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Is your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Active?


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Is your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) active? How can Texans learn if they have an active LEPC? Call your LEPC Chairperson now from the list. For the rest of the nation visit the EPA State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) contact webpage Eight Key Questions for everyone to ask LEPC Chairperson. If you feel lucky then just ignore all this.

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Is your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Active?

  1. 1. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteEmergency Planning andCommunity Right-to-Know ActIs Your Local Emergency PlanningCommittee (LEPC) Active?
  2. 2. Combustible Dust Policy Institute”The official listed as the head of the McLennanCounty LEPC is County Judge ScottFelton. Felton, appointed to the post last year,told News 8 in an interview that hes never heardof the LEPC.” -WFAA-TV
  3. 3. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteHow can Texans learn if they have anactive LEPC?• Call your LEPC Chairperson now• List of Texas LEPC Chairpersons
  4. 4. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteEight Key Questions to ask LEPC Chairperson1. Do we have a current LEPC chairperson?2. Is there a LEPC community emergency coordinator?3. Is there a LEPC information/communications coordinator?4. Does the LEPC hold regular meetings?5. Are LEPC meetings advertised notifying the public?6. Has the LEPC developed an emergency response plan,and submitted it to the State Emergency ResponseCommission (SERC)?7. Does the LEPC publish a newspaper notice aboutavailability of emergency response plan?8. Has the LEPC reviewed the emergency response plan inthe past year?
  5. 5. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteFor the rest of the nation visit the EPAState Emergency Response Commission(SERC) contact webpage•• Scroll down for your state• Click on the url for the state SERC website.• Navigate to the LOCAL LEPC locating yourspecific demographic area.
  6. 6. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteCall now asking the eight questionsinquiring if you have an active LEPCpreparing and planning in mitigating theseverity of consequence of the nextincident just around the corner
  7. 7. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteWhat Should a LEPCEmergency Response Plan Include?• Hazards Identification• Vulnerability Analysis• Risk AnalysisTechnical Guidance for Hazards AnalysisFEMA/U.S. DOT/EPA (Green Book)
  8. 8. Combustible Dust Policy InstitutePhased Approach toHazard Analysis• Screening phase (Green Book)• Planning phase• Scenario phase
  9. 9. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteHandbook of Chemical Hazard AnalysisProcedures (Brown Book) FEMA/U.S.DOT/ EPA four steps within the hazards analysisprocess
  10. 10. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteHazard Analysis Results• List of VULNERABLE FACILITIES• MAP OF VULNERABLE FACILITIES• List of REGULATED FACILITIES• THREAT MAP - REGULATED FACILITIESInformation included in Annex Q: Hazardous Materials & Oil Spill Response,of the County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  11. 11. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteExamples of Active LEPC’s• Southeast Regional Local Emergency PlanningCommittee (LEPC)• City of Deer Park Local Emergency Planning Committee(LEPC)
  12. 12. Combustible Dust Policy InstituteIf you feel lucky then just ignore all this