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Waternomics Methodology design Sustainable buildings


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Waternomics Methodology design

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Waternomics Methodology design Sustainable buildings

  1. 1. tel: +353 (0) 91 492973 | email: |web: Contact project partner R2M Solu2ons today and make an appointment to discuss how Waternomics can help with the design of your sustainable building. Waternomics Methodology Design Sustainable Buildings People expect todays buildings to be sustainable in terms of energy and water usage, without to comfort This changes the role of architects. Waternomics Methodology provides architects with a toolkit which makes communicaMon and coordinaMon with their clients easier and more efficient. Technology selecMon tools, predicMng models for future water and energy use ensure appropriate dimensioning of a building’s infrastructure. Architects use the Waternomics Methodology to design smart buildings Methodology reduced water consump2on in Ireland by 20% Waternomics Methodology has been used for the design and installaMon of a smart water system in the new engineering building from Galway University in Ireland. During the process it turned out that by improving the efficiency of the rainwater harvesMng system, consumpMon of drinking water could be reduced with 20%. •  Applicable to all types of buildings •  For new and retrofit buildings •  Compliant with industry standards •  Interoperable with energy saving measures Key benefits: