Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Build Your Brand


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Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Build Your Brand

  1. 1. Leveraging the Power of SocialMedia to Build Your Brandby Brandie GilliamGlobal Shea Alliance Conference 2013 — Abuja, Nigeria
  2. 2. “ We don’t have a choice on w hether w e do social media, the question is how w ell w e do it.” -Erik Qualman
  3. 3. Agenda✤ Benefits of Social M edia✤ Learning Social M edia✤ Finding Your Voice✤ Right Platforms for Your Brand✤ Getting Started✤ M aximize Your Social M edia✤ Questions
  4. 4. Marketing Benefits of SocialMedia✤ 83% of marketers believe that social media is an important tool for their business.✤ 94% of marketers use social media for business purposes.Source: University of San Francisco
  5. 5. Marketing Benefits of SocialMedia (cont’d)✤ 59% of marketers are online socially for 6 hours or more per w eek.✤ 33% of marketers are online socially for 11 hours or more.Source: University of San Francisco
  6. 6. Marketing Benefits of SocialMedia (cont’d)✤ Top benefits include: ✤ Increased exposure. ✤ Increased traffic. ✤ Greater marketplace insight.Source: University of San Francisco
  7. 7. Marketing Benefits of SocialMedia (cont’d)✤ M arketers plan on increasing their use of social media services in the near future.Source: University of San Francisco
  8. 8. Marketing Benefits of SocialMedia (cont’d)✤ Learn more than just Facebook and Tw itter.✤ Google+ and geolocation based platforms are important.Source: University of San Francisco
  9. 9. Learn Social Media✤ Read social media blogs.✤ Take a social media training course.✤ A ttend a social media seminar or w ebinar.✤ Jump in & learn as you go.✤ H ire someone w ho is a social media expert.
  10. 10. Finding Your Voice✤ Think of social media as a cocktail party instead of a business meeting or presentation.✤ Plan before you post.✤ Know your audience.✤ Speak to the individual.✤ Quality over quantity.Source: Firespring
  11. 11. Which Platforms Are Right ForYour Brand?✤ Facebook — “ The Expensive Conference.”✤ Tw itter —“ The Business A fter-H ours M ixer.”✤ Google+ — Longer threads & more engaging.✤ Linkedin — “ 1 and 1.”✤ Pinterest — Ideas & inspiration.✤ Youtube — The show .✤ Instagram — The picture story.Source: M att Report
  12. 12. Getting Started✤ Be more concerned w ith finding w hat w orks for your brand rather than being on every social media platform.✤ Know w ho you are and strategically select those platforms that w ill help to leverage your brand.✤ Set clear goals.✤ Build a plan and schedule.✤ A dapt your voice.✤ Tw eak your plan along the w ay to maximize positive results.
  13. 13. Maximize Your Social Media✤ M onitor feedback and insights.✤ Know each platform’s free and paid offerings.✤ Use correct grammar.✤ Get privy to each platform’s “ rules.”✤ Include short links back to site content.✤ Use tools to help you manage your social media efficiently.✤ Know how much your fans are w orth.
  14. 14. Maximize Your Social Media(cont’d)✤ For a given product, Facebook fans spend an average of $71.84 more than people w ho are not fans, according to social media management firm Syncapse.✤ Do w hat w orks for your brand—no magic formula.✤ Whether you spend 6 hours or 40 hours a w eek, you’ll see results.✤ Do w hat you can maintain and sustain.✤ Leverage your social media plan w ith purpose to build your brand.
  15. 15. Questions✤ Contact info: brandie@gilliammanagement.com.✤ w w w .GilliamM anagement.com