05 01-11 am understanding the storm


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05 01-11 am understanding the storm

  1. 1. Understanding the Storm JOB 1
  2. 2. JOB 11 There was a man in the country ofUz named Job. He was a man of perfectintegrity, who feared God and turned awayfrom evil.2 He had seven sons and three daughters.
  3. 3. JOB 13 His estate included 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels,500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and avery large number of servants. Job was thegreatest man among all the people of the east.4 His sons used to have banquets, each at hishouse in turn. They would send an invitation totheir three sisters to eat and drink with them.
  4. 4. JOB 15 Whenever a round of banqueting wasover, Job would send ⌊for his children⌋ andpurify them, rising early in the morning tooffer burnt offerings for all of them. ForJob thought: Perhaps my children havesinned, having cursed God in their hearts.This was Job’s regular practice.
  5. 5. JOB 16 One day the sons of God came to presentthemselves before the Lord, and Satan alsocame with them.7 The Lord asked Satan, “Where have you comefrom?”“From roaming through the earth,” Satananswered Him, “and walking around on it.”
  6. 6. JOB 18 Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have youconsidered My servant Job? No one else onearth is like him, a man of perfect integrity, whofears God and turns away from evil.”9 Satan answered the Lord, “Does Job fear Godfor nothing?
  7. 7. JOB 110 Haven’t You placed a hedge around him, hishousehold, and everything he owns? You haveblessed the work of his hands, and hispossessions are spread out in the land.11 But stretch out Your hand andstrike everything he owns, and he will surelycurse You to Your face.”
  8. 8. JOB 112 “Very well,” the Lord told Satan, “everything he owns is inyour power. However, you must not lay a hand on Job⌊himself⌋.” So Satan went out from the Lord’s presence.13 One day when Job’s sons and daughters were eating anddrinking wine in their oldest brother’s house,14 a messenger came to Job and reported: “While the oxenwere plowing and the donkeys grazing nearby,15 the Sabeans swooped down and took them away. Theystruck down the servants with the sword, and I alone haveescaped to tell you!”
  9. 9. JOB 116 He was still speaking when another ⌊messenger⌋came and reported: “A lightning storm struck fromheaven. It burned up the sheep and the servants, anddevoured them, and I alone have escaped to tell you!”17 That messenger was still speaking when ⌊yet⌋another came and reported: “The Chaldeans formedthree bands, made a raid on the camels, and tookthem away. They struck down the servants with thesword, and I alone have escaped to tell you!”
  10. 10. JOB 118 He was still speaking when another⌊messenger⌋ came and reported: “Your sonsand daughters were eating and drinking wine intheir oldest brother’s house.19 Suddenly a powerful wind swept in from thedesert and struck the four corners of the house.It collapsed on the young people so that theydied, and I alone have escaped to tell you!”
  11. 11. JOB 120 Then Job stood up, tore his robe andshaved his head. He fell to the ground andworshiped, 21 saying: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will leave this life. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Praise the name of the Lord.”
  12. 12. JOB 122 Throughout all this Job did not sin orblame God for anything. The Holy Bible : Holman Christian standard version. 2003 (Job 1:22). Nashville: Holman Bible Publishers.
  13. 13. Understanding the Storm1. Reality of the Storm
  14. 14. Understanding the Storm1. Reality of the Storm2. Reasons for the Storm a) To examine & evaluate b) To discipline & direct c) To punish & purge
  15. 15. Understanding the Storm1. Reality of the Storm2. Reasons for the Storm3. Response to the Storm a) Selfish Ways b) Sinful Ways c) Spiritual Ways (Godly)
  16. 16. Understanding the Storm1. Reality of the Storm2. Reasons for the Storm3. Response to the Storm4. Results from the Storm a) Deliverance b) Destruction