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Waternomics Project Overiew


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To resolve upcoming shortages in clean drinking water, Waternomics will explore technologies and methodologies needed to successfully reduce water consumption from households, companies and municipalities. Waternomics is a three year, EU-funded project that started in February 2014 and will evaluate its results in three real life experiments in Italy, Greece and Poland.

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Waternomics Project Overiew

  1. 1. @WATERNOMICS_EU Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 619660) ICT FOR WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu2 THE WATER CHALLENGE • Global energy and water demand is expected to rise 40% over the next 20 years • By 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in water scarce regions and two thirds subjected to water stress • 20-40% of Europe’s water is being wasted • Water supply and sanitation is a large energy consumer. – Represents 19% of electricity and 30% of natural gas consumption in California • Europe has the opportunity to pursue a global leadership position in water-related ICT technologies
  3. 3. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu3 Concrete Objectives •  To introduce demand response and accountability principles (water footprint) in the water sector •  To engage consumers in new interactive and personalized ways that bring water efficiency to the forefront and leads to changes in water behaviours •  To empower corporate decision makers and municipal area managers with a water information platform together with relevant tools and methodologies to enact ICT-enabled water management programs •  To promote ICT enabled water awareness using airports and water utilities as pilot examples •  To make possible new water pricing options and policy actions by combining water availability and consumption data WATERNOMICS will provide personalised and actionable information on water consumption and water availability to individual households, companies and cities in an intuitive & effective manner at relevant time-scales for decision making
  4. 4. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu4 Key facts about Waternomics ▶ Type of project: Collaborative project ▶ Project start date: February 2014 ▶ Duration: 36 months ▶ Call: FP7-ICT-2013-11 ▶ Effort: 416 PM ▶ Budget: €4.287M ▶ Max EC contribution: €2.905M ▶ Grant No.: 619660 ▶ Consortium: 10 partners ▶ Countries: 5 ▶ SMEs: 4 ▶ Pilots: 3
  5. 5. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu5 CONSORTIUM OVERVIEW     Knowledge   providers         Water  ICT   products           Pilot  &   demonstra:on         Business   models  and   exploita:on         Dissemina:on           Market  uptake        
  6. 6. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu6 PROJECT STRUCTURE
  7. 7. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu7 WATERNOMICS PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE Support Services SourcesApplications Water Analysis Model Complex Events Usage Model Water Dashboards Entity Management Service Decision Support Systems LinkedWater Data Data Catalog Complex Event Processing Engine Prediction Search & Query Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter ▶ Water Management Apps ▶ Water Data Analysis and Prediction ▶ Semantic Sensor Networks and Complex Event Processing to aid Decision Making ▶ Linking of data from different Water Management Sustems using Linked Data / RDF
  8. 8. @WATERNOMICS_EU www.waternomics.eu8 PILOT OVERVIEW # Focus Location Intent Partner 1 Water utility for domestic users (Thermi) To demonstrate, validate, and assess the WATERNOMICS Platform for domestic water users 2 Water Management Cycle in an airport (Milan Linate) To demonstrate, validate, and assess the WATERNOMICS methodology and hardware innovations, and software/ analysis results via the deployment of WATERNOMICS ICT 3 Water distribution in a Municipality (Sochaczew) To validate and showcase the WATERNOMICS Platform at a municipal level (i.e. mixed use consumers supplied by a water utility)