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Water project


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Water project

  1. 1. M AT H T Y P E II & V PROJECT
  2. 2. Based on datacollected by students, they will determine the average amount of water used at home. YOUR TASK….
  3. 3. PHASE 1: TheoryExplain the difference between the terms "volume" and "capacity“. Make a comparative chart. VOLUME VS CAPACITY
  4. 4. PHASE 2: PREDICTION.Get a Gallon ContainerGet a clear plastic gallon container . Fill it up with water. Make a Guess Take a good look at the gallon of water. How many gallons do you think you would use Flush the toilet? to Wash your hands? Get a drink? Brush your teeth? Wash the dishes? Take a shower? Water the flowers? Wash the car?
  5. 5. PHASE 3: AT HOMEFind out the quantity of water (liters) that comes out of the faucet during a period of time. ( cups, quarts and pints). To perform the measuring, use a container that shows the volume it can hold (a bottle of soda, or a box of milk) and put it in the sink. Let the water running directly to the container for thirty seconds. Observe the quantity of water, and multiply it by two. The result will be the water flow spent every minute.
  6. 6. a. What is the measure of the water flow? Continue your experience in the bathroom, which is responsible for 65%-70% of the spending of the water in our homes.b. How much time do you spend while taking a shower?c. How many times a day do you do that?d. How many times in a week do you take a shower?E. Propose two word problems.PROBLEM SOLUTION ANSWER
  8. 8. 2. In the bathroom, using the toilet is an activity that consumes a lot of water. Every time we flush the toilet we spend between 10 and 15 liters, depending on the capacity of the instrument. Think about the “flushing frequency” along one day.a. How many times do you flush the toilet in 24 hours?Finally, we will include two activities about our cleanliness that we do everyday: brushing our teeth and washing our hands.b. How long does it take to brush your teeth? How much water do you spend?c. How many times a day , a month, do you brush your teeth?d. How long does it take to wash your hands? How much water do you spend?
  9. 9. PHASE 4 :ESTIMATING Use the information you have found in the experience, and calculate the amount of water that is being spent with those activities.1. How much water do you spend in one day? Write in liters and gallons.2. How much water do you spend in one month? Write in liters and gallons.
  10. 10. PHASE 5: PROPOSAL…Do you have what it takes to be a water conservationist? What are some things that you can do at home to help to conserve water?Think about everything you have learned so far. How might you change your habits at home (inside and outside) to reduce your water usage? What practices do water conservationists recommend? Are there any types of new technologies that might help to reduce water usage? Make a small proposal.