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Dust Explosion Classifications


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Don't be mislead in dust explosion classifications that a St 1 (weak explosion) is less severe than a St 3 (very strong explosion) in human causalities and property damage as the result of catastrophic dust explosions.

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Dust Explosion Classifications

  1. 1. Don’t Be Mislead Dust Explosion Classes (St 1, St 2, St 3)Photo: CSB Imperial Sugar Refinery Combustible Dust Policy Institute
  2. 2. Dust Explosion ClassesDust explosion Kst (bar.m/s) Characteristic Material classSt 0 0 No explosion SilicaSt 1 >0 and Weak Powdered milk, <=200 charcoal, sulfur, explosion sugar & zincSt 2 >200 and Strong Wood Flour <=300 explosionSt 3 >300 Very Aluminum, & Strong Magnesium explosion Combustible Dust Policy Institute
  3. 3. A Weak Explosion? St 1SUGAR DUST EXPLOSION14 Killed, 36 InjuredImperial Sugar RefineryPORT WENTWORTH, GEORGIAFEBRUARY 7, 2008 Photo: CSB Combustible Dust Policy Institute
  4. 4. Thank You! Combustible Dust Policy Institute