operation PaaS (and IaaS) TRANSLATED VERSION
  50. 50. How to reform,Example  • Automatic fault recovery ü  Add the health monitor mechanism based on the traditional monitoring ü  Instance automatically restart and “drift” ü  Reduce the traditional alarm and man power ⁺  It will only alarm, when automatic recovery fail Monitor Whole instance name_1 ip:port … … Health monitor AP I … … Real instance_1 ip:port Instance after drifting_1 •  ”drift” is a normal phenomenon, it doesn’t alarm •  It only need the alarm, when “drift” fail •  It refinins to monitor instance,every time according t name,detect and return ip:port TRANSLATED VERSION
  51. 51. How to reform, Example  •  More agile ü  Make developer forget the servers, instead of resource oriented ü  It has a complete configuration management and automatic deployment function ü  Release, pre-release, rollback, extremely simple, and it doesn’t need the extra complex deployment tool ü  Elastic extension, extremely simple ü  Use Buildpack,implement cloud compiling and run directly •  Experience of all in one and one-stop ü  From distribute form, release and modify the monitor,the working process is totally automatic ü  Integrate the third-party service, unify the management entrance TRANSLATED VERSION
  52. 52. 5. Future plans TRANSLATED VERSION
  53. 53. Future plans  • Feedback to community •  For private cloud function,try best to encapsulate the native components(based CF2.0) , then make the new component open source •  If affect the native components,try best to merge to the master branch •  Write more document and tips, and actively to participate in communication • Development orientation •  For large application(big instance)related •  Intelligent scheduling related •  Information Security •  Further continuous integration •  UI TRANSLATED VERSION
  54. 54. We are hiring ! @Weiyu Wang(王炜煜) Thanks TRANSLATED VERSION