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Smart cities - Perspectives from the South


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This is a presentation made by Adegboyega Ojo at the Waternomics final event on 31/01/2017 for sharing an overview of smart cities in developing countries

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Smart cities - Perspectives from the South

  1. 1. Smart Cities – Perspectives from the South Adegboyega Ojo Senior Research Fellow and Unit Leader (EGOV) Insight Centre for Data Analytics National University of Ireland Galway Waternomics Final Event, Eng. Building, NUIG, 31 January 2017
  2. 2. City Challenges and Wicked Problems MOBILITY CHALLENGES o Transportation systems are inadequate to serve the needs of the 21st century RESOURCE CHALLENGES o Freshwater use to rise 25% by 2030 o Energy demand by emerging countries will rise by 73% ENVIRONMENT CHALLENGES • Global warming or Friedman's "global weirding” phenomenon, exacerbation of warming induced disasters and related health problems [Forester 2010]
  3. 3. How are Cities Responding?
  4. 4. Smart Cities – Key Perspectives As a Project involving ICT-enabled Urban Innovation Project As a Process involving ICT-enabled Urban Innovation As a City engaged continuous process of ICT-enabled Urban Innovation
  5. 5. Smart Cities – Essence & Approach Ojo, A., Dzhusupova, Z., and Curry, E. 2016. “Exploring the Nature of the Smart Cities Research Landscape,” in Smarter as the New Urban Agenda: A Comprehensive View of the 21st Century CityJ. R. Gil-Garcia, T. A. Pardo, and T. Nam (eds.), Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 23–47 (doi: 10.1007/978-3-319- 17620-8_2).
  6. 6. The “SCID” Framework Ojo, A., Curry, E., and Janowski, T. 2014. “Designing Next Generation Smart City Initiatives - Harnessing Findings And Lessons From A Study Of Ten Smart City Programs,” in 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2014)
  7. 7. Building Smart Cities - SCID
  8. 8. Smart Cities in Developing Countries: Emerging Perspectives A Vehicle for implementing the SDG 2030 Goals. Note that smart cities domains are well aligned to the SDGs
  9. 9. Smart Cites in Developing Countries – Example - Renewable Energy (Goals 6 & 7) Acute energy & water shortage are currently being addressed with different kinds of innovation using solar technology
  10. 10. Smart Cites in Developing Countries: Example – Water Point mapping (Goal 6) Cell phones help map 7,500 water points
  11. 11. Smart Cites in Developing Countries: Example : Big Real Estate Projects (Goal 9) PPP Arrangement between Private Investor(s), State and Federal Government …
  12. 12. Smart Cites in Developing Countries: Example : Investment Partnership “The MOU is between Lagos State Government and Dubai Holdings, LLC, owners of Smart City (Dubai) to develop a sustainable, smart, globally connected knowledge-based communities that drive knowledge economy, ” Governor Ambode of Lagos State, Nigeria. signs-historic-smart-city-deal-with-dubai/
  13. 13. Smart Cites in Developing Countries: Recognition by ICF of Nairobi County
  14. 14. Some closing remarks The Developing World and Africa in particular has seen different patterns of use of Smart cities solutions and technologies at individual and community levels. The SDG 2030 is likely to be increasingly adopted as the overarching policy framework for smart cities related initiatives in Africa. This may have some implications on the conceptualisation of smart cities in research as well as the pragmatics of smart cities as initiatives.
  15. 15. Attributions for images used in the presentation in order of appearance: o o GYEONGGI URBAN INNOVATION CORPORATION, o o box_brings_a_v_and_it_together o o Attributions /
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